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~ Color of Love ~

Why is the Light is different in Paris?
Beacons of Light, from : 20071115
The Color of Love

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home

Do You Believe?
   From Steve Rother, and The Group, in Greetings from Home

Introduction by Steve Rother :

Over the years, I have become aware that the Group's messages are always in a code. They call it 'the code of the heart,'
as they use it to speak to many hearts at once. They use the same words to give many different messages on many different
levels at one time. Those of you who have heard the Group's messages live know that they are all quite different. Sometimes
they keep us laughing the whole time, while at other times they are giving important information.
Still other channels will have us all in tears with the love they give.

This particular message will fill your heart, as would be expected from the Group,
but it will also plant important seeds of hope and love for the future. After reading this message, your analytical mind may ask, 'That's a nice message,
but how can I use that?' Although there are several points to use in daily life, this message is speaking more to the future 'you' than it is to the
practical person you may think that you are.

What follows is a venture into a magical realm of hope and love.
It is designed by the Group to touch our hearts with hope and love and to help us all re-member Home.

 GROUP hugs
 Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

Welcome, dear ones. You sit this day in a room full of masters, yet very few of you
can see who you are beyond the veil that keeps you in the reality that you call Earth.
We see that many of you are going through changes at such a rapid pace that it is
difficult to keep your balance sometimes; but we see you. We hold that energy for you
so many times, when you cannot even see it yourself. So, let us give you this day
some opportunities to balance your own energies, for what you have gone through in
the way of vibrational shifting has only just begun, and the days ahead will be filled
with wonderment, with joy, with magic - the kind that you create for yourself.

Yes, we see that many of you have stress in your lives. You step into your passion, or so you think, and you
cannot figure out why everything does not fit together easily. You have stress about not being able to find your
passion. Oh, we love that one. We tell you this above all: humans think way too much. Rather than think at this
time, we are going to ask you to simply breathe it in and to allow that energy to come in and through you. Allow
the stress that you have been feeling to become your friend and your mentor, for you, yourself, on a higher
perspective, have placed that into your own reality.

Yes, we know. It does not feel that way, does it? It feels as though there are all kinds of difficulties, and every time
you try to do something, there is a block of some sort. You ask yourself the question, 'Am I not supposed to be
going this way? Perhaps spirit is trying to tell me something.' What we tell you now is that many of you are
simply supposed to feel the stress as part of your path. So let us now offer you a different perspective.

                                Dancing Close to the Edge

Many of you have been dancing close to the edge. Some of you feel like you have been dancing on a cliff very
close to the edge for a long time. Know, dear ones, that we bless you for it, for as you have seen with many of the
people that you see as successful, sometimes it takes dancing that close to the edge to lose the fear of falling off
the cliff. Furthermore, keep in mind that even though you are worried about what the outcome will be, you could
not fall if you tried. You are playing a game with angel wings spread all around you. Yes, you can lean this way;
you can lean that way. Yes, you can trip as you are moving forward, but you cannot hurt yourself. You are
creating heaven, or Home, on Earth this very day. That is where the magic is. That is what you have created.

So keep that in mind the next time you wonder whether you can take one more stressful thing. Keep in mind that
when a piece of coal experiences stress over a long period of time, it turns into the most beautiful diamond. If you
can change your perspective and use that same energy to show something that you are going to create from that,
and let your own beauty shine as that of the diamond, you will not need the stress anymore.

                                     Three Questions

So let us offer you a different perspective. Let us ask you three questions. Let us offer you some opportunities for
you to see yourself from a different perspective; from a perspective of pure energy, for that is really who you
really are. You see yourselves as these wonderful bubbles of biology that you are playing in, and you think this is
who you are, but it is not. You are energy; you are vibrational movement; and you are the most beautiful vibration
you can imagine. All eyes in the universe are watching your every move because you are changing the way
vibration dances in your reality, and that is wondrously beautiful to us. So what about the questions?

                              First Question: Do You Believe?

The first question is, Do you believe? Ahh. You are waiting for the rest of it, are you not? 'Do I believe in what?'
you are saying. No, that is not it. It is simply, Do you believe? For the act of faith is only possible to apply the act
of faith to the unknown; therefore, defining it any further negates the question's true meaning. It is not possible to
believe in something that is known, for it then become knowledge and not belief.

Keep in mind that the belief process, or acting in the belief system , is literally an act of the angelic realm that you
are applying in human attributes; so you are reaching into the angelic realm to reach those belief systems . So,
when you find something that you believe in, your first instinct is to package it and define it. You put it in a box,
and you tell all your friends about it. You write your books. You teach it, and you share it with others. And that is
beautiful - except for one thing: it then can become knowledge. It is human nature to do this, as you feel much
more comfortable with knowledge than with beliefs. Within the known world there is little potential. Within the
unknown world, all is potential. We tell you this day that your ability to believe will become an important part of
your evolution in the days ahead.

There are different types of belief. Actually, it is not the beliefs that change but your perception of them that
changes. There are the beliefs that define who you are, and then there are the beliefs which you define. That slight
shift in how you view beliefs will change your world in an instant. Keep in mind that at any moment if you are not
happy with the reality you are experiencing, please choose again, for that is your birth right. That is also your
responsibility as creators dancing in bubbles of biology on Planet Earth. For as you express your right to
create - as you express your willingness to step out and to create something new - you define a belief system that
says, 'I believe in me,' and that is your belief in God. To the highest degree we ask that you no longer point it
outward but inward. Standing in your own energy of your own creative ability is the greatest tribute to God that
you can ever make, for. . .! you are God.

As you move forward in evolution, that opportunity allows you to expand your perception of the universe and the
world around you. Your job, your marriage, your relationship to your children, your relationship to your mother all
change in an instant, for at that time you begin walking in grace. Walking in grace is the art of walking in
connection with all things around you. As you walk out into the pristine grass, you no longer worry about
stepping on the grass, harming the tender plants. You understand that that grass is grown there with the highest
intent of cushioning your step as you move across it. Your perception allows you to walk in full harmony with the
grass, and it then benefits from you being there. That is grace. That is the opportunity to walk in oneness with All
That Is - every heart, every blade of grass, every stone. Walking in Grace is a belief system that is only capable of
achievement from within.

                               Beliefs are Human Attributes

Beliefs are a human attribute, for they are not necessary in heaven. It is only when you begin to play the game
within a field of polarity and dance within a bubble of biology that you need beliefs at all. So we ask you to
constantly re-examine your beliefs. Always look for higher truths - ones that serve you - to be able to reach out
and find the things that you love. That is where you will find your highest passion and, therefore, your highest
vibration. That is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be. That is where you shine like
the diamond and all the years of stress have paid off. We joyfully share with you that it no longer takes thousands
of years to make a diamond. Diamonds are being made in this room this day. We are so very proud of you.

You have taken many of the energies of what we have given you, and you have taken them to the next level. The
books that will be written, even in this room, number no less than 32. Oh yes. Some of you are looking at each
other, saying, 'How did they know I had three books?' There will be no more closet Lightworkers. As you step
forward now, you will find that even the grass will grow a little bit stronger beneath your feet to cushion your step.
You will find the wind at your back more often than ever now. . . if you believe. Do you believe?

                        Second Question: Do You Believe in Magic?

Question number two: Do you believe in magic? Ahh, yes, look at the heads bobbing, for magic, once again, is a
representation of the unknown. Magic is a force, a power that you instinctively know inside. It is actually a very
high form of belief. Magic means that nothing has to go by the same rules that you believed or have been taught
that your world has been built upon. Magic is energy and like all energy is always in dynamic and in motion.
Magic in the instantaneous realization of joy. It bypasses the what you think is the known Universe. It is the
instantaneous connection of telepathy where one heart communicates to another without the interference of the

Magic has begun, for magic is actually a representation of heaven on Earth. That is the reason that there is such a
fascination with heaven. That is the reason there is such a fascination with magic on the planet at this time, for
Harry Potter was certainly channeled information, was it not? Ahh, but it is not new. Even the days of Merlin show
a fascination with magic - not a laziness or a shortcut, to be able to do things the easy way, but the fascination
with your ability to be a creator changing the limited known into unknown potentials. It is held within each and
every one of you; you are the only ones that can activate it.

Magic is opening to new potentials and as-of-yet-undefined realities. We have told you many times that humans
have a problem with reality. You think it is real. Magic is all the things on the other side, for it is not possible to
create magic of anything that you consider real. Magic is the bridge between the known and the unknown,
between knowledge and beliefs. The reason we are explaining this in such detail is because, in those instances,
you are reaching to heaven and re-membering Home. You are bringing all the energies of Home and the creation
abilities of Home into your being at this time. That is magical.

There are trigger words that we use quite often. Trust us when we say the translators and the editors have
problems with some of those trigger words. Magic is one of them. We use that word quite often, for it carries
energy of Home that immediately comes in and strikes a cord in your heart. Do you believe in magic? It will not be
long before you are able to prove this to yourself, for even though you are looking toward the magical children
that are coming in with all the attributes of having magical abilities in what you call the 'Crystal' and what you
call the 'Indigo' children, the reality is each and every one of you has those. Your belief in magic is what sets the
vortices in motion.

                                     The Web of Love

We have spoken about the 'Web of Love.' The Web of Love is a new form of communication which will stitch
every heart together, for each one of you will have the opportunity to tap in. You have all known that it has been
coming; you have all expected it to be here. You just did not know how it was going to manifest. You are going to
activate it soon. But if you can, imagine the Web of Love being an intricate cross-section and cross-laces of
energy strands that connect every heart everywhere. That grid must be held in place in order to be utilized. The
Web of Love is held in place by vortices, and the vortices are actually acting much like telephone poles holding it
in place. That is the reason it was not possible to activate this Web of Love for your use until this time, for the
vortices had to be activated into portals; the portals had to be activated in order to hold this whole process in
place. And it is done; it is ! there; and now you start anew building a new matrix of communication of the heart.

We ask that you be very cognizant of what you put on that web. Choose your thoughts and your feelings carefully
as to what you project onto the web, for it will be felt by hearts all over your world. It will interact with and
interconnect the interdimensional realities that also exist within your world that you are not aware of. Here, you
will have full connection to all dimensional realities at once. This will open the door for what you call ET's. At that
point, much of the unknown will become known.

You can change your reality by changing the point from which you perceive it. It is that simple. We did not say
'easy'; we said 'simple.' But you are on the right track. You are the grand souls who are changing all that is. You
have the future in your own hands . . . but first, you must believe; then, you must believe in magic. Do you believe
in magic?

                    Third Question: Do You Believe in the Magic in You?

Question number three . . . and this is the difficult one: Do you believe in the magic in you? Yes, it is easy to see
the popularity of Harry Potter , The Matrix , the Lord of the Rings , and many others at this time. That is due to the
fact that there has been a general lack of support of ones own powers in your societies up to this point. Due to
this lack, a vacuum was created that is now being filled. These and many more show the potential of taking ones
own power of magic and using it to create a higher reality.

Many of you feel a personal relationship to Merlin. You see yourselves as the student of the master magician. And
as you imagine Mickey Mouse carrying little pails of water, you think of yourselves as the apprentice. And the
reality is, you are the masters. The hardest part for you to do behind that veil is to believe in your own
magnificence. Yes, we can tell you about it. Yes, we can show you all the illustrations of your own mastery. We
can show you how you are the ones that create with every thought that you allow to reside in your head for seven

You have a flow of energy through your head at all times. That is the thought processes. We do not ask you to try
and stop it or ask you to choose which thoughts go through your head, for the reality is you have no control over
what goes through your head. You are part of a thought process which is shared throughout all energies
everywhere. But you do have perfect control over what thoughts stay in your head. Seven seconds. Hold that
thought in your head for more than seven seconds, and it is yours. Work on that thought, believe in that thought,
and it manifests. Is that too simple for you to understand? We can make it more complicated if you would like, for
that is the process. Holding a pure thought in your head is very simple. The challenge is that you have not yet
become masters of your thoughts enough to be aware of what is flowing through your head and what you are

You are the magicians pretending to be the apprentice. You come and sit in front of us and listen to every word
we say. Many of you pull out your pens and paper and write it down. What you do not understand is that we sit at
your feet, honor you, and do everything we can to make you see your magnificence. The moment you feel your
oneness with God, the moment you feel your connection with each other, the moment you feel that connection
and that grace with which you walk over those blades of grass, that is the moment that you know your purpose
here on Earth. That is the moment we have created our highest intent as angels.

We tell you this as a tool that you can use this very day, for the moment you empower another to see their own
magnificence is the same moment that you step into your next evolutionary role as the Human Angels. You are
magical. You are the creators. In fact, you are God. No, you are not the only God, but we will work on that one
another time. In the meantime, we tell you that you have come a very long way and we are so very proud of you.
Every piece of stress that you have had has helped to make the most beautiful diamonds that you can be. Know
that your light shines brightly throughout the universe.

All eyes are upon you, dear ones, for you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination. There are alternate
realities which view Earth and your lives every day. They watch every move you make, and they are the ones that
have taken out their pens and paper and are taking notes, because Earth is about to graduate. A new vibrational
level is reached every day at this point. You have already surpassed the days of Camelot, Atlantis and Lemuria.

Now is the time for you to incorporate that part of you. Now is the time for you to take that belief and focus it
inward. When you feel the stress and when you can see that you are dancing close to the edge, turn up the music
and enjoy the dance. This is the new dance in the new energy, and it is what defines you as creators playing a
game in a bubble of biology.

                           Soul Confidence through Soul Contact

There is a confidence that comes straight from the soul. We call it 'soul confidence.' It is transferred from one
being to the other through the eyes. There is a very unique ability to make soul contact every time you look
someone in the eyes. Take that from here this day, and do it intentionally. Take it from every place you go,
wherever you are - at the grocery store, in the gas station line. Every time you see another soul, make that soul
contact and show them the spirit that you are. It is not about ego. It is not about trying to teach them anything. It
is simply letting them in to see who you are, for in seeing each other, you all gain a soul confidence about why
you are here. That is how you touch the God in each and every other person that you come in contact with.

It moves very quickly through you now. Some of you are feeling your heart at an increased pace at this time. Fear
it not, and do not look for what you must do to make it stop. Just relax, and let it run its course. It is that you are
moving vibrationally very quickly, and the energy is moving through you. Your work as Lightworkers has just
begun. Do you believe? We believe in you, for you hold the honor of heaven on Earth. You hold our love. You are
the greatest angels that have every played the game, and we are so very proud of you. So, we will believe in you
and hold your energy until you are able to believe in yourself. That is our job.

As each one of you feels the energy coming through, know that it is taking you to a higher vibrational level and
that you are activated. Use the Web of Love, and as you do, all hearts will know each other instantly. When one
heart knows another heart, there can be no war on planet Earth. That is possible sooner than you think. Hold that
energy of unity. Every time you see a leader anywhere in the world preaching separateness instead of unity, make
your choices accordingly. You are one heart if you will only believe in you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we share with you these messages, for we have been here only to reflect your
magnificence. This day we are not closing this channel, even though we will greet you in the normal way. You will
walk from here with us on your shoulder if you wish, so that you can feel the wind at your back, so you can feel
how the grass supports your every step, so that you can feel what it is like to walk in grace. Do you believe?

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect and nurture one another at every
opportunity. Re-member that it is a beautiful game that you have devised and you are playing as creators hiding in
bubbles of biology. Play well together.


the Group

Join us Saturday, September 18, 2004 as we activate the Web of Love in a global experiment in
unifying consciousness.  Lightworkers globally will come together in a 25 minute experiment in global
consciousness to connect the physical and metaphysical sciences. We will broadcast this event live on internet
radio followed by a live channel from the Group. The Group says that when we all hold hands . . . we can create
miracles. Come be a part of this intentional miracle as we exercise the magic within us.

Steve Rother
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- from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See



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