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Beacons of Light, from : 20071115
The Color of Love

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home
The Age of E and the Third Earth
From Steve Rother, and The Group


20070115 : Beacons from Home
Ascensions and the Age of E : Triality and the Third Earth

Greetings from Home

Thank you for welcoming us Home here on Earth.  You have worked so hard to prepare yourselves to clear your own energy field, to do your own healing, to work on your difficulties, to master being in a physical body, to master having a set of emotions that reflect your love of spirit—that reflect who you really are in a physical being.  You have bravely moved through the changes thus far.  Even now you are experiencing changes that are exciting beyond our description.  On this side of the veil—in each dimension of evolutions everywhere—all eyes are upon the inhabitants of Planet Earth.  Never before has any game anywhere matched what you are going through right now. You are taking quantum leaps in evolution that will only be fully understood when you look back at this time 100 years from now.  It will only fully be measured when you can see it from the same perspective from which we view it.  We live in now time.  We live in the time where past, present and future merge together as one. We will show you a little secret so you too can peer into the now time, so that you can see yourself the way you really are—as spirits.

You have chosen to live this game in a linear timeframe, pretending to have a past, present and future.  Yet we tell you of those three, only one of them is real. Your past is only a memory.  In the past you are only as good as your memory tracks allow you to be.  Change that memory and you change who you are at this very moment.  Is it real? You ask and we in turn ask you: What is reality?  All of what you see as history you believe to be an exact science, and yet we tell you that time is much more flexible than you know.

What about the future?  Here you sit at the end of the year 2006 readying yourselves to step into a new year. You are so excited about the future!  We tell you that humans hold the highest potential in their future.   But what about today?  Do not wait with your eyes so tightly focused on an outcome that you look around only to find that the miracle has already passed you by.  Is this going to be an exciting year?  Yes, we tell you it is because all of humanity evolved to a level at which a new reality can take hold.  An activation is now starting to happen on planet Earth.
Stepping into the Age of E

We have talked about it many, many times before.  We have talked about the re-connection.  We have talked about the 12 strands of DNA.  We have talked about all the re-wiring that is going on to prepare you for what you are here to do. In the Practical Magic Series we led you through the last three stages of life so that you could see what it would be like to script a new life while you are still living in the same physical body—to start over again before you have to go Home.  To actually be able to do some of the things you normally do when you are in spirit in the here and now, intentionally creating an environment for your growth and your empowerment.  You are about to step into the Age of E, dear ones, and it has nothing to do with your calendar.  It has to do with your vibrational level.  Yes, the Age of E—Empowerment— is here, today.  Everything from this point on will have to do with how you deal with your own empowerment.  That is very difficult for some of you to grasp.  It is challenging for you to really understand what we are talking about because you still feel, “Oh, I am not a powerful being. I only have so much power.”  If you ever really understood what true power is in this lifetime, you would understand that you create your reality every second of every day.  You create it through your own thoughts.  You create it through your actions.  You create it through the works that you bring in and the thoughts you collect.  You magnetize yourself to the universe. You send out a vibration into the universe, which attracts back to you all the like-kind thoughts and all the like-kind actions.  All the like-kind of everything that has to do with that vibration resonates in that same timeframe; you draw it to you magically.
Creation in Triality

We will give you an example of how this can work as you step into a field of triality.  You are in the process of moving out of a field of duality where you see things as up or down, right or wrong, good or bad and love or fear.  You are moving into a field of triality where your vision now has a center point of the higher self, so that you may now see from your higher self’s point of view.  In effect that makes a triangle—the triality of the higher self, the light self and the dark self. That gives you a new perception as you walk forward into life as a creator being, full of responsibility.  But now the next step is the step of action.  Are you ready?

Some of you have waited eons of time to play games on many dimensional levels, and to be here right now when this magic happens.  And here you are.  You have placed yourself at exactly the right time.  Many of you bartered as souls and said, “Oh no, come on and let me go in!  I want to be there right now.  I want to be at least 35 before the shift begins so I want to go in now.”  And here you are.  Whatever the case, you worked very hard.  Your names have been on these chairs long before the chairs existed.  Your space has been held to be here at this moment and the magic is about to unfold.  You are right at the heart of it.  You are the ones that will take it to the next step…for into action you go at this point.  Action allows you to step fully into yourself as a creator being.
Forming Mastery Empowerment Groups

We are going to offer you some suggestions and concepts that you can carry forward to see what that is like, because creating in a field of triality is a little bit different than creating in a field of duality.  Although many of the ideas and concepts are similar, they change a bit.  The tri-creation of being over here is quite a bit different from what you call co-creation.  You will be stepping into a lot of the new ideas of working with your spirit in a practical way, and one of them we will share with you this day.  One of the things we said from the very beginning in the first message that was given through the Keeper was that magic happens when people gather.  When you gather with like-kind, when you gather in focused intent with other spirits, then magic happens.  You create miracles.  In duality if five people are gathering, you can expect the power to be five times as powerful.  However, that is not the case with triality because the energy is amplified exponentially. The exponential power of creation will move mountains.  At this stage in your evolution, there is one thing that you can do above all others that can be most helpful: gather with like minds.   Form a personal mastery empowerment group that meets on a regular basis.  It makes no difference whether that is a group of 100 people or a group of five people. Form a mastery empowerment group and connect with people of like vibration that you wish to grow with. These should be people that you admire and respect.  This group energy will bring you into a collective vibrational range that will amplify all of your creations exponentially.  Once your group is formed, make a commitment to meet on a regular basis: once a month, once a week, or every two weeks, as long as it is a commitment for regular gatherings.
Power Points for your Mastery Empowerment Group

The overall focus and intent of all mastery empowerment groups is to help each person in the group achieve a higher level of empowerment.   Each meeting may have a power point that is the focus of that meeting.  The power point is something that each of you can share about or experience.  We suggest that you begin each meeting by sharing individually the results from the last meeting and the experience of that power point in your daily life.  Every meeting will end with the intent to take the power point you have been working with out into your daily lives and to report on the results the next time you gather.  You will find that the group lends power to your experience.   Just the anticipation of sharing your experiences in the next meeting will give you motivation and purpose behind the exercises.   After a few short meetings you will find that your mastery empowerment group is bonding very closely, even if that was not the case prior.  You may also find that very quickly a few will drift away from the group, as their vibrational and commitment levels do not match that of the rest of the group.  Allow for this to happen and if needed bring others into the group to fill the vacancies.  Once the core group has formed the magic begins.

We will give you ideas of what you can do in these groups.   Every two weeks the Keeper will place on the web site a new power point suggestion for your mastery empowerment group.  Some of these will be exercises to bond the group together and others will be discussion points.  Some will be a new way of thinking of reacting in life situations and some will be exercises to try in daily life situations.  All of the power points will be keys to living in the higher vibrations of the Age of E.  We will share with you concepts and ideas that have not worked.  We will give you a focus that you can literally use for your empowerment inside a group of this nature.  We encourage you to form these groups no matter what they look like.  Whether you call them friendships, whether you call them mastery empowerment groups, or whether you call them circles of light.  To come together on a regular basis and to connect with other souls that can help reflect your empowerment on this planet for this is the Age of E.  Make no mistake about it.

You are moving into carrying your power while still in a physical form.  This has never been possible before.  It was not even dreamed of when you originated this game, and here you are—creating new doors to open, creating new opportunities to work with the power of god within each one of you.  You now have the ability to hold the creation of All That Is within each one of you. This is the Age of E.  Finding support groups that can help you do this will be one of the biggest steps you can take at this stage.  We encourage you.  We challenge you. Find them.  Make a connection.
Power Point for the First Meeting
Round-Robin Channeling Exercise

We will give you a simple but fun power point this day that you can use when you come together as a group.  After a time of doing these exercises together on a regular basis, your own guidance will kick in and you will not need our ideas. Until then, let us give you some suggestions.  Let us share with you some concepts of steps toward empowerment as a group.  Building a like-kind network as Mastery Empowerment Groups is one of the most important steps you can take at this stage of your human evolution.

We tell you that when you come together as a group with focused intent and create a mastery empowerment groups, you attract a tremendous amount of excitement on the other side of the veil. There are lines and lines of souls waiting to come in and share their information with you.  As you evolve, as humans become higher vibration, you become closer to Home.  You start getting closer to what you call heaven. We have told you that many of you will start channeling if you have not already. This whole concept of channeling as you know it will go away.  You will not use words like ‘channeling’ to describe something that is considered normal and that everyone has.  That word is far too mysterious for such a simple and common human attribute.  So, that is where we will start you in your empowerment groups.  Come together the first time and do a round-robin channel.   Each one of you takes three minutes and then you move on to the next person.   Take a deep breath, close your eyes and simply allow the energy to come through from the other side. Just let flow what will; open the door and let the channel come through.  Those of you who channel regularly may have a hard time with the three-minute time frame.  Have a time keeper so that at the end of three minutes, the floor is gracefully moved to the next person.  Keep in mind here that spirit does not deal with the human concept of time, so many times this will mean that the time keeper must gracefully interrupt.  If the floor moves to the next person and that person has nothing they can access they will simply say, “Thank you.  I am not getting anything right now” and the floor moves on to the next person.  Make it a shared vision. Make it a connection.  Make it a point where you step forward.  We tell you that some of these things sound like a lot of fun—and they are—but some of them are going to be very difficult.  At the end of the meeting share your experiences during the channels and make a commitment to allow the channels to come through during the time until the next meeting.

The suggestions that we are going to offer you for the exercises in these empowerment groups will not be done by everyone.  Many of them will be very difficult for some of you, yet easy for others.  Some will be challenging to you personally, but they will move you into action and prepare you for using the higher energy of triality.  That we promise you for now is the time to experience your own divine inspiration

NOTE: Every two weeks a new power point (suggested topics) will be posted :
Own Your Mastery
True Leadership

It is time for you to own your mastery, dear ones.  Many of you have been afraid to do that for you felt that the ego has gotten in the way.  You have felt that people would see you as trying to have all the answers when, in fact, perhaps you did.  That could be a very difficult situation for some of you.  The other restriction many of you have experienced is the seed fear.  Seed fear is based in past experiences when you were stamped with fear regarding your power and Lightwork.  We tell you, own your mastery for everyone needs your mastery today.  As you form these groups and make commitments to gather, do not be afraid to take your place as a leader.  A true leader makes space for those they lead to be fully empowered.  A true leader takes responsibility for creating the best space for all and not for creating space for their own ego to thrive.  In all gatherings leadership will emerge; even if you decide that your Mastery Empowerment Group does not need a leader, one will naturally emerge.  Therefore we ask you to consider a rotating leadership within the group.  That was the secret of the Knights of the Round Table. It was a round table for a reason, dear ones…because nobody ever sat at the head of the table.  It was a round-robin situation and all knights were considered equal, even though only one person would be in charge of each meeting.

Watch as each one in the group begins to grow and emerge into their own power.  You will be the last to see it happening to yourself.  That is because of the veil and the reason for gathering with other people in the group.  Watch the growth of the other people and tell them honestly what you see.  That will be the charge of each person in the group to honestly speak, without fear of reprisal about what they see evolving in the others’ lives.  Watch how fast they begin to move and how fast they begin to master their skills.  New mastery techniques will soon emerge and you will see the true meaning of what lies ahead.

This is an exciting time.  You have gone through so much.  Humanity itself is going through a physical re-wiring right now to prepare you for what is going on, so that you can step into this without physical pain.  Will that not be beautiful?  Can you imagine a world in which each person becomes fully empowered? You will soon be able to step forward into a world of this exact nature, and the Mastery Empowerment Groups you form now will become the template for empowered societies.
Creating the Third Earth

We gave you a concept not long ago of the Third Earth.  Just imagine that there is another earth out there floating around.  It is nothing more than a hologram where two or more sources of light cross each other and create a three dimensional image in space.  That is what a hologram is, intersecting points of light.  Imagine a light beam coming from one angle carrying a picture.  That beam intersects with another light beam carrying the same picture from a different angle.  When those light beams cross each other, they create a hologram.  The Earth and everything you see as physical began as a hologram of light. It almost looks like a three-dimensional figure that you can reach into.  The light source is your own thoughts, your passion, your ideas and concepts and when you have a whole bunch of people focusing their concepts of a new earth, a new hologram of light is created.  It becomes a thought of god. It becomes a manifestation that you, yourselves have created and what will eventually happen is that the hologram will get so strong from all the beautiful things that you want on the New Earth, that it will over-imprint and overlay the original hologram that created planet Earth.  You have called that the ascension.  We are going to tell you that it is much easier than that, for you are at that doorstep today.  That over-imprint of the Third Earth is about to get stronger, and in a very short time it will start imprinting and re-wiring Earth.   The steps you take this day in stepping into your power help to create the Third Earth.

That is what lies ahead, dear ones, and it is right in front of you.  The magicians of the Gameboard sit in these rooms, watching what is happening.  They are the ones who are saying, “Okay. I’ve had all these experiences in my life.  What can I do next?”  Now you can step forward.  You can step into action and into joy.  We will also give you concepts and suggestions.  You will also come up with your own ideas and by blending the magic together you will know how to work your own universal field rather than to let it work you.   The possibility of choices is incredible, dear ones. The path in front of you has created excitement in every dimension of time and space.  Take it, grasp it, enjoy it for when you do this, you will be sitting back and saying, “I am opening myself to all the passion. I am opening myself.”  You will literally pull in that passion and it will give new meaning to the word com-passion. You will understand the blending of those two words and those two concepts more than you ever had. The compassion of all humanity is about passion. It is the one thing that all of you share. It is the one connection that each one of you has. Form these groups.  Magic happens. Spread the miracle.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect.  Re-member that it is a game and enjoy the ride.  Practice the E factor at every opportunity.  Nurture one another and play well together.  And so it is


The group

Big Hugs and gentle nudges,

Steve Rother

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