sh ...
think it
this is
his pen
keeping it in
steeping this in
steeping these in it
the seeing is in the peekings
it is in the nighest nights
Knights Kentish
pinkest pinks
pigs stink
inks stain
ink stain
i sent it
i set it
it is

i sent it in
i seek it spent
seeking its inks
eight sheets
eking inc
i sent it
it is in egis
stephen king
it is his pen
he is his i
i is in egis
i sigh
gee ~ i see
geeks seek
genies genie
genips genip
genes gene
genes see
i see
genets genet
gents gent
gets get
i see
i get it
i set it
i sent it in
it is set
it is
stephen king's ink set
he gest
he gets it
he gets the gist
he hents the hints

he hints it in the hike
he hints it in the seeking
he set the heist in his pens
he gets it set in the keepings
he sing it in sign in things he set
it is his gest
he set it
it is
he ties it in
he set the geste*
he sit the kings
he set the ginks
he see the keen
he see the inept
he set it in inks
this is his keep
this keeps he
he see
he think
he see his thinks
this is his keepings
then he set his sight in it
then he pens it in inks
this is his keepings
this is his keep
he is
stephen king

gin stink is in his gink's pen
he pens it in ~ the stink is sent
the seeking see the stink in the pen
the stink is set in the ginks gin
then it is in the inks thee see
get the gist ~ see the stink
seek the seeing set in it
hent the hints in it
he set it in it
he set it
it is
inks he set
this is his hit
he get the hints
he set the pens
he set the inks
he set it keen
in his keepings
he keeps it thin
its his keen sight
he set in the night
he kept it ~ then he hits the kip
peeks in is in peekings
nights is in nighest
kin is in peking
pegs ~ kegs
pet ~ pets
pins ping
pines sit
he pens it in
pest is in inks he set keeping
the seeing is in the seeking
the seen is in seeing
i see i sing
in sign
is in
sign shine
ship sink
a sight
a sigh
a signet sign
i spin is in spine
i spit is in spite
spite spent i
i spin spine
i shine
it is i
stephen king

steep step i step
ting ~ ting
tings sing in
i set the tense
i set the thee's
i set the these
i set the things
i set thine thens
i set thee thin
i set the pig
i set the pi
it is i
stephen king
i think it in
i set it in inks
these things then sent
inks sent ~ incs in
this is the keepings i set
this is the tips i sent
think kin
pen it in
is it sent in
it is
is it set in inks
it is
stephen king
he pens it in

geste ( jµst) n. 1. Variant of  gest .
 gest  or geste ( jµst) n. 1. A notable adventure or exploit. 2. a. A verse romance or tale. b. A prose romance. [Middle English geste; See jest ]

gink ( g¹nk) n. Slang 1. A man, especially one regarded as foolish or contemptible. [Origin unknown]

National Book Foundation Says King Is Worthy
      The National Book Foundation has announced in a press release that the 2003
      Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, designed to "to
      celebrate an American author who has enriched the literary landscape through
      a lifetime of service or body of work," will go to Stephen King. The author
      comments, "This is probably the most exciting thing to happen to me in my
      career as a writer since the sale of my first book in 1973. I'll return the cash
      award [of $10,000] to the National Book Foundation for the support of their
      many educational and literary outreach programs for children and youth across
      the country; the Medal I will keep and treasure for the rest of my life." He'll
      also provide a keynote address at the November 19 NBA awards ceremony.

Given an advance look at the release, the NY Times attributes King's selection
      to "pressure from publishers to shake up its [the awards'] sleepy image."
      Though previous winners do include Ray Bradbury, the newspaper says it's the
      first time the award has gone to someone "best known for writing in popular
      genres like horror stories, science fiction or thrillers." In their opinion, "Very
      little of Mr. King's work would qualify as literary fiction." They gather comments
      from others in the business as well:

Dick Snyder: "I am startled every time you say it. You put him in the company
      of a lot of great writers, and the one has nothing to do with the other. He sells
      a lot of books. But is it literature? No."

Jason Epstein (the first winner of the award): "The words 'distinguished
      contribution' are a little bit puzzling, but he is a good writer as popular writers
      go. I am not sure this was the original intent of the prize, but who knows
      about original intent?"
      NYT coverage

From: Publishers Lunch - 20030915


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