This is from a message we sent which shares the art and science of spinning the body for healings and mental awakenings.

Subject:  Spinning
        Date:  Mon, 09 Sep 2002 11:39:04 -0700
 Organization:   Good Works On Earth
            Greetings from Good Works On Earth

Spinning ...

Our bodies are magnetic/electric.  Our cells are magnetic/electric in their functions.  Our bodies are sitting in the magnetic couch of Mother Earth's magnetic field.  When we spin the body, clockwise, as if standing on a clock, 33 times, which is a Sacred Master Number, we are turning our magnetic cells inside the magnetic field of Mother Earth, and thereby spinning up their energies, just as a rotor in an electric generator spins the energies of the stator to make electricity.  This is an electrical surge of energy to the cells and they thank you greatly as you continue to do the spinnings each day, preferably when you arise, although there is no 'perfect time' to do the spinnings, not that I am aware of.  I like sunrise, sunset and high noon, full moon, new moon, equinox, solstice ... and any time I need or want to balance mysElf.

The spinning aligns the cells energies and fires them up in energies they need and want.  Just as when you meditate with your eyes up a bit, your attention focused on your third eye, the point between the brows, will give your pineal gland what it needs and wants in terms of its nourishment ... your attention.  This feeding of that energy of awareness to the pineal awakens this third eye.

The spinning of the body will affect not only your body, so too your mental image picture making capabilities, for these thoughts are also sitting in the magnetic couch of Mother Earth, not the brain as the psycho logos folks and the psych i a twists would have us believe.

I found this information first in the Barbara Marciniak books, or Barbara Hand Clow's writings ... and I know I found this information in the Kryon materials, possibly Book 1.  One day when our library is out of storage, I will find the original references and share the page number of the books where the information has been published by others.

Spin 33 times to the right, clockwise as if looking down on a clock face. (the way to count is to notice the brightest or darkest point in the visions in the spinning ... be it the sun in the sky, a light in the room, whatever it is, and each time it passes in the blur of the spin, count it)
If you like .... put your right arm out and focus on your thumb while doing the spinning.
Build up to 33 SLOWLY if you have any difficulty at all doing 33 the first time.
It is better to build up slowly, taking your sweet time until you can do one full 33 spins at one time.
If you build up to fast and pass a point of comfort you will pay a price in uncomforts.  This alone will show you your condition, physically, so build slowly if need be up to the full 33 spins.

Then, when you are done spinning, no matter if you made it to 33 or not.....

Come to a still point and focus on one thing at a distance.

Take your way sweet time with patience and keep focusing your vision on that one point until you see the universe apparently move to the left, and when you see this movement, remain focused on that one point you chose.  You will see the universe will continue to apparently move to the left until it does a tiny jump and 'locks' into the stillness.

This is the end point for me.  From this point, you may create or word any sacred movement with meanings you wish to express, or word any sacred words you wish to voice.  Personally I use
Solara's NO TIME and NO SPACE body motions to end the spinning experience and begin my life and livings. (these are from the book by Solara, titled, 11:11)

Go about your day with Love in your heart.

Lee Carroll shared the Kryon information by saying that if you were to do this 33 spinning one time each day, you will see your life changes in many ways sacred.

He is absolutely right.  You will see your attitude changes too.  Your entire life changes for the better.   And should you find your health no so great in any way one day, or your mood not so joyful as you wish it to be ... look to see if you have done the spinning in the near past ... chances are, you stopped spinning when you no longer needed the alignments it gives you.    That is okay.  I do not spin every day.

I do spin when I notice I am not doing well in any way ... and I usually notice that I have not spun for quite a long time.  This came about because I did 33 spins every day, day in and day out for months on end and watched the changes in me and arrived at a point where I wanted to see how life was without spinning.  Grin ....

One day, a dear friend noticed for me that I was not doing so well, and she asked if I had been spinning lately!  I thanked her, because ... I hadn't noticed I wasn't up to par, and I forgot spinning!  I am ALWAYS in awe of the balancings that come with the practice of spinning the body in the magnetic couch of Mother Earth.

Kryon further shared that if you were to do this 33 spinnings in three sets of 33, three times in one day, for a total of 99 spins, you would turn to light and ascend in no time at all.
I personally prefer 33 spins and no more.
I am light enough for now... too much joy would be darn near unbearable ... smile.....
I don't want to turn to light and poof out to any other home in the universe besides Mother Earth.
I have the work I am doing on Mother Earth and I am so blest to be doing it.
I wanna keep playing the game here on Mother Earth awakening my brothers and sisters in Love
and with Love.

There you have it. Spinning 33 times can heal you and your world.
Any questions?  Say the word :

           The Star Arts in BREATHES

Please feel free to share this Good Works On Earth's mailing with all you know would appreciate the information.
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