Note of 20090112 :
The Hiding of Psychiatry Drug Money Conspiracy Exposed
On January 12, 2009, we can say our last note here was two years ago, the memorial just below this note.
Some of the drugs that caused Jon to walks the tracks and not hear the train are still on the 'market.'
The State of Oregon paid for all those drugs that essentially destroyed Jon's essences of sElf.
Read up on the money ... the Fabulously Rapacious Drug Industry Money in America.


Subject: NY Times: Psychiatry & Drug Money: "undisclosed conflicts of interest"
Date: January 5, 2009 5:03:21 PM PST

BELOW is the editorial in the January 4th, 2009 Sunday New York Times against "undisclosed conflicts of interest" between psychiatric professionals and the drug industry. NY Times says minor reform is not enough, but stops short of calling for what is needed: Laws that criminalize extreme psychiatric corruption.

Please forward. See BOTTOM for actions, including nonviolent protest, you can take.

New York Times Editorial - 4 January 2009
No Mugs, but What About Those Fees

New pharmaceutical industry guidelines should stop most drug companies from distributing a wide range of trinkets and office supplies designed to keep their brand names before doctors as a subliminal inducement to prescribe high-priced drugs. The new code, which kicked in on New Year's Day, bars the free distribution of everything from pens to coffee mugs and staplers by some 40 drug companies that have agreed to the restrictions. That may seem like small potatoes, but in the aggregate the promotional products probably cost about $1 billion a year, as Natasha Singer reported in The Times. The updated rules are the industry's latest attempt to restore public confidence that doctors are prescribing medicines in the patient's interest. The code still has too many loopholes. Although it prohibits company sales representatives from providing restaurant meals to health care professionals, it allows the sales teams to continue providing modest meals in professional offices while pitching their products. It allows companies to continue paying for so-called continuing medical education for physicians while correctly leaving the selection of content, speakers and study materials to conference organizers. There appear to be no loopholes in bans against providing free tickets to the theater, sporting events or resort junkets. None of the steps yet contemplated by industry or professional groups would completely sever the medical profession and many individual doctors from their far more disturbing financial ties to the drug industry. Over the years, prominent physicians have received hefty fees for conducting research, consulting or giving "educational" speeches touting the virtues of drugs to their colleagues. The new industry code would limit consultants' fees to "fair market value," but critics believe that still leaves far too much room to pay individual doctors handsomely. Two investigations now under way at prominent universities show how much more needs to be done to aerate undisclosed conflicts of interest. A prominent psychiatrist at Emory University is accused of taking large payments from a drug maker - and misleading his university about the amounts - while heading a government study of the company's antidepressant drugs. Three psychiatrists at Harvard whose work fueled an explosion in the use of powerful antipsychotic drugs to treat children are accused of failing to report large payments from the drug makers, most of which they had not disclosed to their institutions. Congress needs to pass legislation that would force all drug and medical-device companies to report a wide range of payments to doctors through a national registry so that all conflicts are known. This is a reform that the industry itself now seems willing to accept. Better yet, the medical profession needs to wean itself almost entirely from its pervasive dependence on industry money.

You can e-mail letter to editor of The NY Times here:
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WHEN : May 17 to 18, 2009
If you think and thought the Financial Industry corruption was bad,
the Psychiatric Industry corruption kills kids.
Put psychiatric abusers behind bars.
MindFreedom calls for new laws and enforcement of current laws mandating prison time for extreme psychiatric human rights violations.
Join nonviolent protests of psychiatric drug money corruption in front of American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall.

WHERE : San Francisco's Moscone Center, or WHEREVER you are, 17 to 18 May 2009.
Info about this and other events:
Read more about USA Congressional investigation of psychiatric profession here,
including past NY Times articles and editorials:
To thank USA Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for leading the congressional investigation use this web form: : no longer active

To view the Senate site :

Got madness? When reform of psychiatry is not enough: Join a nonviolent REVOLUTION in mental health.
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Support voices for choices in mental health.
Mind your freedom!
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