Note of 20090112 :
The Hiding of Psychiatry Drug Money Conspiracy Exposed
On January 12, 2009, we can say our last note here was two years ago, the memorial just below this note.
Some of the drugs that caused Jon to walks the tracks and not hear the train are still on the 'market.'
The State of Oregon paid for all those drugs that essentially destroyed Jon's essences of sElf.
Read up on the money ... the Fabulously Rapacious Drug Industry Money in America.

Note of 20070117 :
We honor the death of one of our founding staff members, Jon Schive , quietly killed by a train on 20060117.
    Jon's is another death by Zyprexa, part of the story told at the link on his name. 
  Jon's jovialities shone honest, and we miss him.

Notice of 20060530 : Our thank you to for this sharing :
(1) Short film on child abuse and human rights in the psychiatric system wins honor, needs your vote.

Please vote for "The Hippocratic Oath,"
by MindFreedom member Aubrey Ellen Shomo,
Vote by selecting the film, near the bottom on the right-hand side,
and clicking the vote button at the bottom of the list.

"The Hippocratic Oath" is a 60-second public service announcement that raises
awareness of child abuse in the psychiatric system by telling of a child forced to
bathe in a shower contaminated with human feces -- in the late 1990's -- in that
child's own voice. It also speaks of the near-absolute power that
psychiatric institutions tend to have over children.

The film is a semi-finalist in the prestigious national issue film competition,
"Film Your Issue" and is one of 35 chosen from more than 300 submissions.
The jury includes George Clooney, Walter Cronkite, HeathCliff Rothman,
and Brian Williams. Aubrey Ellen Shomo of Colorado, the film's 21-year-old
survivor producer, describes it this way: "I heard about "Film Your Issue" and
I just had to submit a film. It was only natural that it would be something that
tells this untold story that I and many others know all too well. I was thrilled to
see they had chosen it as a semi-finalist, and am hopeful it will receive the
votes needed to win." Aubrey can be e-mailed at [email protected]


(2) Anti-electroshock protest and pre-protest planning meeting are coming up
by Howard Shryock, MindFreedom San Francisco Bay Area

"We will protest against Electroshock, on Summer Solstice Day, June 21, 2006,
starting 5 p.m. in downtown Berkeley at the Southwest corner of
Shattuck Ave and Center Street, and after 6 p.m.
We will march seven blocks South to the old Herrick Hospital,
now called Herrick Campus of Alta Bates Hospital,
which is where the electroshock treatments are still done.
To help make the protest a success we will have our next
Electroshock Committee planning meeting June 4."
[Contact Howard for details at [email protected] ]


3) The Electroshock Quotationary, by Leonard Roy Frank
-- writer, shock survivor, activist, shock-fraud authority, member
-- is available free. You may download this 125 page pdf at no cost from this link:

You can support the work of one artist who has survived unspeakable treatments at the hands of others ...
Visit the Disabled Artists Network, showcasing the arts of  Teri A. Davis
You can acquire her beautiful prints and read of her story with the Hopi and their care for her, and more.


Subject: NEWS: Scientists Clash With American Psychiatric Association
   Date:   Fri, 22 Aug 2003 02:36:06 -0700
   From:  '' :[email protected]:

22 August 2003
Contact: Mickey Weinberg 626-795-5525
E-mail: [email protected]


Day Seven of the Fast for Freedom in Mental Health:
Scientific Panel Clashes With the American Psychiatric Association

PASADENA, CALIF.: On the seventh day of a hunger
strike by six psychiatric survivors to oppose
human rights violations in the mental health
system, the American Psychiatric Association
faces a direct and unprecedented challenge from a
Scientific Panel of 14 academics and clinicians.

The Fast for Freedom in Mental Health had
requested that the American Psychiatric
Association provide any specific evidence that
'mental illness is biologically based.'


What happened next surprised and delighted the
hunger strikers. Instead of simply rejecting the
APA's letter out of hand, the mental health
professionals and scientists on the Panel
carefully examined the source material listed by
Dr. Scully. What the Scientific Panel found were
quotations in each book that backed up hunger
striker accusations.

For example: '[T]here is no definitive lesion,
laboratory test, or abnormality of brain tissue
that can identify (a mental) illness' and '[T]he
precise causes (etiology) of mental disorders are
not known.'

In their reply to the APA [SEE BELOW], the
Scientific Panel expressed dismay at 'the
contrast between the hunger strikers, who ask
clear questions about the science of psychiatry
and consciously take risks in the name of
protecting the well being of users of psychiatry,
and the American Psychiatric Association, which
evades revealing what actual scientific evidence
justifies its authority.'

The six hunger strikers said they felt
triumphant, and look forward to media asking the
APA to comment on the Scientific Panel's reply.

The fasters say they will continue to fast until
they reach their goals.

Mickey Weinberg, who helped organize the fast,
said, 'The condescending and contemptuous letter
from the APA is consistent with its historic
behavior. The Panelists' response turns the
screws on the APA. It's certainly the first time
in my memory when psychiatry has felt forced to
answer to the demands of psychiatric survivors.'

Romi Sayama said: 'We're pleased to see that the
American Psychiatric Association has confirmed
that they could not find any evidence either.'

David Gonzalez said: 'Dr. Scully's letter states
that 'the answers to your questions are widely
available in the scientific literature.' If this
is so -- why did he balk at providing the
requested evidence?'

Krista Erickson said: 'The Panelists provided a
thorough and challenging response.'

Vince Boehm said: 'It's the lies that bother me.
What makes me unable to sleep at night is to
think about the psychiatric drugging of infants,
even as young as three months. It's

David Oaks, director of MindFreedom, said: 'The
only two things missing from Dr. Scully's letter
are a blatant admission that there is no
evidence, and a public apology to all psychiatric
survivors. The Scientific Panel's response is
magnificent and historic.'

For more news and photos of the Fast for Freedom
in Mental Health see

MindFreedom is a non-profit that unites 100
grassroots groups working for human rights in
mental health.



From: [email protected]

Support Coalition International
454 Willamette, Suite 216
PO Box 11284
Eugene, OR 97440 USA

To: [email protected]

James H. Scully, Jr., M.D., Medical Director
American Psychiatric Association
1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1825
Arlington, VA 22209-3901

Dear Dr. Scully:

David Oaks, Executive Director of MindFreedom,
has forwarded to us your reply dated 12 August
2003 to the hunger strikers involved in a 'Fast
for Freedom in Mental Health.' We are a panel of
14 academics and clinicians who have agreed to
review any such reply for scientific validity.

The hunger strikers asked your organization, as
well as the Surgeon General of the United States,
and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, to

1. evidence that establishes the validity of
'schizophrenia,' 'depression' or other 'major
mental illnesses' as 'biologically-based brain

2. evidence for a physical diagnostic exam that
can reliably distinguish individuals with these
diagnoses (prior to treatment with psychiatric
drugs) from individuals without these diagnoses;

3. evidence for a baseline standard of a
neurochemically-balanced 'normal' individual,
against which a neurochemical 'imbalance' can be

4. evidence that any psychotropic drug can
correct any 'chemical imbalance' attributed to a
psychiatric diagnosis;

5. evidence that any psychotropic drug can
reliably decrease the likelihood of violence or

In your reply, no specific studies of any kind
were cited with reference to any of the questions
above. You cited three general sources, including
the recent Surgeon General's report on mental
health and two textbooks of psychiatry.

In examining each of these sources, we found
numerous statements that invalidate suggestions
that behaviors referred to as 'mental illnesses'
have specific biological bases:

_Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General_
(1999) is explicit about the absence of any
findings of specific pathophysiology:

p. 44: 'The diagnosis of mental disorders is
often believed to be more difficult than
diagnosis of somatic, or general medical,
disorders, since there is no definitive lesion,
laboratory test, or abnormality in brain tissue
that can identify the illness.'

p. 48: 'It is not always easy to establish a
threshold for a mental disorder, particularly in
light of how common symptoms of mental distress
are and the lack of objective, physical symptoms.'

p. 49: 'The precise causes (etiology) of mental
disorders are not known.'

p. 51: 'All too frequently a biological change in
the brain (a lesion) is purported to be the
'cause' of a mental disorder ... [but] The fact
is that any simple association -- or correlation --
cannot and does not, by itself, mean causation.'

p. 102: 'Few lesions or physiologic abnormalities
define the mental disorders, and for the most part
their causes remain unknown.'

In the third edition of _Textbook of Clinical
Psychiatry_ (1999), we find similar statements:

p. 43: 'Although reliable criteria have been
constructed for many psychiatric disorders,
validation of the diagnostic categories as
specific entities has not been established.'

p. 51: Most of these [genetic studies] examine
candidate genes in the serotonergic pathways, and
have not found convincing evidence of an

In Andreasen and Black's (2001) _Introductory
Textbook of Psychiatry_, we find, in the chapter
on schizophrenia:

p. 23. 'In the areas of pathophysiology and
etiology, psychiatry has more uncharted territory
than the rest of medicine...Much of the current
investigative research in psychiatry is directed
toward the goal of identifying the
pathophysiology and etiology of major mental
illnesses, but this goal has been achieved for
only a few disorders (Alzheimer's disease,
multi-infarct dementia, Huntington's disease, and
substance-induced syndromes such as
amphetamine-related psychosis or
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome).'

p. 231: 'In the absence of visible lesions and
known pathogens, investigators have turned to the
exploration of models that could explain the
diversity of symptoms through a single cognitive

p. 450: 'Many candidate regions [of the brain]
have been explored [for schizophrenia] but none
have been confirmed.'

As you are no doubt familiar with these textbooks
you cited, you will agree that such statements
invalidate claims for specific, reliable
biological causes or signs of 'mental illnesses.'
In the judgment of the panel members, your reply
fails to produce or cite any specific evidence of
any specific pathophysiology underlying any
'mental disorder.'

You have also referred us to 60 volumes of
_Archives of General Psychiatry_ and 160 volumes
of _The American Journal of Psychiatry_. The 28
July 2003 cover letter from the hunger strikers
and panelists that they sent to you by certified
mail stated:

'We are aware that research studies can run to
thousands of pages. Therefore, please respond
only with those studies that you consider the
best available in support of your claims and
theories in a timely way. When responding with
evidence, please send citations for the original
publications or copies of the publications you
are citing.'

Like you, we are familiar with the material found
in these journals. It is understandable why you
did not provide any citations. There is not a
single study that provides valid and reliable
evidence for the 'biological basis of mental

The members of the panel wish to make some
further observations which we hope will assist
the American Psychiatric Association to present
an honest scientific stance with respect to the
hunger strikers' questions.

In the panel's view, the questions posed by the
hunger strikers are serious and fair. These
questions are legitimate questions that any
patient or family member or interested person
might ask of any psychiatrist, or a student might
ask of a professor. The panel was therefore quite
dismayed that you, as Medical Director of the
world's largest, wealthiest, and most resourceful
psychiatric association, could not provide a more
specific or substantial response than the
equivalent of, 'See our textbook.'

If, as you state in your letter, 'the answers to
[the above] questions are widely available in the
scientific literature, and have been for years,'
then it behooves your organization to make these
answers and their specific sources -- if they
differ from the quotes we present in this letter
-- available promptly.

The panel members could not help but notice the
contrast between the hunger strikers, who ask
clear questions about the science of psychiatry
and consciously take risks in the name of
protecting the well-being of users of psychiatry,
and the American Psychiatric Association, which
evades revealing what actual scientific evidence
justifies its authority. By not giving specific
answers to the questions posed by the hunger
strikers, you appear to be affirming the very
reason for the hunger strike.


Fred Baughman, MD
Mary Boyle, PhD
Peter Breggin, MD
David Cohen, PhD
Ty Colbert, PhD
Pat Deegan, PhD
Al Galves, PhD
Thomas Greening, PhD
David Jacobs, PhD
Jay Joseph, PhD
Jonathan Leo, PhD
Bruce Levine, PhD
Loren Mosher, MD
Stuart Shipko, MD

The hunger strikers endorse the scientific
panel's statement.

- end -



MindFreedom Support Coalition International
is a non-profit uniting 100 grassroots groups,
and is independently funded by group and
individual members like you who support human rights.

Find out more, and join and/or donate today at


end of press release


We invite you to think twice about
placing vaccines within your body
or within your children and we
provide you with this link
to research the data ...
so you can know
what you need
to know so as
to do so
or no

  ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute


The Psychiatric Survivors Fast continues.
Meanwhile, the psychiatric professionals are unable to answer the simplest of questions from scientists
about what inquiring minds want to know in terms of the cause and healings of 'mental illness.'

They cannot do it.
They cannot name the causes ...
They cannot name the cures ....
The pHARMaceutical's claim glowing claims of true cures ... their concoctions touted ...
while their failures and death's and killings and horrific doings upon animals in the
name of their art's ongoing 'learnings' remain hidden, or explained away
upon the 'patient' they drug to senseless doings.

Heal thysElf ...
Go organic ... let these spy 'knowledges' die, along with their programmings and druggings forced upon our children in schools, et al., to say nothing of the their SHOCK THERAPY.

Be Still and Know

Walk away from psycho logos agreements.
Read the Star Art of BELIEF SYSTEMS.
Spend time with a good lexicon ...
Spend times with Love in the still silent of meditation.
You will see.

Bless Ye,

Will I AM
Executive Director
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