You could say this is the DNA of the Letters of PRISONER. All the words in the Star Art of ALCOHOLISM are spelled using only those letters spelling the word itsElf.

One definition .. the word, SIRE, here means to create, to cause to exist, to imagine Love being our source and knowing so by imagining with Love, kind care, peaceful notes, peaceful tones, and breathing so.

One more .. EROS is Love. Kind, caring, brightly heart shining courageous Love. Eros Love is our source vibration in our existing, in all existing. Tune in to Love as your bedrock awareness, the vibration you always walk upon. Imagine it, all that you experience is of Love's highest vibrations which .. Love allows all .. some creations are mistakes of attentions and intentions. Be still, and know.

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....

So I Pose Prose ..
So I Rose ..
So I Prose
Eros Sire Rose
Rose Sire No Sore In I
Eros Rose Sire No Ires
So Eros Rose Sire No Sore I
Rose I Sire, I Sire No Sore
Eros Rose Sire No Sore Person
Eros Rose Sire No Sore I
Eros Rose I Pose Prose ..
So I Sire Eros ..
So Eros Rose Is In One's Pen's Prose
So Eros Rose Spin In Spine In I
So Eros Rose In Person, So ..
Prisoner Opens Prison *Pine
Prisoner Opens Prison Ropes
Prison Opens On *Pi's Rope

*pine : slang synonym for door
*pi : 3.1416..... to no ending
Prison Opens On Pi's Rope
Learn the ropes, as a phrase is known to mean, get a sense of how things are done.
Get the Pi of it is symbolic for, earnling and learning the understanding of your
own attentions, intentions, and imagination power to create your reality.

*pine : slang synonym for door
*pi :
Prison Opens On Pi's Rope
Learn the ropes, as a phrase is known to mean, get a sense of how the environment you are in is operating, how it works, how are others vibrating their reality with their agreenments, and be peaceful with it. Yes, with a bright knowing of thy heart light, you hear and see all through the lenses of the source of all that exists, Love is the fastest and purest vibration creating all that exists. Love is source of every thought, for Love allows all to exist as any person may imagine, and so, Yes, Virginia, the EVIL VILE LIE LIVE in the mind's thoughts and hearts of haters, as Love allows all to be experienced. Awakening from hating all you think you see and hear .. to seeing and hearing the creative vibrant sights yee's eyes see .. awakening and healing one's hater's heart is humbling with great gratitude for the new awarenesses. As author of the prose i pose above .. i wish to share with you what i call ..

Seven Steps to Near-Instant Healings

I created the awareness of these seven doings to
heal my own ptsd and other travails in life.
I would like to say for the most part, I am in peace ..
I would like to share how I arrived breathing with
awareness, often as I wished .. and shining up my
heart light so bright nothing is seen except the
bright white sphere of light's rays flowing out,
and the star's energetic lights coming in through
the crown. Neither cement or steel or any other
can stop this starlight sensing, for you are
able to imagine it anywhere, anytime, eyes closed,
eyes open, makes no never mind to imagination's images.

I know .. I write funny.
Please slow down your reading now ..
Please pause at the end of each line and
ask yoursElf, meanings in nameings in words ??
How can this be ??
How can prisoner open pines ??
How can prisoner open ropes ??
*Eros Rose
*Love Rose

That's how.
Love and light and heart's truth well reasoned is Love's way.
EVIL VEIL LIE .. evil thinker hides lies, puts a veil over it.
The trouble is, LIARS cannot heal, nor awaken to brighter things.
If one wants Love's joys in their life, the liar must know ..

TRUTHS HURT the liar.
TRUTH HURTS the liars.

The 7 Steps to Near-Instant Healings

1. Breathe with awareness often.
1.1 Oftener the better, learn to enjoy the breathings,
1.2 simply by moving attentions to body breathing, chest moving,
1.3 tummy too and more. Sense it, feel it, become aware of breath.
1.4 This stills the mind's ramblings, giving you your own
1.5 peace on earth. Become aware of the pulse, the heartbeat.

2.0 This next is your heart's imagination, your finer sElf's imaginings.
2.1 Shine yjr heart light bright white Love, shining out to all that is.
2.2 Imaging a sphere of Love's light in the center of thy chest.
2.3 As you breathe with awareness you shine this Love light up.

3. Scan thy life and forgive one person or one situation or one thing.
3.1 Including sElf. Give forgiveness and whoosh the imagined
3.2 energy to the allness again, let it go and ..
3.3 Over time you will see a new view and forgiveness will not
3.4 be needed. The reason you will see is, you stopped judging.

4. Breathe and talk and walk on the bedrock of GRATEFULNESS.
4.1 This is an ongoing miracle, the breathing, touch it often.
4.2 Same for the sensings of all breathing creatures.
4.3 Show respect for the miracles of light and air and water and
4.4 If you want something in your life, give it to others.
4.5 If you want kindness, give kindness.
4.6 If you want the rose, give the eros, real Love shines the hearts.
4.7 Best time to learn this may be being isolated .. time to ponder.

5. Go Gracious as you can so you can enjoy graciousness as a key to free.
5.1 Took me 20 years to find this as a key to near-instant healing's steps.
5.2 Gracious is caring, gentle, kind, respectful, aware of the other(s).
5.3 If you want respect, give respect. Seer See Peers See.
5.4 The light touch transforms .. same as laughters heal hates.
5.5 Be gracious as gracious can be, honest and true.
5.6 If graciousness is not well received by any one or more ..
5.7 Learn to be gracious as can be in the environment you are in.
5.9 Being near hater's hearts and their sore eros words .. is no fun.

6. Listen In Silent : close the lips, quiet the mind so you can hear.
6.1 Listen to your breathing in silent times, in noisy times.
6.2 Listen quite quiet as another speaks, so you can hear them out.
6.3 The gift of conversation is usually at the end of one's speaking.
6.4 If you interrupt another speaking with you, you may miss a gift.
6.5 Sadly there are those who talk incessantly about nothing.
6.6 Recall going gracious as gracious can be. No need to be there ??
6.7 No bribes nor deals in this .. these true gifts are freedoms well earned.

7. Learn and Earn Humble ..
7.1 Learn and Earn Humility ..
7.2 Learn and Earn the Way of Love for all Yee sense.
7.3 Life becomes the Eros Rose everywhere You breathe ..
7.4 Ask yoursElf, do your words, and looks to others ..
7.5 Are they agreeable to the one's you affect ??
7.6 Are they disagreeable to being near your effects upon them ??
7.7 Then do this ..
7.8 Breathe with Awareness Focused on breathing for a few breaths, read 7.9,
7.9 A wisened man's saying .. If you could know any person's full story,
you would Love them unconditionally as if they were your sElf.
That being true, begin being a Being of knowing that fact, best you can,
best they will allow you. Force your awakening and healing on no one.

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