What follows is from Steve Rother, channeler of the Group.
First a note from Steve, then the Group's Message, and what a sweet message it is.
The systems we have in place as humans are about to change for the better, even more than you are already seeing.
Mother Earth is not only alive, as any thinking human being can see, she is also pregnant.
Now, the question is, what is your footprint as a human with yOur Mother, Mother Earth ?

~ Re-minders from Home ~

From Steve Rother :

In the 12 years I have been channeling the group, I have never heard the group give us any type of warning.  That changed when this message came through on September 29, 2007.  They gave us a stern warning that time is running out for us to embrace our connection to the Earth.  They said the Earth was evolving faster than she could handle.  Pollution and the pollution machinery we have built since the industrial revolution has caused the Earth to be on a direct course of disaster.

 Although it is normal for the Earth to be warming up at this time, it is being pushed to raise its vibration faster than it can handle.  They said that it would be sadly tragic if we passed the original Earth end times in the year 2000 only to push her into extinction now.  It does not take major sacrifices that most fear, but rather it takes consciousness and awareness of the footprints we leave on the Earth as walk through daily life.  They said we would now begin to see just how bad this really is.  Five days after this channel I was watching CNN from my hotel room in Moscow, when they reported that in the last 12 months the Arctic ice sheet had diminished 25%.

We can change our reality in a moment if we only become aware of how we impact Earth and make appropriate choices. With one heart at a time we can change this destruction, but the time to become educated and motivated is running out.  Each of us can make a big difference if we only try.  The time is now.

Big hugs and gentle nudges ..

Steve Rother


Greetings from Home

Every day that you step into these physical bubbles of biology, you start a new Game.  You are literally starting to evolve so fast that you cannot even re-member what happened to you before you went to sleep last night.  You are waking up in a whole different vibration and because of that you are attracting new things to you; everything seems to work a little bit differently.  Things are not always the way they seem.  Let us tell you today that because of all these rapid, collective vibrational changes throughout all of humanity, there are adjustments taking place on your planet.  We have spoken of many of them before.  We have talked about the physical re-wiring of the human body.  In general, the connectivity between the two lobes of your brain is changing on a daily basis now; it is allowing you to see and experience things that you never have before.  One of the points we are going to show you this day is the collective effect on what you call the Mother, Gaia, the Earth herself. 

Let us start by saying that the Earth is a living, sentient, thinking, acting, breathing being.  We call the Earth a her so that you, living in a field of duality, can understand that. She has no imbalance of male/female energy.  She carries it all so she really is an entity of beautiful design—not carrying a label of he or she.  This living, breathing entity began as a hot, gaseous ball.  It was vibrating at a very high rate, for when you heat something up it begins vibrating very quickly. Please understand that a high vibration is not better than a low or medium vibration.  They are just different, so let us release the idea of good/bad, up/down, right/wrong and some of your ideas of the polarity field and let us speak only about vibrations. 

In the Beginning

Right from the beginning of her origins, you began to inhabit planet Earth.  You did not wait to take these physical bubbles of biology.  You, as spirits, began the game of free choice without a physical being.  Your ethereal body inhabited Earth right from the very beginning.  As she evolved, you evolved.  There came a point where she began to gain density.  She cooled and lowered her vibration and gained density.  Today, you are focused on raising your vibration, but back in those days, advancement was to lower your vibration.  As the Earth cooled, you had the need to lower your vibration and gain density to keep your connection with Earth. It was very important for you because your physical bubble of biology is a product of the Earth.  You are a spirit pretending to be a human in a physical bubble of biology. 

It was a beautiful blend, for the spirit worked with the Earth even in the very beginning.  It began as a slow process.  You started ingesting the very tips of the leaves from the trees and bringing them into your being.  You developed digestive tracts and developed ways of bringing parts of the Earth through you to feed and sustain the dense physical body.  We tell you it is quite interesting because you have great arguments on Earth as to whether man was created or whether man evolved out of the ocean.  We tell you that neither one of those is quite correct. When you get Home, you will laugh because you will also find that both of them are correct to some degree.  Your physical bubble of biology has evolved over eons of time but it was prepared for your spirit.  Life began as a spirit inhabiting a lightbody, but your physical evolution began from the Earth.   Once you took on the denser physical form, the connection to the Earth became paramount.  Even if you traveled great distances in space, you will be part of her and she will be part of you.  That relationship is now changing and we wish to address that because you have control over your reality in every moment. 

Changing Relationship to Earth

You are creators, dear ones.  You are creating the path just before your feet hit the ground.  Knowing that, let us tell you that all of humanity is raising vibration.  As you raise vibration, you change your vibrational relationship to Earth.  Before, when Earth was cooling and changing her vibration and it was necessary for you to gain density, you changed your vibration to match her.  Now it is the other way around.  Humans are evolving and the Earth is raising her vibration as a result.  One is not better than the other and Earth is fully supporting this vibrational shift, yet it is a change and that change can mean challenges.    

Look at the entire cycle.  In the beginning Earth was hot. As she cooled she lowered vibration and you adapted by taking on physical bodies.  Then there was a long period where it seemed like there was no up or down movement in vibration.  Now, it has begun again, has it not?  Earth is heating up.  You are beginning to see a cycle.

Pregnant Planet

You are aware that humans have polluted the Earth as the evidence is becoming obvious and will soon be even more so.  Know that the Earth is a very strong being who has never had to engage her survival instincts thus far.  That may change soon.  The Earth has tremendous abilities to adapt and when she reaches a level where adaptation is no longer possible, she has the ability to move into her survival mode and heal herself.  Thus far she has not done that as it would have a huge adverse effect to her own human offspring.  Now the equation is changing.  We tell you, the Earth is not sick, dear ones.  She is pregnant and preparing to give birth.  You are part of that evolution.  You are part of that miracle.  That is what is taking place and the view that we wish to offer you this day, because you have more control over this process than you can possibly imagine.  It starts by having your heart and your head in synch, and realizing that your choices will now become more important than ever before. 

Yes, we do not need to lecture you on how to live in harmony with the Earth. There are technologies already developed that can help you to do that.  The timing is becoming critical that humans embrace and popularize the idea of working in harmony with this planet. You are moving faster than she can keep up with, especially in her delicate condition.  There are danger signs growing faster than you know.  There are problems now about to reach critical levels. This simply means that you that you have prodded her too many times and she must now protect herself.    

Time is Running Out

Now is the time to take action in your heart and in your own choices, to look for every imprint that you make on this planet.  It is entirely possible for you to walk in full harmony with the Earth.  You instinctively know how to do that.  It is ingrained deep within each on you.  You have simply chosen a path of convenience rather than harmony.  This will now lead you to make inconvenient choices to shift the trend already in motion.  Dear ones, inside each of you is a part of the Mother Earth.  If you listen to that part of yourself ,you will remember that it is entirely possible to have a zero footprint on Earth.  The masters knew this and practiced it.  They, as you, know how to walk in consciousness with the Earth.  See the meadow of grass which is so brightly green because it is only four days old, and is so fragile and vibrant.  It is entirely possible for you to be in harmonic state so that when you walk over that grass, it actually benefits from where your foot touches the ground.   First of all, you must believe that it is possible for you to work in full harmony with the Earth where all your needs will be met and more.  The challenge is that humans are creatures of habit.  You have devised social and economic machinery that protects your habits.  One of these was the oil industry itself.  It is no secret that the oil industry is set on self-preservation even at the cost of the Earth herself.  It is no secret that the oil industry has governed your planet for the last 30 years.  There was a signal in the 1970’s to let you know of things to come; the oil ran out then for a time.  It was an indication of what was to come, yet you really have not taken that lead and you still believe it will never end. 

A Message from the Mother to the People of Earth

Dear ones, there is a time when you physically will run out of oil and it is coming sooner than you think.  This is an action that will be taken by the Earth herself to protect her unborn child.  We do not typically make predictions but we tell you, this is a warning:  People of Earth, now is the time to embrace your mother and remember your connection.  Even this day you are able to walk over that grass and to add something to the Earth rather than take away.  Now, in your heightened vibration, it is possible to do both more than you know.  We tell you, all it takes is the motivation. It takes your heart, it takes your wanting to do that, to pay a little bit more, to go the extra mile and do a little more in the beginning to start working in harmony with this beautiful loving Earth.  Much like a dog that has too many fleas on its back, when it reaches a critical level the dog instinctively begins to shake the fleas off to correct the problem.  The Earth has been refusing to shake for some time, as her love for you is beyond your understanding. If only your love for her was half as strong.  

The time is now becoming critical.  What lies ahead can have devastating effects on humans.  Have you ever really looked at the planet Mars?  You do not need to go through that.  You can make this transition comfortably, easily.  It does not have to be out of harmony and out of balance.  Yes, the natural process of the Earth is to heat up, but if it is moves too fast because of the bad habits of humans, it is going to be very difficult to endure that vibrational shift.  Like a pregnant mother she will defend herself in order to have her baby.  She is evolving as are you, but she needs your assistance now.  

Changing the Systems

We wish to bring you this view this day because it is so important that you know you are part of Mother Earth and she is part of you. The connection will always be there and as you are evolving, you are now leading the way for her to change.  Make this transition comfortable and easy.  That is what she wants.  Many times it is your systems that make it difficult for you to change your patterns.  Humans resist change and create systems and machinery to ensure that no life is easy.  Not only is it your belief systems, but the systems that you put into motion that create you doing the same thing over and over.  It is no secret to tell you there is a time coming very soon when you will run out of oil.  Please do not wait that long.  Begin your changes now.  Begin your thinking now. 
Consider the impact you have as you are holding that piece of trash, as you turn the key of the gas guzzling cars that you drive. The moment you think about what you are going to do and how you are going to work in harmony with the Earth, she can begin the healing process.  Each thought can make a major difference not because of one person, but because it goes into the collective vibration of humanity.   Each human begins to change his or her reality and set up a vibration that everyone else can follow comfortably.  Make it popular.  Make it vogue.  Make it something that is accepted in your social circles and it will happen very quickly.  It has already begun. 

You Have More Effect than You Know.

Some of the wayshowers are already in place to educate.  There will be more coming, but this transition can be easy with the Earth. It does not need to be difficult.  You have done so much.  Look at the change that you personally made with the hurricanes that were coming on this planet.  It was a cycle that was going to continue from year to year.  Your own scientists announced at the beginning of 2006 that it was going to be the worst hurricane season ever.   You did not have a single hurricane hit land.  You learned to adapt and to use the energy.  If the energy is adapted and engaged it does not have to have a devastating effect.  You can do the same thing here.  You can adapt this energy quickly and easily if you only gain consciousness now.  You can take pride in what you are doing.  You can take pride in walking with confidence, with being a human who benefits the Earth as you walk upon it.   You can change your reality in an instant and take the Earth with you for an incredible ride.

Giving Birth to a Hologram

We will give you some ideas.  It is difficult to say exactly what is going to happen because humans have a tendency to live in one dimension at a time. You are starting to become multidimensional—that will change over time—but right now it is difficult to explain exactly what we mean when we say that the Earth is going to give birth. Does that mean that there is going to be a second Earth?  Let us give you an illustration, a very simple view.  It is one we have given before but will help you to grasp what is taking place at an energetic level. 

The Earth began as a hot, gaseous ball at the time you call the Big Bang, but the Big Bang was not what you thought it to be.  You thought it to be an imploding star that left pieces all throughout the universe.  However, it was the division of God.  It was the opportunity for God to pretend to be separate from himself/herself and to divide in such a way where it could study itself, or see itself, so it was a Grand Game that began in this process. The Earth and everything you perceive as the multiverse began first as a hologram.  A hologram is very simply two or more light beams intersecting each other and creating a three dimensional object.  When photons collide in multiple dimensions they create a three dimensional object.  Humans, or God if you will, can look at that and say, “That is a three dimensional object.” The moment it is perceived as a three dimensional object it becomes one.  That, dear ones, was the origin of Earth.  Have we made this too simple?  We can complicate it if you like, but that is what happens.  That is how all things began on this Earth, as a hologram.  The moment God entertains a thought, two or more beams of light begin to create a hologram.  If you are God and you are having thoughts and you are starting to get closer in vibration, guess what is happening? You begin to create a hologram. 

We have asked you to intentionally focus your hologram, your idea of what you would like on this new Earth, and just call it the New Earth which is just a collection place for your visions of how you would like the new Earth to be.  When the critical mass has reached a specific point, that hologram will overlay the original hologram that created Earth.  This will reinstate the healthy Earth hologram and help to heal the Earth.  This is the birth of the New Earth. It will take place slowly rather than the dramatic predictions that you know to be the ascension.  When you look back upon it, you will understand what we have said.  The challenge is that if you have not developed good habits of walking softly on the Earth by then, the hologram cannot have the effect it was meant to have.  Even if the hologram does overlay the original one it will be very sensitive and unable to defend itself against the lazy habits of humans.  That is the birth process that is going on right now.  This is the reason you have tsunamis, earthquakes and changing weather patterns at this time. 

Watch the Pacific Ocean

Watch the middle of the Pacific Ocean for changes under the water that have to do with carbon dioxide.  That is the next process that will start changing and it will happen somewhere inside the Ring of Fire, most likely in the water.  Those things will start to trigger changes on your Earth which will show you that the process has begun.  T,hat is the evolution of Earth and that is the time you want to be in full harmony with her because she will take care of you at every cost. 

Do you understand that you are her greatest children? That you are her greatest treasure? It pains her deeply not to be in full harmony with you.  Let her support you in ways you can only begin to imagine, for it is all there for you if you dare to reach outside the box and think a bit differently in the years ahead. You have a choice as to how you will make this transition.  We have the greatest hope that it will be joyous, comfortable, fun and exciting for that is what you have come for.  You are healers.  You are teachers.  You are the wayshowers. You are the ones that have opened the door and dared to go first and create the problems so you can show other people how to work with it and go through it comfortably. 

Now more than ever before is a time to look at the fact that you are not the only ones evolving. All vibrational levels are evolving around you and the Earth is the biggest part of that.  She is moving as well.  Work in harmony with her this day.  Dare to ask her for new ideas and listen within for the answers.  There are many advanced people who have been on incredible journeys, who have been way ahead of their time and have been chastised for being tree huggers.  One of them even owns an oil company.  Look for those thinkers, dear ones.   Make tree hugging popular now.  Look for the opportunities to work with this to change your outlook on what you to expect to create and you will be the grandest grandparents of the new planet Earth.

We ask you to treat one another with the greatest respect.  Nurture one another at every opportunity for you are looking in the eyes of God and know that this is a beautiful Game you are playing.  Play well together.

Human   Angel

The group
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