Heartlings ! Earthlings

     from the word, DYSRATIONALIA
     noun : The tendency to think or act irrationally in certain situations, despite having sufficient intelligence.
     - dysrational : adjective
        Source :


SARAH PALIN : Ego run amok in the christian fashion of know little say lots.
GEORGE W BUSH : Attacked the 'wrong enemy' while letting the 'real enemy' go free.
DICK CHENEY : Richard Bruce Cheney chose the debauchery of money and power with enemies and war.
et al.

The following is a snippet from the net ..
   Regarding Sarah Palin's expertise on matters ..
     Note well evangenital's response ..
	119 Responses to "Schwarzenegger on Palin's global warming stance: 
	Take her 'with a grain of salt.'"

	margarine says: I'm not sure what makes her an expert in it. 
		Al Gore at least is involved in the study and talks to scientists of note. 
		Sarah Palin just sits around and denies.
		I'd be amazed if she could tell anyone where she read any of that as it is.
		December 15th, 2009 at 10:51 am

	USNclerk says:
		Props to the Governator for calling her on yet another BS self-contradiction.
		How many more times do they have to show her paper records of things she's said in the past before she quits lying?
		December 15th, 2009 at 10:52 am

	evangenital says:
		One can "take" Sarah Palin with the whole goddamned salt shaker, 
		  but she will still continue to pull crap out of her a$$ and promulgate it as God's will.
		She is more than a cheap opportunist; she really believes that God has chosen her, 
		  prattling much the same sort of nonsense as that moronic George W. Bush.
		Holy rollers with a sense of moral mission are quite dangerous for this nation and for the world.
		One would hope that the imbeciles in the dominionist evangelical ranks would wake up 
		  one day before it is too late to repair the damage done to this planet, 
		  which they see as God's creation.
		Strangely enough, they don't seem to value God's creation that much.
		December 15th, 2009 at 10:53 am

Source :

Our response to above :
We hope they awaken more than one day before it is too late to heal Mother Earth's breaths, and ours.

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