PayPal Completion ? Impossible ! Due to Pay Pal Abuse, we no longer accept their hanky panky with other people's funds.
Thank You, if you just attempted to donate to Good Works On Earth using PayPal, you have been defrauded.
You should not have been able to donate to any Good Works On Earth account using PayPal.
They should not have accepted your funds, and if they did, we suggest you demand your funds returned.
They should have refused your money in the name of Good Works On Earth.
They should have refused your transfer request in the name of Good Works On Earth.

Please be notified that in the month of September 2004 ...
We have learned that PayPal has committed fraud against
Good Works On Earth, at the request of this address :
: :
If you receive a communication from that address,
you can know you are dealing with a thief.
PayPal won't tell you that, so we will.
Due to the incompetency of PayPal, we do not accept their funds.

Please be aware, if you send any "PayPal" funds to Good Works On Earth
at this time, your donation will not arrive at Good Works On Earth.
PayPal is fraudulently attacking our account.
And we can prove it, and we can name names.
Those involved in this bank fraud think they are home free.
Those involved in creating this wire fraud think they are home free.
Hiding behind Pay Pal, they are, and Pay Pal helps them hide from us.
Little do they know how we work, eternally so, at Good Works On Earth.
Little do they understand the power of competent investigators.
"They" being every single person involved in this fraud.

We have removed all links offering Pay 'Pal' services at this time.
If by some fluke of old link, you are able to make a donation in our name ...
Please, void any transactions you have made for Good Works On Earth with PayPal.
Dated : 20040927 : September 27, 2004
Verified PayPal Fraud again on 20041109 : Verified Pay Pal Abuse with Funds
To see our Letter of 20041108 to Pay Pal
Thank you.

20041111 Update : Another PayPal Fraud Attack against Good Works On Earth,
this time, using the google address to attack the secure data.  See for yoursElf.
We have removed all links to the Pay 'Pal' company from our site.

If you have any questions, email us at :

If you think we are an isolated case of PayPal Fraud being experienced,
we invite you to visit this page, where you can see more of what PayPal is all about : 
Pay Pal Abuse

#4. If PayPal feels your actions are questionable, PayPal is the investigator, judge, jury and executioner.
"Telling your side" of what happened, in most cases seems to be irrelevant.
They also refuse to provide you with the details of their investigation and withhold documents they relied upon to make their decisions.
Your only contact will be an email that says:
[[ Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in respondingto your service request.
After review, the decision has been made to keep your account locked.
This decision cannot be appealed.
If you have any further questions, please reply to this email.
That will be the end of it as far as PayPal is concerned.
You can email back, but you'll just get more of the same.
Oh yea, and you'll have to wait 180 days to get your money.

We have found the description above to be exactly true, regarding PayPal.

On 20070218 we received this email from another in Florida :

Anyone can set up an account to get money who has an email address.
Why don't you get one of these accounts? It's easy.
I can pay you instantly ...
and Pay Pal deposits the money wherever you tell them to do it.
Go to and see what I mean.

    This is our response this day : 20070218 :


So that you can know our history with PayPal, we share this :
PayPal committed fraud against us, twice, in two different ways.  On one of the transactions,
PayPal refused to listen when we informed them of the fraudulent characteristics of the 'donation' we received.
PayPal informed us the money was good as gold, even though we informed them of outnesses in the transactions and communications.
PayPal fully credited our account and, after PayPal's emails informing us the money was good as gold, we disbursed the money.
PayPal 33 days later demanded their money back because the donation was fraudulent after all.
PayPal locked our account and was going to steal the next $1,000 in donations to 'get their money' back.
PayPal would have attacked our bank account and our future donations to do so.
PayPal refused intelligent communications regarding this matter, and simply kept sending form-emails that were silly in terms of response.
PayPal is not controlled under banking laws of the United States and is therefore able to change and charge their gig as they will without redress.
PayPal will not only lock your account when a questionable transaction takes place,
PayPal will also also go after all the accounts you have paid with
PayPal to collect their funds, and may lock their accounts in doing so !
Look on the net !  There are countless horror stories about how PayPal is working its gig.
We supported PayPal despite receiving letters from concerned folks back in the beginning, letting us know the faults of PayPal.
When those faults came to bite us on our ass, I woke up and sure enough, the roses they profess in words smelled like shit in their actions.
We disconnected from PayPal and will never again accept their services, wihtout their correcting their services, and their
resestablishing intelligent and sane communications with us.
If you look on the net for searches such as
paypal fraud,
paypal scam,
paypal complaints,
paypal lockouts, 
or such, you will see it is in the millions of answers and growing.


Will I Am
Executive Director

Would you like to see what others have searched for
and found, at Good Works On Earth ?


Small Earth Bookstorer's Loft
SmallEarthBookStorer Loft

The address of this page is :

To see an example of a fraudulent letter designed to get your PayPal password,
visit this link :

Our Home Page :

Addition of 20041108 :

Our response to PayPal's dunning letter.

Greetings to the President and Chief Executive Officer of PayPal ..

Your employees obviously do not read the letters we have sent.
Your machinery is broken, PayPal.
You defrauded Good Works On Earth by sending us fraudulent money.
You sent us fraudulent money you accepted from another.
You then verified the fraud was valid money in response to our letter querying you on the money's oddness in two respects.
You verified it was valid money, PayPal, after we questioned it ... do you understand the importance of that fact ?
We are a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation, and that donation was immediately given to others after we received your verification
on the funds sent to us in your letter letting us know folks send money 'unregistered' all the time.
You defrauded us, PayPal.
You put us into a bankruptcy condition in that donation was given out to others in our work and
as we do not see $1,000 donations very often and the full donation was shared with others and now long gone and
by our own laws, we are not allowed to go into debt to anyone or any corporation for any reason.
If you feel you must sue to collect your insured money ...
It will be a good trial with lots of press, I am sure and our letters with your employees will prove revealing to your customers should they experience such a similar fraud perpetuated upon them by your company or with the help or 'service' of your company.
We will share the incompetence of your letters system, the incompetence of your accepting fraudulent money, your incompetence of sending us fraudulent money, and your incompetence in responding to personal letters regarding our verifying that the money was 'good' with  your positive response, along with all the warnings you don't show or give your customers when you send them fraudulent funds, knowingly or unknowingly, on your part.

I hereby give you ... Legal Notice to PayPal : AGAIN

Greetings PayPal : We have removed our hundreds of links from Good Works On Earth leading to your services at PayPal.
We have removed all donation links and all payment links.

We inform you again, you are to cease accepting money for Good Works On Earth.
Our service with you was terminated the day you informed us that you had defrauded us,
placing us into a financial liability caused by your bank-wire fraud.

We have placed sufficient notices upon our web site so that no one will
attempt to use your service to send money to Good Works On Earth.

Based on the lack of competent communication and service we have received from PayPal in this matter,
and based on your form letters walking us down your legal threats trail to a legal hates trial ...

We hereby disconnect from PayPal in every way, shape and form.

I told you up front when this began ...
We supported PayPal when all others were crying foul and fraud against you, years ago.

Now, it seems, they were right, and we have joined their cry.
You could have resolved this dis pute with one letter right up front, after your first letter verifying the funds were good and your second letter saying you erred, and the funds are fraudulent.  To reiterate ... We will let folks know how PayPal has treated us in your sending us fraudulent funds, your verification of those funds as being 'good' and the oopsies on your part thereafter where you claim "Oh gee, we were wrong, the money really is fraudulent."

Your documents and your notices and your letters are designed to snare and entrap and not fully inform,
and we will not be abused by your fraudulent interstate wire transfers ever again.

Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
An extremely small, and extremely powerful non-profit corporation.
BattleStar Seeded with Mother Earth

Dear Good Works On Earth,

This letter confirms that we have not received a response from you to our
numerous communications relating to the negative balance in your PayPal
account. Sustaining a negative balance is a breach of PayPal's User
Agreement. As of the date of this letter, the amount due and owing of this
account may include accruing charges, attorneys' fees, and other charges
as provided by the PayPal User Agreement (the "Agreement"). Finance charges
continue to accrue on this account to the extent permitted by the
Agreement, federal and/or state laws.

Please send full payment to PayPal within one week of this letter by
adding funds to your PayPal account according to the instructions below. If we do
not receive payment, we will be entitled to file a lawsuit against you for
collection of the debt. It is also possible that we will refer the matter
to an independent collection agency so that they may pursue the debt on

To add funds via electronic bank transfer:

1. Log in to your PayPal account at
2. Click the Add Funds sub-tab
3. Click the Transfer Funds from a Bank Account link
4. Follow the on-screen instructions, and transfer money to your PayPal
account in at least the amount of your negative balance.

If your account balance remains negative after 120 days, the account may
locked. Your balance has been negative for 45 days

If you have any questions about this email, or if you don't want to
further notices about your negative balance, please contact us through
PayPal account:

1. Log in to your PayPal account at
2. Click the Help link in the upper left-hand corner
3. Click the Contact Us link in the lower right-hand corner
4. Click the Contact Customer Service link under the Email heading, and
follow the on-screen instructions to send us a message.

We appreciate your cooperation, and we value you as a customer.  We would
like the negative balance to be resolved as soon as possible so we can
continue to provide you with PayPal's online payment solutions.


Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be
answered. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and choose the
"Help" link in the header of any page.

                     PROTECT YOUR PASSWORD

    NEVER give your password to anyone and ONLY log in at Protect yourself against fraudulent websites by
opening a new web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape) and typing
in the PayPal URL every time you log in to your account.

Letter to the perpetrator of the fraud :

Have you no comment about the fraud you perpetuated against Good Works On Earth with the $1,000 donation
to Good Works On Earth, which PayPal later found was your fraudulent use of the credit card ?
Have you no comment about mis using Barbara Baeringer's Name ? and her address ?  and your signature in response ? to our package sent to you ? and your removal of the IRS Tax Receipt provided ?
What say you ?
Until this matter is resolved, you are a marked address, and server, and your resolution will occur in this matter.
Remember, this is an eternal game.
I await your reply.
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth

Email Address Used in Fraud Against Good Works on Earth
Email Address Used in Fraud Against Good Works on Earth
^ November 2005 ^

June 2005

20050607 : Note Added : Now, we have Wells Fargo implying to us in a letter through the postal system that because "we brought" fraud in the form of $1,000 to Wells Fargo, they are canceling our account.  No mention of the $3,000 in fraudulent documents they accepted and credited us for, which ... it was our insistence that they determine the validity of the documents that brought the fraud to their attention ! This, after they refused to account for the missing $1,000 in the three fraudulent postal money orders.  We are now preparing a web page sharing  the data of how well Wells Fargo has worked with us through these times of rampant fraud in the ways of lame males.  We protected Wells Fargo by showing them the fraudulent activities, and how their very own bank is setting up America for a fall if they keep accepting fraudulent documents like a blind man without a clue.  Much worse when the bank does not do one damn thing to protect Americans from these fraudulent activities ... and then .. after the snare has been set, the bank demands their fees, their penalties, their pound of flesh, all the while, they did nothing to prevent the rape of the customer in the first place.  Then, they join in on the rape of the customer.  Pitiful system of bean countings.  This fully story will be released shortly elsewhere on our site.   You will be able to find it by doing a search at our Search Page for Wells Fargo Bank Frauds Investigators Data.

For more information on scams by fraud and
counterfeit postal money orders, visit this page :
Fraud - United States Postal Money Orders - Scams

For more information about PayPal Fraud, PayPal Scams and
PayPal Service, visit this link :

The address of this page is :

Our Home Page is :

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