You can see that all of the words in this Star Art of ORDINARY are spelled using only the letters of the word itsElf. If you are new to the art and science of the Lexigram, we invite you to read our Introduction Page.

    ... from the letters ...
             ... creating anagrams ...
                 ..... revealing .....

                   ANY AIRY DAY
                      AN AIR IN A RAIN
                        AND ON A DRY ARID DAY
                          I ORDAIN A RAINY DAY  ~  OR NO
                           NO ORDINARY DAY DO I DO ON ANY DAY
                         I ORDAIN NO ORDINARY DAY DO I DO
                      AN ARDOR ADORN I ON ANY DAY
                    AN ADO IN A DIARY I DO ~ OR NO
                      AND I ORDAIN I DO ON ANY DAY
                         I IN ODIN!!!  ODIN IN I!!!!
                              RA DO A RAY!
                                  I IN YIN*
                                 I ORDAIN
                                I ROAR ON
                              I ROAR OR NO
                             I ORDAIN OR NO
                        NO DAY DRAIN I ANY DAY
                   YIN DO ADORN AN ORDINARY DAY
                     I ORDAIN ANY DAY NAY NADIR*
                         YIN ON IN I IN YONI* ON I ~ OR NO
                              I NARD A DAY
                         AN ARDOR DO ADORN I
                                IN AND ON
                           ANY ORDINARY DAY


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