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This is why we have war.  Normal people do not see the atrocities their tax moneys are being spent on and so they continue to pay for killings beyond the normal moral person's capability to comprehend in the sheer agony of the real horrors ongoing wherever man creates war upon innocent peoples.  Innocent people, paying taxes to governments, to kill innocent people, this is not the American way.  Yet our own history is full of this very activity.  We now spend more on war than all nations combined.  We are the WarMongers.  We are the Weaponeers.  We have empowered other nations with the weapons now used agin us.

Where is the Department of Peace ? in America ?

Where is the sanity of human speakings with one another without boundary as the ego factor and without ego as the boundary factor ?

The commons are being destroyed while the destroyers are enriched and hailed, still today, in this corporate rape empowering wars.

If your taxes are blindly paid to any entity not empowering the Unweaponeers, your are part of the problem.

Every dollar you move through your greedly little hands to a war mongering government hiding its reasons for its doings is deathful.

Every dollar you move through your frightened little hands to a group espousing doctrines tied to sin is in one, and not the other,
is a mad god dogma and you bought the false farm of false beliefs.   Pull the bullet out of your own eye, before you place one
upon any other.  Have the cruise missile land in your own homeland for your false sense of security test purposes before you
send one upon another for the same false reason.  These are the doings of the Hisler lies.  The link is in honor of Nostradamus.

I would say the 'normal' person's view of war is the video game these days, the movie, the television, the print on paper,
the arguing parents and the cheaters as teachers demanding their false testings ... rare is the normal person's experience
of war, the bombs exploding in their neighborhood.  Same as it is rare for loggers to log the trees in their home town, or
home area.  They always drive elsewhere in their quest for death's profits, but when it comes time to kill the beings of
majesty in their own yard ... no such doings occur.

My name is Kathy Uno, and I will answer your queries.

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     Good Works On Earth's Home Page - Sharing the awakenings and healings ...
     ... with the quotes. This can be a person's Name Art search engine ... Americans have blindly caused wars. Now
     Americans experience ... completely impotent. That's a normal, low level and low lever beg. ...

     McSweeney's Internet Tendency : Reviews of New Food
     ... And at only three times the cost of a normal frozen burrito, you'd think I'd have slipped my brand ... in the bottle.
     "Pom" even sounds like a person's name, some sort of unidentifiably Northern European ...

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     Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics
     ... are in hand. These oil wars are unnecessary. There is endless ... control of a person's mind , with modified
     longitudinal ... he died that everything was normal . All the while, his ...

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     The Presurfer - Your Daily Dose of Diversion
     ... Many sequences document a person's reaction to being photographed by ... deeper. In all the world's wars against
     terror, the distinction ... Add a comment HOW NORMAL ARE YOU? Are you conforming with, adhering ...
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     ... are demanded by others. A person's supply, when demanded by others ... not theoretically impossible. Wars and
     the ending of wars ... aggregate supply. But in the normal course of events, homeowners ...

     Dave's Good Stuff
     ... continually argue points of view or fact, after being proven ... to me that condemning another person's decision to
     communicate ... 27pm - General Posts Clone Wars Mar 31st, 2005 - 10:50am - General ...
 : no longer active in 2013

     ... Pope. He is the candidate I am pulling for. My view is that John Paul the Philosopher laid down all ... New York
     Times has taken sides in the culture wars - only their preferred brand of religion is A-OK ...

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The following is a snippet from the Book of Names, for demonstrations purposes.
What you will see below is one tiny snippet of the Book of Names, which you will see contains
its word creation letterings sequencings showing first, follow by the dots ... here come the dots,
followed by the describe idea, name or word or words to share awarenesses :

.... snip .... Book of Names : Good Works On Earth

befiiiilnnopssst  ..... infinite possibilities
befikloo ...... book of life - name of the dna draft showing all 3.2 billion base pairs - actual name used : Book of Life
 befikloo ...... book of life - dna draft showing all 3.2 billion base pairs - actual name used - verified
begghikloorsy . brooke shelby biggs - wired magazine good works google search on 20040216
                        #1 answer / 976 answers Wired Magazine article by : Brooke Shelby Biggs
beggiillnorrsty  .. confidential
beghilntu ..... blue night . one of the twenty solar tribes of the Mayan calendar

begiklnorrt .. robert kling - fake alias name used by ceghimottvy to rent the ryder truck in the oklahoma city bombing

begilmnos ...... mel gibson - a being of bright light Love : sol is in one son : i begin, one solemn one.
begin ....................... being
begin ................... begin : same letters sequence as being.
beginrstu .............. genius tribe - grace llewellyn - eugene, oregon
beglo ........ globe
beglos ...... globes
beegnory . boy energy - Angelique's term : see eegilnry
begnort ... common letters to arsonists : beeghijlnoprrst & abegnorrtu
begnotty ....... betty ong - stewardess on plane that crashed into twin towers
behiilppruy ...... philip burley - evangelical pastor in Winneleah, Australia : we have not met this man.
behiilppruy ..... philip burley - channeler of Saint Germain in Scottsdale, Az. : A Stellar Man we have met.
behijlnosu ...... john belushi - a being of light across the veil now
behilmnrstuw . whistle number- noun  A number so impressive that it makes you whistle in response. paul mcfredries :
behilnors .. Niels Bohr : he knew whistle numbers and made them so.
beijkllmorstwy . kimberly jo stockwell - 46 yr woman owner of bar who was killed by a drunk driver, in a hit and run on 20040918.
                                see aaeefhijlnnosty : rg20050220c3
beiklmoo ... mike bloom - state police lieutenant rg20031206b1  involved in capturing bceehnnoprrst
beill .. libel : see liberal for the whole story
beillmnv ....melvin m belli - attorney
beillnnoww  .. bonnie willow - a being of bright light Love
beillory .. bill o'reilly - fox new channel's mouthpiece of hatreds and false judgements assundering and now ..
      2004 suit for his sexually harassing andrea mackris rg20041030A5
      2006 update, late  :  this man speaks many truths ... many times ... many times not, of his own heart's not knowings, yet. - ku
beilopss ..  possible
beimnossu ... omnibuses- transportation
bein .. the only word this sequence exists in within the entire book of names is BEING.
beiortu .. urbi et orbi - latin for : to the city and to the world
beip ... key change
beiq ... key change
beirt ... biter
beit ..... bite
bejnoruy .... joe newbury - victim of priest abuse in late 40's and 50's, now suing church 20040122 rgd5
bejnr : key change maintenance confirmations of the beklmnouy
beklmnop ... key change
beklmnouy ...... blue monkey . one of the twenty solar tribes of the Mayan calendar
belllorrtw .. robert lowell - poet - nobel laureate? - held at McLean Hospital, psychiatric hospital - first belll in book.
belmorstu .... blue storm . one of the twenty solar tribes of the Mayan calendar
belnor : confidential : investigations capabilities : no response to our communications whatsoever on the bw missing person
beloorrst ... robert tools - he received the first self-contained artifical heart on July 2nd, 2001.  he lived 151 days beyond.
belorrtu .. robert rule - father of adeilnru, victim of green river killer, gary ridgeway - rg20031219d3
belors ... key change
belort ... key change
beloru ... key change
belovw .. we be love - web of love line
 belovw = We Be Love
benow .. we be one - 20040919 : in JJK letter.
benow ...... we be one : verified : ghosted letterings sequenced code on : now won : 20041023
 benow .... we be one : ghosted revealings - this one is soooooo sweet. : 20041023 by months
bfhikmooprtu ......... book of triumph - first source - michael sharp
bfhknoor .. book of honor - name of book at cia that keeps the names of fallen agents recorded and shared,
                    or recorded and kept secretly quiet for fear of past crimes or operations coming to light in a bad way
                    against the United States of America.  See Directive 10/2 : See Plausible Deniability : began in 1948.
bgilooy ... biology
bglmooory .. ombrology - the study of rain.  umbrella comes from this latin word
bglosu .. Globus: the meaning of light by Douglas Webster [Globus is a film about the oceans, the earth, and its denizens including man.
        The description and versatility of this visual poem make it a must for a DVD collection.] restricted link : subscribers only.
bhijnos ..... John J. Bish : Molly Bish's Dad : a stellar man
bhiklmpy . kim philby - a very successful spy, double-agent, triple-agent? : see : aabdehillnoprssuy
biiikn ... bikini - swimsuit name 60's ?
biiknr .. birkin - name of 'purse' that starts at $6,000 up to $85,000. rg20040123a9
biinqru .. burqini . noun : swimsuit that conforms to Islamic dress code, particularly one that covders the entire body, except the face, hands, and feet. Also: burkini. [Blend of burqa and bikini.] Source : : 20080826
bilnorsu . **** ***** ****  female yoga instructor : eugene oregon : name changed to stellar vibrations
bimoprstu ... mobius strip - a continuous one-sided surface that can be formed from a rectangular strip by rotating one end 180 ° and
                            attaching it to the other end. [After August Ferdinand Möbius  (1790-1868), German mathematician]
bimosu .... mobius
bit ...... bit
bitty ..... bitty
bllu ......  bull : used in letter to editor on 20040206 : see agimnors
bmow .... womb - prime letterings

bnort : attack key on one :
bnoru ...... no burn : plagarist who fixed it : web site material : company name : plagarisms undone : no burn rocks
bnorv : no attack key on :

***************starting at C *************************
cccinnooot .. concoction - creation of mixture of many things
cccnoot .... concoct : used in letter to editor on 20040206 : see agimnors
ccdeeeiinrs ....... iridescence
ccdeefhiilnoprssstuvx ... confidential
ccdefhilnos .. end of life choices - new name created to replace 'hemlock society' 20030722 rgA3
ccdehiijknnsu  .... dennis j. kucinich presidential candidate 2003
 ccdehiiknnsu .... dennis kucinich - verify birth name (Very Incomplete)
   ccdehiiknnsu ... congressman dennis kucinich - presidential candidate as of 20030623
cceeeinprs . prescience : noun : Knowledge of actions or events before they occur; foresight.
cceefhlnorty .. the center of the cyclone - book title by john c lilly : see : hijlllnoy
cceeghhiilnorsu...............religious science church ...the harmony in those letters!
cceegilmnruy ........ guy einer mcclure - shot a policeman who then killed him rg 1-21-2003
cceehilrt .. the circle - one line letter perfect anagram letterings sequence : ollpuha
cceehkllrvy ... hervey cleckley - doctor who described the psychopath, they became known as cleckley psychopaths
   names, names, names, ey !
cceeilmrstu .. private name
cceeinnno ..... innocence
ccefhiilmnooostttu ... the institute of ecolonomics : the breathtaking beauty of ecology and economics in harmony.
cceghiklnnnot ....... the connecting link  . an aware newspaper, sometimes it is a magazine format
ccehhilnnorsv .... vonn schleicher - fish and wildlife trooper lane county, 2003 rg20031206b1
ccehiiinnorssty . synchronicities
ccehilrt .... the circle - Lexigram sequenced : You should also look into getting the book The Circle by Laura Day. 
ccehimorrrstw .. white cosmic mirror - a mayan day glyph
cceilmnooos .. ecolonomics ~ recognition of ecology being part of and superior to economics in harmony's creations.
cceiloprs ..... crop circles : dna in signs with Mother Earth so she can know all is well as we all wish her Love.
ccelopsy .. cyclopes - Uranus had intercourse with his mother Gaia and had by her the HECATONCHEIRES,
    the CYCLOPES, and TITANS. But he, they say, hating his offspring, hid some or many of them away in a secret place on earth,
    or as some say, cast them into Tartarus, which is a gloomy place in the Underworld as far from Earth as Earth is from Heaven.
ccfiinorux ....... crucifixion - prime lettering
cchhru ........ church : vision : church ? u  c  u  r  ur  church !!
cchiinnorstyy  ..... synchronicity
cchilso ......... colchis - a location name : see jason
cchilos ........ colchis - see : cdeeefglno
cciimnnoorssttu .. misconstruction : used in letter to editor on 20040206 : see agimnors
ccimos ..  cosmic  I'M MI COSMIC COMIC (SIC) - COSMIC MOI - OMS I OM - OM
cddeeefglnoqssu ... goddess of eloquence ? eulogia? associated with demosthenes death in 322 bc.
cddeeennpt ........ co-dependent - see Verdena's Lexigram - Word
cddefghilnnorrtuu . children of the underground - Children of the Underground, an organization that provides
      assistance to women and children who confirm with their claim to have been abused.  See : acdehijlmnors
cddeeiklorr ........ derrick todd lee - killed at least five women - people 20030609
cddeeilorrwy ..... deirdre crowley - body found 30-AUG-2001

cddeenos ..... endcodes - one oden deed done on one's oden's codes on one : so one see : son one's sone on.
cddeenors ... endcoders - seer see no ends on codes or oden's odes . so seer decodes eros rose
cddeeo .... decode - deed ode
cddeeors .... decoders - seer see code so seer decodes eros' codes
cddeeors .... decoders - seer see eros' codes, so seer see eros' odes
cddeeor .... decoder
cddeeos .... decodes - codes do cede
cddeginnos ... endcodings - ditto
cddeginos .... decodings
cddehhilnoos ... childhood's end - book title by arthur c clarke
cddehnooory ... hydrocodone - prescription painkiller - easily abused still, as of late 2006.
cddehnooou : keys a changings unshown up to cde
cde : key change sublime prime 20061031 placed as code marker of import, after the Essence of Goddess Love was there, just below.
cdeeefghilnossv . "Love is the essence of God." - Emerson (1803-1882) : contains within its letters, golden fleece, and it surely is.
cdeeefglno ... golden fleece : see aagnorstu : key to location in physical/mental
 cdeeefglno ... golden fleece : This golden fleece was the skin of the magic winged ram, sent by the god Hermes to rescue the brother
    and sister Phrixus and Helle from death. The ram carried them over the sea but Helle fell into the water below, thereafter known as the
    Hellespont. Phrixus reached Colchis, in Asia Minor. There he sacrificed the animal and gave it to Aeëtes, the King of that land,
    to thank him for his hospitality. The King of Colchis dedicated the fleece to the god Ares and hung it from a holm-oak, guarded
    by a dragon. : Love is the Essence of Goddess Love : Golden Olden Ode Done
cdeeeginrsstu . curtiss cedegren : killed julie holmquist : see ehijlmoqstu
         Curtiss D. Cedegren shot himsElf in the head when about to be requestioned by police.
             On Aug. 20, 1998, Holmquist's badly decomposed body was found in a pond at a remote gravel pit north of Lancaster.
    Officials made several determinations:
     * By the condition of her clothing, a motive of sexual assault was presumed;
     * Because her roller-blades were still on, it appeared likely that she died fairly soon after the abduction;
     * Because of the remote location where the body was left, it seemed strongly possible that the perpetrator took her to that
         place based on familiarity with the area.  During the press statement, officials also stated that an animal, presumably a bear,
    had disturbed the body.  Source :
cdeeffgilloprtuv . clifford court uptegrove - major criminal/bank robber sentenced to jail 2005
cdeefikkorrstt .. Scott Frederick Kirk :  Body Found 17-JAN-2002
cdeefikrry .. frederick kerry - grandfather of john forbes kerry, father of richard kerry.
                    In fact, for all of his adult life, Richard Kerry lived with the most painful kind of
                         family scar: When he was 6, his immigrant father,
                         Frederick Kerry, had shot himself to death in the men's
                         room of the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, apparently
                         in the wake of reversals in his shoe business. Richard
                         never spoke of the details before his death in 2000, and
                         it is not even clear what he knew about them.
             What is clear is that while John Kerry ''always knew that his grandfather had killed himself,''
                         as his campaign spokesman, David Wade, recently put it, he
                         learned the details only last year, when The Boston
                         Globe presented him with newspaper clippings from
                         1921. about his grandfather's death in a hotel where he
                         himself had held fundraisers and celebrated his
                         birthdays. An investigation by The Globe produced
                         another revelation as well: Frederick Kerry had been
                         born Fritz Kohn in what is now the Czech Republic,
                         and was not Catholic but Jewish.
                         ''I found it kind of provided a picture where there
                         hadn't been one,'' Kerry said, ''sort of gave you
                         something where there was an empty just sort of dark hole.''
         SOURCE : : link is reported as broken
cdeefilnorst ... Ernest Cofield went missing from Florida in 1989 and was located safely in another state in 2003.
cdeegimrt .... midge decter - author of 'rumsfeld - a personal portrait'
cdeegino ... genocide - Genocide is defined as "the systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political,
                        or ethnic group." -
cdeeginnnotv .. genocide convention - 1948
cdeehhiloooossuv .. videoschoolhouse : see cceeilmrstu
cdeehiiiiooopprstt ... photoperiodicities - The response of an organism to changes in its photoperiod, e
      specially as indicated by vital processes.
cdeehillmry .. michelle heldmyer - assistant u.s. attorney in pensacola fla. 
          ^^ See : acdeefgiiklllnrr : frederick gilliland : defrauded investors of $8 million rg20050315d5
cdeehillnorst .... ronelle eichstedt - 10 year young girl murdered by aabddefinprsuv
cdeehjkrstuy .... trudy jeschke - murdered by aabddefinprsuv
cdeehrst .... common letters to cdeehillnorst & cdeehjkrstuy, both killed by aabddefinprsuv
cddeeiinos .. decideions : used in a letter to Martin on 20040225
cdeeiinrst ... iridescent
cdeeilnostu ... nucleotides - the basic chemical components of life - referred to as 'alphabets' by scientists
cdeeimnnrst  ... ... discernment
cdeeimor ............ mediocre

Editor's Note : the subtle trick to feeling any line of your reading anywhere anytime is to slow to one period, and ponder that puppy.

cdeeinopt - deception - one oden tied one note into it to point one to one code to cede not : Odin in one not open to deception.
cdeeinopt - deception point - the second novel by Dan Brown, "Deception Point," involved NASA, a scientific ruse in the
        Arctic and Rachel Sexton, an intelligence analyst with a hairdo "long enough to be sexy, but short enough to remind you
        she was probably smarter than you." JANET MASLIN NY Times, March 17, 2003 : no longer operating.
cdeeno .. encode - one oden do one code done on one on one eon
cdeenor .. encoder
cdeenors ... encoders - seer see code so seer recode one oden ode
cdefilrstuwy .... cyrus west field - man responsible for the laying of the 1st transatlantic cable
cdefinnuy ....... funny cide - race horse 20003
cdeginno ......encoding
cdeginnos .... encodings - encodings - I sing in sign in code in song - dei goes on, gods go on
                                eons on eons, no one goes on on ego on one.  no one.
                                so, does dei die ???
                                no no no : i sign in sign, dei goes on in ones encodings.
cdegnooprty .. troy gordon cope - pilot lost over china in korean war, remains announced found in china on 20050226 -  rg200027
cdehilnr .......... children
cdehiloosuv .. video school house : see cceeilmrstu
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