We are the Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Mothers to be of the children of this nation.
They are our future.
They are our sacred and most precious gift to the world.
We love them.
We stand together, over half the population of this proud nation.

We have been taught that America is a country that is a helper and supporter of freedom and human rights for all the world.
We have been taught that we are 'the Good Guys.'
We have sold ourselves as a compassionate nation.
And we have believed it.

Now it appears that our credibility in this role is sadly shaken for us and the world around us.
Have our leaders betrayed us to think that we are something we are not? We, the people of the United States, stand
    for beautiful ideals of compassion and caring for others, yet we are not living it - in our lives or through our leaders.
It is time for us to re-claim our government from the rule of the corporations and a select few who are not representing
    what we truly stand for.
It is time to awaken to the truth and learn the facts.
It is time to take a look at what is really happening and to raise our voices loud and long to demand that our leaders
    act in accordance with the sacred trust we have placed in them.

As of this Mother's Day, 2004, we have decided to take a stand with them and with all of you.
We will cease to support violence to one another in this world.
We will cease attending or watching films or TV shows with graphic killing or other gratuitous violence in
them and will encourage our children to do the same.
We will cease to purchase toys or games that promote killing or violence for our children.
And we cease sending our children off to fight wars - and we will do whatever we can to avoid doing so.

We speak here to our leaders all over the world, to our corporations and even to the gangs in the streets.
Find another way to settle your differences and meet your needs.
We demand that you work towards cooperation and mutual support in your dealings, rather than competition and domination.
Let us know how we can help you do this!
Know that you will hear from us if you don't!

We demand an end to the terrorist wars on all sides of the fence.
We will no longer support terrorism from our country or anywhere else!
We demand an end to secret experimentations on the citizens of this world!
We demand an end to the rape and pillage of other countries for the benefit of our own.
We demand legislation that will bring an end to dishonesty, secret conspiratory coalitions and
    organizations that devalue human rights and humane and ecological health in favor of their ambitions.
We demand that we change our laws and policies to reflect a respect for all people, all of nature, this planet and the Universe
We, citizens of this world, demand a new way based on loving support and caring for one another.

From this moment forward, in every way, let us treat one another with compassion and create as many 'wins' for everyone as we can.
We shall search, every day in our lives and business to make this our reality.
The importance of profits and the well being of all are both important and can be mutually supportive.

From this moment forward, let Mother's Day be a celebration of Peace in the world.
Let us gather in the parks to proclaim it, to demand it, and to live it!

Peace NOW,
Judith Malin
A Mother


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