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The five parts of this mailing are each powerful healings.
We begin with this question with a grin from an old sage .....

"Do you want to change your life instantly for the better, forevermore, no matter how good your life already is?

Do this:

Gather together all the things you have not used for some time, nor can you foresee you will use.
Gather them together in a pile if at all possible.
The gathering together in their own place for a time is important.

Make it a game with yoursElf to gift these things to others.
Freely, joyfully, wantonly give those things to others.
Gift in ways that help create joy and miracles for others.
Give these exact instructions to each person you gift.

Enjoy the ecstacies of your nowments.

A gift of saints and sages of all times and all ages ...."

"There should be less talk; a preaching point is not a meeting point.
What do you do then? Take a broom and clean someone's house.
That says enough."

--  Mother Teresa, "A Gift for God" - 1975


We share with you, without change, this profound healing tool in an email.
See what a "primitive" tribe knows that American's are missing out on.

Subject: [distanthealing] an aspect of healing
     Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 14:38:09 EDT

Recently I was participating in the Somato Emotional Release seminar for 4 days in Colorado where this valuable story was shared. 

One doctor's work was with a so called "primitive" tribe.
The people were asked who was their doctor or medicine person, they said, no one.
All were responsible for this.
When asked then how the village dealt with sickness, this is what they said
   (and this is from everything from AIDS to cancer to gastric upset and the common cold):

The patient sits in the middle of a circle and the the rest of the village, everyone, forms the circle.

The patient is asked "what has been left unsaid?" and they wait.
Everyone waits patient unttil the person finds the words and says what has been unsaid.
Sometimes they wait for days. And the remarkable thing is that their cure rate is 98%.

This may be a good practice, even to write in your journal or to speak in your prayers, what has been left unsaid in your life.
Say it.  And share this technique with others. Peace - Leslie

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