Subject: 20040830 : Mother Earth has a fever : Growing Hemp in America : The Great Gas Exchange :
             Americans Can Help Her Breathe By Planting Hemp All Over America, As One Nation, Under Love :
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  Date:  Mon, 30 Aug 2004
  From: Good Works On Earth
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 Good Works On Earth's Message of
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*   Mother Earth has a fever ...
*     She is struggling to breathe ...
 ***    We can help her breathe her breaths ...
  *****   In one short growing season ...
   ********   RAW Report : Pentagon Report Tells Bush :
    **************         Climate Change Will Destroy Us
   **********************   What would Pogo do ?
Sweetest Greetings ...

We received some very powerful information and we wish to share it.
The gig seems to be up for those in power who are hiding their agenda's behind false
lame male claims.  False prophets chasing their false profits, these are the corporate prat
praters, the corporate rapers.

The first sharing below is my letter to Fred Burke, in response to what he has sent us ....
The second sharing below is what Fred sent us, un edited by us.
We also share a link to Hugh Down's Research and Writing on Growing Hemp in America.

Below Fred's informational sharing, we go free form on what is happening currently,
and ... this is the most major news Good Works On Earth has shared since we first
released the Name Art of GEORGE WALKER BUSH, showing his rise to power on
his sure ruses with his law beagles and his war eagles, and we showed the healings.
However, because Mr. Bush has chosen to quash others with death, we have released
the decodings of his name to show the demise of this republican clan leader name of
George Walker Bush ... no junior about it.

Bless Fred and thank you for sending this information to us.

Bless George, he can be forgiven for his high crimes against humanity
    which he claimed in the name of false christian prophets and false cash-in profits.

Bless Americans and Goddess Love Blesses America and her planet we call Mother Earth ...

Bless Newer Awarenesses !

Vole !!!

Will I Am sent this email response to Fred on 20040820 :

Spectacular information, Fred, Thank You.
Seems to me, Mother Earth is having a difficult time breathing.
We have nearly decimated her lung materials and processes of exchanging gases,
both in the seas and the trees, clouds too.
How any human can cut down or in any way harm an ancient tree without the tree's
requesting it, is beyond me.

Mother Earth is running a termperature.  You would be too if I held your breath slowly ....
over time ... made it so you can't breathe. Sicker than a dog you will become, this I know,
for the 'police' did this exact thing to me personally in the little itty bitty city of Junction
City when they had an agenda to quash others.  When the doctors arrive to see what
was wrong with me, they had to open all the doors ... I was instantly finding mysElf inhaling
fresh air ... I was coming back to life ... my body felt cool again ... glory be ..
How To Imprison & Slowly Kill People, by I Jail U, in Junction City, Oregon.
Ah me, all that is old, and changed, and an aside to the matters you write of,
the very breath of Mother Earth.

She is alive, and she is breathing, barely ... and so am I for my breath reflects hers.
Her breath reflects mine.  She is our Mother, ey?
 We are in the womb of her airs and waters, ey?
ah ... a plan ... a planet ... a leap ...
A birthing ...
The mother is barely breathing ...
From space, she might appear to be infested with a fungus eating her lung surface,
the trees, for the trees are nearly gone. Think of her plants as a lining material for her
nourishing systems and sources and airs and waters and gases and such.  Feel the miracle
of her breathings ... as a human, I seek to help her breathe her breaths in peace, yes ...
so I too can breathe my breaths and so can the toucans.

In terms of Mother Earth's breath ... the trees of her creating are almost gone it seems.
Yet Her very breath is dependent on her plant materials doing the gas exchanging,
otherwise, she dies and life will recede.
Now there's a sound bite seed if I ever saw one ....

        The Great Gas Exchange
           Mother Earth's Breath
           Mother Earth Breathes
        Americans Plant Her Hemp

Good Works On Earth recommends America planting hemp nationwide as quickly as
possible ... full bore ... all across the nation.  This one doing, in one short season, can
give Mother Earth an inhale of her own clear energies and her weathers will stabilize
with the Love of the human's hearts in the doings .... it will spread world wide the next
season, and Mother Earth will be awash in green energy the likes of which Americans
have never imagined ... and ...the beauty will be beyond description, the weather sublime,
Mother Earth breathing her breaths with us in peace.  Doing this while empowering the
hydrogen web will release us from the spoils of oils.  The air can be clean, world wide.
What laws would prevent such a healing?  America ... are you awakening to the reality
of this planet plan and her plan to leap in awareness in the lights of Love?  It is called
ascension .. and she will not be able to ascend if we choke her to death.

Imagine the single most healthy and fastest growing plant being planted as part of the plan
to give the planet her ability to breathe her inhales quickly again, all the while, cleaning the
airs, healing the dirts, and the products from this plant which dies of its own accord for
our use each season ... there are untold thousands of healthy results, long suppressed
by minions of fear in republican clans and democratic ideas made horribly wrong for the
wrong reasons.  Can you recall the last time we Americans, as a nation, gathered together
to do something for our birthing mother, Mother Earth?

If America can see the wisdom of planting the fastest breathing plant all over her lands
as a collectively agreed upon action to help Mother Earth breathe again ... well ....
Americans can arise to the doings, easily so.

Let these gaseous exchange plants roar to their growths and let us help Mother Earth
breathe freely again.  In helping her in such a way, the gifts she grows for us will clothe us,
feed us, house us, and pamper us in ways hardly imagined.
The abundance will be an economic problem.
There are those who still clamor against this abundance.
Listen to their names, listen to their agenda's they do not speak about but behind their closed doors.

Do our Corporate Executives care about Mother Earth ?
Is this care factored into their equations of money money money and more, more, more?

Are our Corporate Executives Terra Carers ?
See the Star Art of CORPORATE, so you can know when you hear and see them.
You can know by the fruits of their corporations.

Ponder the possibitites with Mother Earth breathing easily again, her airs exchanging
their gases. Her weathers ?  These are the reflections of folks hearts. 'Tis true.

We at Good Works On Earth believe, based on our researches, the hemp plant can
give Mother Earth her breathing capability .... The best of the hemps for commercials
uses will grow almost anywhere and everywhere in America.  Hemp heals the dirt ...
Hemp heals the airs ... it allows Mother Earth to have a huge inhale, quickly.  Hemp
makes the finest cloths and laces, the finest work clothes of grand comfort and long
wear, the finest and healthiest of oils for foods and cookings, and the list goes on and on.
The finest lip balm I have ever used is made in Eugene, Oregon, and it is made from Hemp Oil.

Americans are choking Mother Earth with their gas o line ve hic les, with the very
roads and asphalts and the covering of the earth. The destruction of our forests
nationwide is near complete ... we have cut Mother Earth's prime breathing material,
her forests. For what?  Wood?  Hemp can make the finest wood products this planet
has ever seen, and the trees can continue breathing. Hemp dies for our use each season.
Trees live and breathe for a very very very long time. (Yes, some do die of their own accord.)
Outlawing hemp and destroying trees and polluting the rivers and streams and seas is choking
Mother Earth ...

Hold your breath for ten minutes, Fred ...  check your temperature at about four minutes.
See what you see.  Smile.  Mother Earth's breath is being decimated with our logging our
forests and driving our poisonous cars and such things ... Mother Earth is not being helped
by us, and it is as if She is being forced to suspend her breath while we kill her planet's plants.
Mother Earth has a planet leap plan ... and because she cannot easily create in her planet
leap plan with us aboard if she cannot breathe, she may have to shake a few billion of us off
of her so she can restore her own breathing processes. This is our choice, and it must be said,
Mother Earth has been very patient with us.

We can change ... we do not have to continue following bad laws that are killing our Mother.
We can change ... we do not have to continue Jesuit Justice 'Rule of Law."
This Christian Legal Sect voted themsElves, and their systems of law, as the purveyor of
violence unto themsElves. This 'legal system' America is using is Jesuit Justice ... not healings.
"Jesuit Justice' metes out punishments, not healings, nor forgiveness, nor does it allow a one
who has done wrong to do honest amends.

No amnesty doth this justice of the jesuits's ictus ever offer us.
No forgiveness nor clean slate does this christian justice sect in black robes ever offer.
Their minions of fear follow daddy's laws and daddy's decisions of times long gone, and they wonder upon their own failings not.

In the meantime, while the top christian attorney in the nation suffocates families of Love
over marijuana usage, our Mother Planet is dying ....  she is holding on, but .. we are doing
nothing as a group of fungus to change our ways and help her.

She is waiting for us .. we humans ... to awaken to her breath, to her heart, to her arts ....
her trees, her bees, her very breathings .... which we humans seem intent on choking in
every way, obliviously so.  If we do not awaken and begin helping her, she will begin to do
her awesome shakings.  We are seeing her weathers grow ferocious evermoreso it seems.
The weather records are being broken ongoingly so.

Plant Hemp ? You say ?
ah .. the media idea aimed in 1937 to outlaw one of the finest and most productive plants
in the world, a plant that was 'competing' with OIL and COTTON, and FERTILIZER and
pHARMaceutical interests.  How the media aimed their idea, is how the hearts echo the
thoughts thought and images imaged. The corporate folks of yesteryear who caused the
outlawings of nature's most useful and most healing plant .... They are long gone ...
yet the belief system is maintained by piss ant media with no guts and so no glory.
If Mother Earth cannot breathe ... and every hemp grower knows, when real hemp is planted, it GROWS.
If Mother Earth cannot breathe, she will shake hersElf to awakening and rearrange her
surface to bring new seeds to the surface and bury the bad seeds destroying her surface
at the same time.

If we continue choking Mother Earth's breath ...
Her airs and gases will not flow, the circle will be broken, the flowings of her motions
in her airs and seas will cease.

As light issues from the dark, Life issues from the breathings ....
Abortion point settled, Star Arts confirm it, it is life with the first breath of airs.

We are aborting Mother Earth with our continued suffocation of her breath.
Hemp can heal this matter.
Hemp is one of Mother Earth's most proficient breathing plants, it will help her breathe,
enormously so. Hemp's cleaning of the airs and the dirts will begin the healings of Americans,
for they will see the power of this plant to heal. A plan ... Hemp all over America, in every
nook and cranny where it will grow, it will heal the dirt, it will heal the airs, it will heal us.
And ... yes, of course, the ceasings of the small partical emitters such as cars will be
ceasing soonly, soon as we awaken.
No one with a brain will turn on a car engine and run the exhaust into their home.
Yet, every person driving a gas o line pow ered car/truck/vehicle is doing just that.
Walk along a busy highway and try to breathe ... walk along a busy residential street ...
You will swear most folks need a tune up very badly, for you will be breathing their poisons.
A gas o line engine tune up is not going to solve the poisons emitted from such engines.

Bush chose RAW WAR for oils spoils ...
He could have had a functioning Hydrogem Web for the money/green energy of
Americans that he has spent on his oils spoils.
Over 200 billion dollars and growing and nearly 1,000 American lives ... dead kin.
If we knew the accurate numbers of
injuries and Iraqi civilians killed, we would see the depth of the depravity in these things,
but these true numbers are not
easily known.

In our view, Mr. Bush is Criminal, with a capital ism's C hidden in Jesuit Justice,
the purveyor of state violence.

I SPIT AT CAPITALISM'S AILS as it is a spatial spat ~ it's a spatial pit - it's a Capital Pit.

Read Hugh Downs On Hemp, Fred ... the link is below.
He knew.
Yet, the media still aims their ideas in madness as if it doesn't matter.
What a holodeck of mad ideas aimed in a media.

The media can change this .... easily so.
ah ... so few owners ... with agendas ....

Well, Love is the Source of it all.
Bar none, so .... we shall see ...

Bless Mother Earth's Breaths,
Bless Fred,
Bless USA
Bless Nations
Bless Us All
We Are One

Will I AM
The Star Art shows the relationship.  ^^

Hugh Downs On Hemp

Now the Pentagon Tells Bush :
Climate Change Will Destroy Us

Fred Burks wrote:

--Dear friends, Below is Issue #27 of the Sierra Club's action alert list called RAW. This revealing email presents important information on how the government is suppressing an important global warming report that was written at the behest of the Department of Defense. The article gives reliable links for verification of this important news. A second article from The Guardian (England's most respected liberal newspaper) discusses an extensive study suggesting that the past 20 years is clearly the hottest period in the last 2,000 years. Please help spread the word and have a good day. With very best wishes,Fred

ISSUE #27, February 23, 2004
What Would Pogo Do?

The Bush administration is going to have a tough time "fuzzying" the science on this one. Over the last three years, the administration has made every effort, through both words and deeds, to ignore and undermine the science behind global warming. It has ridiculed study after study and testimonial after testimonial as insufficient, incomplete, inconclusive, biased, or worse. Now, however, the administration's in a bit of a pickle. How do you discredit the source when the source is YOU?

The Pentagon now finds itself in this most awkward of circumstances. Sunday's Observer (of England) reported that according to a new study administered by the United States Department of Defense, "Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters." The Observer article (,12374,1153530,00.html), which calls its source a "secret report, suppressed by defense chiefs and obtained by the Observer," quotes the study as recommending that climate change "should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a US national security concern." Now, this is where it gets even spookier: The lead authors of this report, according to the Observer, are "Peter Schwartz, CIA consultant and former head of planning at Royal Dutch/Shell Group, and Doug Randall of the California-based Global Business Network;" not your typical environmentalists.

This all seems like an episode of "The Twilight Zone," so we at RAW were rather skeptical ourselves. Then we found corroborating sources, such as this Fortune magazine article from January 26th, entitled "The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare," which makes similar claims. See,15935,582584,00.html Here is how, according to Fortune magazine, a scenario considered quite plausible by 2020 would affect national security: "Megadroughts afflict the U.S., especially in the southern states, along with winds that are 15% stronger on average than they are now, causing widespread dust storms and soil loss. The U.S. is better positioned to cope than most nations, however, thanks to its diverse growing climates, wealth, technology, and abundant resources. That has a downside, though: It magnifies the haves-vs.-have-nots gap and fosters bellicose finger-pointing at America."

The urgency conveyed by the Pentagon rivals even the most outspoken environmental organizations. According to both Fortune and The Observer, this study was ordered by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and overseen by senior Pentagon advisor Andrew Marshall, known as "Yoda" within the Defense Department due to his decades of experience and respected wisdom.

We at RAW don't know what to say. Apparently, though, neither does the Bush administration, which has made no official comment since this report was completed in late 2003. Whenever the administration does decide to go public with these findings, however, we'd be happy to help them with talking points.

* * * * *
For those who want to help, the most important thing you can do is spread the word because the cold, hard truth is that most Americans simply don't know the extent of the Bush Administration's unprecedented assault on the environment. RAW encourages the following course of action: 1) stay informed; 2) forward RAW to others; 3) tell your friends and neighbors what's happening; 4) write letters to the editor of your newspapers -- (maybe mention that "there's a better way" and 5) join the Sierra Club's Take Action Network (link:

* * * * *
RAW is the Sierra Club's twice weekly email update to further equip you in the ongoing effort to educate and inform others about the Bush administration's assault on our environment. We need your help to get this message out to the rest of America--please forward this email and encourage your friends, family members, and coworkers to subscribe.

To subscribe/unsubscribe to RAW go to

Here is the second article:,12374,1032984,00.html
Not just warmer: it's the hottest for 2,000 years
Widest study yet backs fears over carbon dioxideIan Sample, science correspondentSeptember 1, 2003The Guardian
The earth is warmer now than it has been at any time in the past 2,000 years, the most comprehensive study of climatic history has revealed.

Confirming the worst fears of environmental scientists, the newly published findings are a blow to skeptics who maintain that global warming is part of the natural climatic cycle rather than a consequence of human industrial activity.

Prof Philip Jones, a director of the University of East Anglia's climatic research unit and one of the authors of the research, said: "You can't explain this rapid warming of the late 20th century in any other way. It's a response to a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."

The study reinforces recent conclusions published by the UN's intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC). Scientists on the panel looked at temperature data from up to 1,000 years ago and found that the late 20th century was the warmest period on record.

But the IPCC's report was dismissed by some quarters in the scientific community who claimed that while the planet is undoubtedly warming, it was warmer still more than a thousand years ago. So warm, in fact, that it had spurred the Vikings to set up base in Greenland and led to northern Britain being filled with productive vineyards.

To discover whether there was any truth in the claims, Prof Jones teamed up with Prof Michael Mann, a climate expert at the University of Virginia, and set about reconstructing the world's climate over the past 2,000 years.

Direct measurements of the earth's temperature do not exist from such a long time ago, so the scientists had to rely on other indicators of how warm - or not - the planet was throughout the past two millennia.

To find the answer, the scientists looked at tree trunks, which keep a record of the local climate: the rings spreading out from the centre grow to different thicknesses according to the climate a tree grows in. The scientists looked at sections taken from trees that had lived for hundreds and even thousands of years from different regions and used them to piece together a picture of the planet's climatic history.

The scientists also studied cores of ice drilled from the icy stretches of Greenland and Antarctica. As the ice forms, sometimes over hundreds of thousands of years, it traps air, which holds vital clues to the local climate at the time.

"Drill down far enough and you could use the ice to look at the climate hundreds of thousands of years ago, but we just used the first thousand metres," said Prof Jones.

The scientists found that while there was not enough good data to work out what the climate had been like in the southern hemisphere over that period, they could get a good idea of how warm the northern hemisphere had been.
"What we found was that at no point during those two millennia had it been any warmer than it is now. From 1980 onwards is clearly the warmest period of the last 2,000 years," said Prof Jones.

Some regions may well have been fairly warm, especially during the medieval period, but on average, the planet was a cooler place, the study found.

Looking back over a succession of earlier centuries, the temperature fluctuated slightly, becoming slightly warmer or cooler by 0.2C in each century. The temperature has increased by at least that amount in the past 20 or so years, the scientists report in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

"It just shows how dramatic the warming has been in recent years," said Prof Jones.Special report: Climate change,12374,782494,00.html

Explore these empowering websites coordinated by Fred: - Every person in the world has a heart - Revealing major cover-ups & working together for a better world - Building a Global Community for All - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all
Together, we are creating a new paradigm of love and cooperation on Earth
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American's can plant hemp.

What idiot will stand up and prevent it ?

We know of one local District Attorney who surveyed the people of the city and asked them directly what crimes
should be strictly dealt with and what crimes should be lessened in importance and law enforcement activity.

You guessed it ... the THC active Marijuana possession and growing for personal use went to the bottom, lowest priority.
The manufacture and distribution and use of methamphetamine and other such violently dangerous chemical concoctions
remained high on the list, as did thievery, which for the most part is caused by the chemical drugs.

What then of the benign qualities of the hemp grown, the hemp with NO THC, the reason for the 'outlaw' so long ago ?
That wasn't the only reason, folks ... oils spoils folks wanted hemp gone so hemp's clean oils would not replace gas o line.
Cotton folks want hemp gone as it was far superior to cotton, easier on the lands, too ... and that didn't please the
petrochemical and fertilizer folks .. they can't sell a hemp farmer pesticides and such, because the plant does not
need them to do its growing and healing magics.

When a man's law causes Mother Earth to not be able to breathe, the man's law is itself
criminal and is to be violated with impunity.
When a man's law causes Mother Earth's lung material to be destroyed, the man's law is
invalid and is to be stricken from the book of man's stupid laws.  Logger's, note bene.
The Star Art of FOREST
The Star Art of BREATHES

One last note ... do an experiment ... direct the exhaust of your gas o line pow err ed car
or truck or vehicle into your home.  You can also use your gasoline powered leave blowers,
the ultimate lazy, the weed whacker, the lawn mower, you name it ...
Your motorcycle, your snow mobile, your ski mobile, your plane ...
Direct the exhaust to where you will be breathing, your garage, your hangar, your lock up.
Breathe for a while.
See what you think.
Please have medical personal on hand with oxygen available to revive you should
you breathe this poison too long.

Every person piloting a vehicle powered with Mother Earth's underground liquids man
has named oil, is doing just that.
Every person turning on a small particle emission motor is poisoning Mother Earth's airs,
dirts and waters.  Plants too, as we now well know.
Prozac in our sewer waters, then into our rivers, now into our fish ....
Complex chemical creations in our orcas from the salmon they eat, who are contaminated.
Our salmon grow weak and weary.
Our lands chemicalized.

This is not the America we envision, nor does it have to be this way.
Plant seeds, America.
Plant seeds of peace, America.
Plant life bearing plants, and plans, America.

Replace the poison bush with its poison fruits.
Nurture the trees ...

Breathe Easy America ....
Blessings Be America ....
Peace Be

Will I Am
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation performing its namesake

the movie that went
from home video rental
to theatres ... an un-
heard of event ..
the name ...
Look for it : no longer active
See how a mad media aimed a mad idea.

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Mother Earth is struggling to breathe.
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She is not in peace, hersElf, and she struggles mightily to breathe.
We can help her by planting hemp all over America, and the world.
This will also sustain the forests, and give us over 400,000 new products.
Organic Hemp Heals America
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