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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and
 the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors
 the servant and has forgotten the gift."
                                   --  Albert Einstein

With my thank yous to Jacques Frija of Le Monde,
 France ... I have restoried his words quite a wee bit below.

Pascal said that all of man's troubles are because
 he cannot sit still in peace in a room in ease.

Jacques Frija asked us to sit in oneness for five minutes,
aware of each other in peace.

'Tis still a difficult thing for most to be able to be still and
 to be with sElf in peace, destroying nothing, harming nothing.
Many cannot do it as yet.
Many still do not know the value of doing such a thing.
Many still chase the greeds and the rapes and the instant

We at Good Works On Earth invite you to experience
 the healings in this simple easing of a global dis ease ....
 the inability to be still and know thou art of Love.

The games begin at High Noon, Paris, France on the
 date most globally known as September 15, 2003.
Your time where you are is in relation to this time.
If you are in Los Angeles, set your alarm for 3 am.
Awaken and feel the silences being created upon
Mother Earth with the others, unseen across the globe.
To find your time, no matter where you are, in relation
 to Paris .. use the Time Clock link below.

These un doings begin with utter stillnesses .... and last five minutes.
Five minutes in silence ... beginning noon, Paris time.
All lights will go off, all motors that can will come to rest ..
 those that cannot ... Why not?  Are we not capable of
 honoring the stillness with our own in every way?
 Can we not shut down our systems and simply be,
 in peace for a time? Nature will call out to us with
 such joys ... our airs will flow or be still, as they wish,
 so the winds too can hear the silences of the humans.

Transportation vehicles not on printed schedules will
 stop ... by agreements aforehand all passengers will
 step outside their vehicles, drivers too, car set to brake.

Televisions will already be off, monitors, cameras,
 securities, these things will remain off as well, one day
 though perhaps not this day.  The stillness is more than
 most can bear ... for the peace is profound with the knowings
 we are far more priceless than any securities ever printed and
 in the stillnesses, anything moving sticks out like a warped
 lightning rod in the deep night.  Ponder the miracle in the
 quiet ... breathe a breath, and be aware of this ongoing fact.

Observe the children with Love.  Ponder the miracle of
 yOur sElves as human ... every breath .... every word spoken.

Ponder the exhausts of our vehicles of internal
 combustions are indeed suffocating us, and our children
 and our plants we eat, and our trees, and oceans,
 and our soaring eagles.  Their exhausts are poison.
 Would you run your exhaust of your vehicle through
 a hose, into your home?  Ponder this well, for
 Mother Earth is our home.

Breathe easy for five minutes in silence ... all motors off.
Become the still silent observer ... if you see others
 not playing this awakening game, do not judge, do
 not demand of another.  Simply share.

 " I want no more than to speak simply, to be granted
 that grace.  Because we've loaded even our songs
 with so much music that they're slowly sinking.  And
 we've decorated our art so much that it's features
 have been eaten away by gold.   And it's time to
 say our few words because tomorrow our soul sets sail. "
George Seferis : Greek poet, essayist, and diplomat
An Old Man of the River Bank, 1942

Honor in your heart of hearts the less than three thousand
 folks who perished in the many crashed planes and
 felled buildings in America on nine eleven two thousand one
 at the hands of the unLoving.  These folks are now our babies ...
 look into the eyes of the children ... you will see wise souls returned.

Honor in your heart of hearts the more than fifteen thousand
 folks who perished in the weathers of France, and  ....
 folks who perished elsewhere in the heat waves so hot.
These folks are now our babies, world wiser ..... look
 into the eyes of the children, hear their words clearly ...
 you will see wiser souls returned.

Honor the untold thousand of Iraqi's killed by Saddam
Hussein and so too, by America's and Britain's falsely
 claimed war against this nation's dictator.  Realize full
 well the CIA was the one that helped create this fellow
 so impervious to the violences he meted out.  Not
 all is as it seems to be as projected by our media.
We made Saddam, we used Saddam, we turned
 on Saddam, now we think we have destroyed him.
Or do we?

The man in the Oval Office should be calling America,
 and so the world, to a higher calling than biblical
 destructions and cowboy witticisms not fit for a man
 to speak in gentle company.  Send Love to this man,
 for he surely is not sending it to the world, instead
 he metes out death with his every decision.  He
 did it in Texas too.  Forgive him.  Imagine he wakes.
My question is ... does he wake up to his datstardly
 ways and change his ways ... or does he continue
 with his epic lies as a Republican's hangdog?
 hangdog - adjective : 1. Shamefaced or guilty.
  2. Downcast; intimidated.
 hangdog - noun : 1. A sneaky or despicable person

Honor the miracles we are and Mother Earth too, for
 all that we use comes from her sources.  Her trees
 will know you have sat or stood or walked in the
 stillness in peace ... for trees hear and trees see
 and while they honor us deeply as humans,
 we honored them not as we allowed loggers
 and money changers to kill them for their
 cash and checks and lifestyles so
 rapaciously high and mighty
 and so deathly to the trees,
 to the birds and the bees,
 to the owls and the voles,
 to the viruses and waters too ....
 for these destructions have caused
 the devastation of many living creatures homes,
 forcing them to find new homes however possible,
 upon the animals, and from there to humans.
Restoring the forests restores the health of
 Mother Earth, her humans, and all creatures.

I walk the streets of my little town and I can
 barely breathe .. the fumes of vehicles being
 spewed while the car or truck speeds up light
 to light, the brakes being used to stop so hard,
 their oils dripping. their heat created on hot days
 sometimes so close as to be overwhelming.
Their fumes are like rivers of putrid air, crossing a street
 is poisonous to the lungs ... yet the drivers drive
 so unseeingly, so unfeelingly, so unbreathingly,
 they care not for their wastes in the airs, nor their
 trashings in their doings from the creatings of the
 dragons of the armageddon's of steel they drive,
 deathful airs in their wakes, oils in our airs and
 our grounds and our waters, deaths on our door.

Can you, if you are one of these ... see this?
Can you, if you have been one of these, be still ...
 and know that thou art that, all about you as you
 create it?

What are you creating?  Is the work you do helping
 to heal Mother Earth and her humans?  Or ... do you
 empower work that is dis harmonious with nature?
Can you turn it all off, and be okay about it?

Before the silence begins at high noon 20030915
 I wish to share with you the fact that the navies of
 the world are ceasing their high power soundings
 into the oceans ... they have come to honor the
 fact that their blastings in the soundings and
 explodings in the oceans is indeed killing the
 most sacred breathing beings of nature upon Mother Earth.

The Whales and Dolphins are thankful for this.
This is good news, though hardly shared in our media.

See if you can go real still, and real silent, and hear the whales
 from wherever you are ... their soundings ring mother earth's
 entire presence .... can you feel or hear them?

Honor the elders, for they have seen much.
Honor the babies, for they have seen and
 remember much more than you might think.
Honor the creatures of the sea, for their life breathes ours.
Honor the creatures of the lands, for their presence is ours.
Honor the trees, for creatures all need homes to be.
Grow hemp ... it restores the very health of the lands,
Grow hemp ... it grows naturally and dies naturally, for our uses.
Grow hemp ... it creates over 400,000 products in organic balance,
 including pollutionless oils and indestructible fenders.
To say nothing of the finest laces that ever adorned a woman.
To say nothing of the toughest natural work clothes ever to adorn a human.
It is a High Crime against Mother Earth to cut her trees for money.
It is a High Crime against Mother Earth to outlaw the hemp plant.
These are also high crimes against humans ... for her trees are
the solar library, the solar memory of Mother Earth and her
hemp is to be cut and harvested, not her ongoing breathing
living trees.  Hemp dies naturally for our use.  Trees do not.

These writings are a heads up on solar healings
 upon Mother Earth in the silences.  If you have any
 questions regarding this material. Please see :

The original writing of Jacques Frija is here:

5 Minutes in Silence ...
 France Time : 12 Noon : Monday : September Fifteen
 Washington, DC Time : 5 am : Monday : September 15
 Los Angeles Time : 3 am : Monday : September 15

To easily find your time at high noon in France, we invite
 you to find your accurate time compared to any place in
 the world at :

Are there weaponeers still in your midst?
Are your highest paid neighbors being paid
 the big bucks to make the nukes and such?
Share this with those you know are still this day
 paying for or being paid to create weapons for and
 as the pawns of fear :

Good Works On Earth is going dark on
 September 15th, 2003. Our Home Page
 will be showing essentially the stars,
 the moon and the earth, and a few
 galaxies here and there.  It will
 all still be there, though dark.

Visit us ... see what you see ....

Blessings Be,

Will I AM
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation performing our namesake

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