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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

A fairly new word is upon us .... the word is ENLIBRA.

enlibra  (en.LEE.bruh) noun : also, Enlibra
The bringing of something into balance,
 particularly an environmental issue.

The story of the creation of this word from the authors
 of the word,  and its further explanations are at this link on our site :

"God is slow, and the wisdom of revelation is slow.
Good things are given in this way, and you know this.
The ancients knew it, too, and the wisest societies on
Earth still honor the process of things that take time."
                           -- Lee Carroll - Channeling the Kryon

Boise Cascade announced it will no longer be
 harvesting old growth trees, nor will it purchase
 wood from any company that continues to do so.
It will only purchase wood from Certified Forests.

What is the definition of Certified Forests?
The following definitions are from this site:

What is forest certification?
Forest certification is a means of protecting forests by
 promoting environmentally responsible forestry
 practices. Forests are evaluated according to
 international standards and certified as well
 managed by a qualified independent auditor
 (or certifier). Wood or wood products from those
 forests are then labeled so that consumers can
 identify them.

What is the definition of a well-managed forest?
A well-managed forest satisfies standards of
 environmentally, socially and economically sound
 management. These standards ensure the long-term
 health and productivity of forests for timber production,
 wildlife habitat and water quality protection while also
 providing social benefits such as lasting community employment.

How can I find suppliers of certified wood products?

For a list of certified forest products suppliers, see the
 Certified Forest Products Council web site. Certified
 products are not always readily available, but
 consumers can help increase the supply in the future
 by expressing a clear preference for purchasing
 products that are certified according to FSC standards. j
that link now leads you here :

Please also see the Rainforest Action Network web site:

In honor of the Five Minutes In Silence at one time
upon Mother Earth, Good Works On Earth will be
going silent for twenty four hours so as to hold the
silence for one turn of Mother Earth.

Our Home Page will go quite dark ... stars all about.
We invite you to visit our Home Page on September Fifteen.
See what you see ....

Awakening Hearts - Healing A Nation
   Environmental Harmony Is A Key

Do you doubt the corruption and rape in the system?
Please see :
Then, ask your congressional representatives to
 investigate the costs of these pHARMaceutical harms
 being done to our brightest children who cannot
 and will not sit still for the bogus education we give
 them in our locos schools based on psychology
 programming and corporate wage slave mentality.
This system trains minds to lust after jobs of prestige
 and profits to self, no matter the cost to our brothers
 and sisters who cannot or do not win in the profit game.
Don't let your school drug your child to oblivion.

LEVITRA : a new name for a new 'wonder drug'
LEVITRA : a story of a name creation to create profit

If you say the word, Viagra, you are very close to vagina.
Think the folks who named the drug, Viagra, did not
INTEND this nearness in thought, word and deed?
These folks spend a lot of money to create 'hot' names.

Now say the word, LEVITRA
Imagine, if you will, the pHARMaceutical
 marketing folks sitting around the table, three of them.
 They are tasked with the job of creating a word for a
 'newly' patented 'miracle' in a drug ... a drug that makes
 your penis, if you have one, erect.

These three folks want to embody their three main
 ideals into the word ... people to buy it, money to be
 made, themsElves on easy street for being so clever
 in their nameings and creations of the new power on the
 drug market, in the doctor's offices, and in the media as
 they choose to market it .... drug commercials all about.

What are the three things they want, again ?
A varlet to purchase it.
A top dollar income in their retailings.
Easy street travel for the makers and marketers.

What's a VARLET ?  The definition :
var;let  ( VAR' lit ) noun
1. An attendant or a servant.
2. A knight's page.
3. A rascal; a knave, an unprincipled, crafty fellow.
[Middle English from Old French variant of vaslet]

VARLET is from within the letters of LEVITRA.
RETAIL is from within the letters of LEVITRA.
TRAVEL is from within the letters of LEVITRA.

These folks chose three words as their guiding light
 in the healings they profess in their marketings .....

A knave to purchase it ...
A retail system to sell it ....
Travel is included in all their doings ... that's their perk.
Lots of money so they can travel to their heart's content
 on the millions this drug is intended to vacuum in from
 the knaves and rascals, as the authors of this word see it.


AEILRT      these are the letters spelling RETAIL
AE LRTV   these are the letters spelling TRAVEL
AE LRTV   these are the letters spelling VARLET

Take one of each letter used in spelling out the
 three highest goals of this group ...  and voila ....
  you have this prime letterings sequence AEILRTV.
Prime, meaning, it spells no other word in English :

AEILRTV ... one of each letter from the below list.
AEILRT ...........RETAIL

AEILRTV these letters together previously spelled
 no single word in the English language.
LEVITRA -  now it is a patented product's unique
 name word for a new 'wonder drug.'

Good Works On Earth lays claim to the copyright of the
 prime letterings sequence of AEILRTV.  No where else
 has this letterings sequence been recorded as being
 of any meaning or value whatsoever ... it is now
 placed into the Book of Names, explaining Levitra.

When you do well in retail, you can have a  varlet travel
 with you, paid for by the fools and knaves who know
 Love not, and who instead, run to doctors for their
 physical health and erections, all the while, abusing
 the body health with fast food and chemical drinks
 called soft drinks and hard alcohol.  Nothing soft
 about soft drinks and yes, hard alcohol is very
 hard on your body.  The pickling process is
 slow but sure.

Yoga and breathing can do more to enlarge your
 awareness and engage your physical in blissful
 doings all, naturally and pHARMaceutical free.

Do you use drugs?
Legal drugs are profit machines, now being closed off
 to Canada because they supplied Americans cheaper
 than the pHARMaceuticals were willing to do!!!!
 This was pure and simple corporate rape, folks.
Illegal drugs are profit machines.
Same group telling you which is which.
Same group telling congress what to do.
Same group patenting the beelzebug out of natural
 healing agents for profit.
Same group created laws through their minions in
 Congress to illegalize drugs.
pHARMaceuticals ... these folks change corporate
 names now faster than they can create new drugs
 with new names.

Be a knave. Buy an erection. Get Levitra today.
A lame ideal from your lame claim medical male.

Or ... be a gentle man and Love the woman
 who agrees to be with you in intimate ways.
Learn Tantra.  Breathe together, wonders will arise.

Quote Quiz : Who said it and where?

"There is not even a clear and coherent idea about
 what energy will power the billions of motorized vehicles,
 which inundate the cities and highways of rich countries
 and even of many Third World countries. This is the
 ultimate expression of a completely irrational way
 of life and consumption that will never be useful as
 a model for the 10 billion people who will supposedly
 inhabit the Earth when the fateful petroleum era is over."
This quote was spoken by who on September 1, 2003?
The answer will be shared in our next message.

This just in from Peter Gersten : UFO Attorney


The war-makers who decided to incorporate lethal
 nuclear waste into much of the Pentagon's weaponry
 as well as the authorities responsible for their current
 use should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.
 No "ifs," "ands," or "buts."
"Depleted Uranium munitions are classified by a
 United Nations resolution as illegal weapons of
 mass destruction. Their use breaches all international
 laws, treaties and conventions forbidding poisoned
weapons calculated to cause unnecessary suffering." : no longer exists

For more information on Mr. Bush's High Crimes,
please see our message of June 23, 2003 :

"Rather than admitting the shortcomings of his failed
policy and plotting a course to get us out of Iraq,
George Bush used the speech to the nation to
repeat his lies in the hopes that people will believe
them if said often enough. There was no mention of
Weapons of Mass Destruction, Bush continued to
equate Iraq with al-Qaeda terrorists even though
there's no factual basis for the charge, and then he
asked us for another $87 BILLION to bail him out.
How much is $87 billion?
For that amount of money, America could:
Solve the school budget crisis in every one of our communities,
Provide health insurance for every uninsured American child for 15 years,
Provide food for all 6 million of the children who die
from hunger around the world for 7 years.
A day of protest is being planned for October 25 in
Washington D.C. and Los Angeles and places in between."
 For information about these events, go to:
 Ben Cohen
 Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Know any Harry Potter Lover's?
Tell them the newly registered titles of forthcoming works:

From : The Publisher's Lunch - More Potter Title Candidates:
The Sun in London has discovered two Harry Potter
 titles registered as trademarks by a company related
 to British attorneys for Warner Bros., though you may
 remember that multiple titles were registered years
 ago when the name of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
 was still being kept under wraps.
In any case, the new registrations are for
Harry Potter and The Mudblood Revolt and
Harry Potter and The Quest of The Centaur.
Newswire item
Blessings Be,

Will I AM
Executive Director
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Happy Valentine's Day

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