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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

A very wise healer of the radioactive knowledges
in France has written a letter calling for oneness in silence
for five minutes .... Pascal said that all of man's trouble are
because he cannot sit still in a room, in peace.  'Tis still fact.
We invite you to experience the healings to this simple easing
of a dis ease .... from the good doctor himsElf .....

Five Minutes of Silence
By : Jacques Frija
Le Monde, France

Five minutes of silence in France at noon Monday September 15.

Everyone will stop work.
Cars will stop.
Their passengers will get out.
France will gather its thoughts.

If other countries want to join us, they will show
their solidarity as we did for the somewhat less
than 3000 dead of the World Trade Center.

Five minutes for the thousands of deaths in France.

Five minutes for the dead in other countries attacked
by the heat wave.

Five minutes for the old, the physically handicapped,
the weakened sick people who died, or who survived,
further weakened by the heat so that no one knows
whether they will be able to survive this shock.

Five minutes for all those who took care of them and
also suffered the heat.

While there were no child deaths due to dehydration
because mothers and fathers received a health
education to avoid such a slaughter, five minutes
to understand why our parents, who gave us life,
died in solitude, the family absent or distant during
the vacation, in the indifference and anonymity of
the city, with its paradox of distance in the very
nearness of neighbors, the weakening of our
physical contacts in a universe of omni-directional

Five minutes in the schools to open an instructive
discussion about solidarity.

Five minutes to reflect on the patching up of our
unraveled social fabric.

Five minutes so that torn up families don't forget
life's duty.

Five minutes to prevent this drama ever repeating itself.
The health risk of a heat wave, now having been identified
by everyone, we must, as though for children effect a
preventative, solidary health education.

Five minutes to think that France may be exposed to
other totally unexpected climactic risks like the storm
of 1999 and this year's heat wave and to anticipate
new emergency plans.

Five minutes to start thinking about the improvement
of the responsiveness of our alert systems, with no
mixing up of risks: ozone pollution in place of the heat wave.

How many deaths were due to ozone and to heat?

Five minutes to consider that our population is aging
and that apart from the handicapped and the ill, our
social solidarity is a political emergency that demands
an action plan to counter this collapse of humanity.

The demography of the aged, the handicapped, the ill
is known and it's a national duty, beyond any political
divisions, to open our eyes to the present situation
and plan for the future before it overtakes us as it just

Five minutes to remember that we will all age together
and that it's a duty to prepare for the old age of our population.

Five minutes to say to ourselves, "Never again!"
Professor Jacques Frija is the Head of Radiology at the Saint-Louis
Hospital (Paris)
Translation: Truthout French language correspondent Leslie Thatcher.
The above writing is dated
 Tuesday 26 August 2003
 by Jacques Frija

This call to silence is a heads up on solar healings upon
Mother Earth in those silences.
Please see
 if you have any questions regarding this material.

Resenders : Firestorm this puppy up to plasmatic please.

5 Minutes in Silence ...
Start Point : September 15, 2003 High Noon in France
 France Time : 12 Noon : Monday : September Fifteen
 Washington, DC Time : 5 am : Monday : September 15
 Los Angeles Time : 3 am : Monday : September 15
To easily find your time at high noon in France, we invite
 you to find your accurate time compared to any place in
 the world at :

Our comments on BELIEF are below the following information
regarding France's heatwave deaths.  Because of the late
date we share this, the actual numbers of people involved may be higher.

Heatwave Kills 12,000
By Kim Housego
The Age

Sunday 24 August 2003

Europe's relentless heatwave has officially killed 2000 people in
countries outside France but in France, the record temperatures are thought
to have killed about 10,000 people, officials say.

Italy, which previously refused to release figures, has now agreed to
investigate its toll, bowing to a public outcry over increased deaths.

The Associated Press compiled death tolls and estimates in 18 countries.
The highest official estimates come from Portugal, with 1300 deaths, and the
Netherlands, with 500 to 1000.

In Italy, city authorities reported unusually large numbers of deaths in
August compared with last year. But Europe is divided over how to go about
the politically sensitive task of tallying heat deaths, with some health
officials dismissive of France's 10,000-victim estimate.

The French compared mortality rates this summer to last and attributed the
difference to the heat. Some believe that if the same simple method is
applied in Spain and Italy, their death tolls will soar.

The Italian health ministry previously insisted it was virtually
impossible to establish a clear link between deaths and high temperatures.
But yesterday it promised an investigation, under pressure from advocacy
groups shocked by media reports that said death rates rose dramatically
early this month.

link no longer working :

On Aug. 27 at 5:51 a.m. ET (1051 GMT)
Mars was less than 34.65 million miles
(55.76 million kilometers) away --
closer than it's been in 59,619 years.
The show continues as Mars remains bright
through September.

At that time, the Tahitian Islands were the closest point
on Mother Earth facing Mar's closest point.
Sweet kiss, indeed.

Have you read this yet?

And finally, there is now a child in Iraq named,
George Bush El-Hussein.  The child was born on
July 11th, 2003 in Iraq and the parents named their
child after George Bush because George liberated
their country from Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti.

The child's full name is :
George Bush Abdul Kader Faris Abed El-Hussein.

George Bush El-Hussein

We invite you to read our Congressman's response
 to America's continuing unclear nuclear epic cleanup
 in their wanting to now create 'mini' nuclear weapons
 of mass destruction :  America is the only nation to
 have used Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.
We used Napalm and we used radioactive munitions.
Read Congressman Peter DeFazio's response to the un-new mini nukes.

Be Lief?
Be ... lief !!!
Lief is an English word meaning readily, willingly.
Be, thysElf aware, willingly and readily.
Be lief!

Weaponeers in your midst?  Are our highest paid
 neighbors being paid the big bucks to make the nukes and poison chemicals?
Share this with those you know are still this day being paid to create weapons :

Blessings Be,

Will I AM
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
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