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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

The following information is just in from an article sent
to us by an attorney name of Peter Gersten : UFO Attorney


Article Quote : Goldie Hawn, who says she has been
practicing [meditation] for 31 years, has a dedicated
meditation room in her house filled with her favorite
crystals, flowers, incense and pictures of the Dalai
Lama and Mother Teresa. She meditates twice a day
for at least 30 minutes.

"How do you learn to witness your destructive emotions?"
she asks. "You can only do this by being able to sit quietly
and quiet your mind."

"Scientists study it.
Doctors recommend it.
Millions of Americans-many of  whom don't even own
crystals-practice it every day.
Because meditation works."

Above quotes are from Joel Stein's article at this link :
That article is a wild ride, with lots of healings you
might not need, dear reader, and also psychology
psychobabble no one need suffer through, however,
it is an interesting read in places.

This is easy stuff, meditation.  Folks do it all the time,
don't even know it, and yet when they 'go' to 'do' it,
they think they can't.

If you aren't meditating or if you wonder what the fuss
is about, continue here, first, before you visit the above

Here is what Peter Gersten has to say about this subject:
On Monday, the ninth anniversary of my arrival in Arizona,
I received additional information. I now no longer believe
that the ending to our Cosmic Computer Program is fixed
in time and space. And though it is true that we cannot
change the ending to the movie we are watching in a theater,
a few post-theatrical DVDs do provide alternate endings.
So there is really no reason for me to deny what is probably
intrinsic to a 3D realty, the power to determine its ending.

This article above discusses that power in the context of
meditation. But it is with the group mind that the power to
create reality resides. Imagine if twice a day humanity
became quiet at the same time. If meditation can train
the mind and reshape the brain then I would suggest
that humanity definitely took the wrong path.
Choosing the technological road at that ufological fork
rather than the transcendental way will lead to our
extinction if the "Singularity" is allowed to happen on
12-21-2012. But there is still hope. We can change the ending.
But only if we  are united. I am not sure which will be more difficult,
uniting humanity or diverting the "Singularity."
We will need some help. It's now time to find
out if some of our "friends" are willing to help us.

To which I respond :

The singularity is already in existence, Sir Peter.
With mine ears and eyes inner and outer I sense its presences.
The universe is what you make of it, 'tis true.
All that you see and hear is the echoes of your imaginings
upon the spheres of light we call the stars themsElves, of
which you are a one, as we all are, all of the same Love source.

The power of many meditations among many humans is
grandly powerful indeed in the name of awakenings and healings.
Any single person who simply sits still, and feels Love for all,
allowing the mind to attach itsElf to no particular thought at all ....
will find the gates are all already open.  'Tis only the
belief system's imaginations based on dogma and doctrine
that prevents one from seeing all is of Love and the
singularity you mention has been existing for quite
an eternal time, and what you are about to see on
the mighty twelve twelve is but one more cosmic
note in a tone in the heavenly symphony that all
will hear and see in the ongoing eternal creationings.

All is but the echoes of the spheres in the lights of Love.

'The most powerful energies in the universe are the
Loving envisionings of a Loving Woman."
        -- from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See

From this, now imagine many women coming
together to meditate upon one note, one tone, Love.

With that thought in mind, I invite you, dear reader,
to visit the Star Art of MEDITATION, the short version.

  "Listen within and you shall hear,
       the words from one you hold so dear.
       Allow the word to penetrate and
        it will take you through the gate."

                Author : Still Unknown

Can the executives in charge of the loggers see
the state of awareness and life involved in what they
hire the loggers to kill ?  If not, they are an ament.
They are nothing more than one more corporate raper.
It is a High Crime Against Humanity to kill ancient trees.
Please, stop paying the loggers to kill ancient trees, all.

Breath the earth's breaths and be well.

Blessings Be I Sing In Sign ...

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword
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Yeshua ben Joseph is reported to have said :
    "The power of life and death are in the tongue."

Have you seen David Letterman later in time?
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