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Nine Acres of America's Ancients Remain Standing
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Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

  "Listen within and you shall hear,
       the words from one you hold so dear.
       Allow the word to penetrate and
        it will take you through the gate."

                Author : Still Unknown

With this thought in mind, we share with you,
the book, A LIFE OF MIRACLES, by Almine Barton.
If you are interested in knowing quite clearly the keys of
Ascension in the lights of Love, we invite you to acquire
this book recently released by a living saint.
One's ascension is on in one's aeons on one's nose, nonce.

From small beginnings, come large changes in
the awakenings .... read below how a logging
company chose to allow the ancients to continue living.

Our thank you to Janine Nilsen and her friends who
know the true value of the living ancient trees.

Well done to Roseburg Forest Product, this time.
If you are still cutting the ancients anywhere,
please, stop and rethink it.  You are killing
ancient solar libraries, living and breathing
entities of awareness equal or greater to your own.
And yes, we do ask you to pass the word .... the
ancient trees are not for killing.
Enough is enough.

By Scott Maben - The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon

DORENA - When Janine Nilsen escorted Ray Jones
into her favorite grove of ancient fir and cedar trees
east of Cottage Grove, she was prepared to lay out
all her reasons his logging company should forget
about the spot.

But Roseburg Forest Products officials had already
made up their minds. Jones told her the company
would drop the 9-acre area from its logging plans.

Nilsen burst into tears.

"Emotion just washed over me," she said,
recalling the scene from January. "I still get
chills when I talk about it. I told him I thought
it was a miracle, and I'd been praying for a miracle."

Nilsen and a group of Cottage Grove residents
pent the past three years trying to block the
Forest Service from allowing loggers to fell trees
as old as 250 years in the Brice Creek watershed
in the Umpqua National Forest.

They went as far as to erect a summer tree sit in
the stand of old growth, taking a cue from
environmental activists who scale trees in other
national forest hot spots.

In the end, rancor gave way to civility. Both sides
decided to talk and listen to each other, and they
found something that's rare in the perennial
debate over  management of public forests:
a compromise.

"It's just a real special place to them," Jones said earlier
this week on a return visit to the cool, quiet stand of trees.
"After we understood that, we had a choice to make: Do we
move ahead with the sale as planned, or do we do
something different?"

"Frankly, the thing that really impressed me was Janine's
passion around this particular place," he said.

Nilsen added, "We thought it was about time for both sides
to come together and have a discussion instead of yelling
and screaming at each other."

Roseburg Forest Products earlier had agreed to several
revisions to the mix of timber it planned to log in what the
Forest Service named the Blodgett sale. The agency had
offered the sale to the company in exchange for another
sale that the Forest Service canceled eight years ago in the
Coast Range to protect habitat for the marbled murrelet, a
threatened seabird.

But even with the changes, some folks were unhappy with
the amount of older timber marked to be cut.

"No one was listening to us," said Nilsen, owner of the
Avalon equestrian center outside Cottage Grove. "That's
why we decided to have a tree sit. We had gone to the
Forest Service, to politicians. This was a last-ditch effort to
save this area."

Company agrees to a swap

She and several other Cottage Grove residents took their
concerns directly to Roseburg Forest Products President
Allyn Ford, who has been the target of spirited anti-logging
protests in recent years.

Ford and Jones, the company's vice president of resources,
talked it over and agreed to back off of the most
contentious piece of the 1.75-million-board-foot sale. The
company traded the nine-acre unit for a dense stand of
younger trees in the Christy Basin of the Willamette
National Forest.

The exchange represents about a fifth of the total volume
in the Blodgett sale, Jones said, and gives the company
smaller, less profitable logs.

"Although pulling this unit out of the sale had a financial
impact to the company, we felt it was the right thing to
do," he said. "Our company doesn't feel like we have to
have all old growth trees to make this sale work for us."

About two-thirds of the total timber volume will be thinning
of stands 40 to 120 years old, he said. The rest will be
light to heavy harvests in stands older than that.

It's a solution that's reasonable, Jones said, and that grew
out of working with local residents who aren't affiliated
with any organization but who share a love for the
remnants of old growth in the forest.

"We were trying to listen to the most vocal stakeholders -
in this case, Janine and her group," he said. "But that won't
make everyone happy. I don't think we can make everyone

Anti-logging group backs deal

Some environmental interests still may object to the
logging, scheduled to begin next summer, Jones said. But a
Eugene-based group that opposes most old-growth logging
in Northwest forests approves of the compromise.

"I think Blodgett is sort of a special case," said James
Johnston, executive director of Cascadia Wildlands Project.

The 6-year-old organization is tracking 116 timber sales on
13 national forests in the region, Johnston said.

"What I've tried to do with this sale is be responsive to
what the priority of the community is," he said.

"If this makes members of the Cottage Grove area happy,
then our organization will be happy."

Johnston said he still fundamentally opposes logging of
older forests, and Jones said he continues to believe that
older forests outside of special reserves can benefit from
selective harvests.

But the two have found common ground to walk in the
area's national forests at a time when the animosity over
public lands stewardship seems to be growing.

"I'm not uncomfortable with conflict. I think the clash of
values in a democratic society is healthy," Johnston said.

"I do think the controversy that's marked management of
federal forests in Oregon has become unhealthy and

Jones acknowledged that the older the tree, the more
controversial a timber sale becomes. But he said his
company is committed to working with environmentalists
and local residents to find better solutions - even if that's
not a popular approach among timber interests.

"We've taken some criticism from some industry peers for
modifying this sale," Jones said. "But at the end of the day
we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and feel good
with who we are. And I am and Allyn is."

Deal is no model, advocate says

Ross Mickey, Western Oregon manager for the American
Forest Resource Council, a timber industry group, said the
Blodgett compromise is a fine solution for Roseburg Forest
Products to pursue. It's not, however, a model for resolving
ongoing protests over timber sales, he said.

"Individual timber companies can use this if they want to,"
he said. "Timber purchasers are always willing to sit down
and talk to reasonable people."

But anyone who tries to block legitimate logging contracts
issued by the Forest Service should be stopped from illegal
acts, he said.

Mickey also said it would be wrong to withdraw anymore
forest lands from logging, arguing that the 10-year-old
Northwest Forest Plan already severely restricts where
logging is allowed. That includes the patch of old growth
abandoned on the Blodgett sale, he said.

"Just because Roseburg is walking away from it, that does
not mean the Forest Service can't put it in another sale,"
he said.

That's true, Cottage Grove District Ranger Deb Schmidt
said, but "we have no plans to do that right now."

The district instead is focused on designing thinning
operations that will make stands more resilient when forest
fires burn through, Schmidt said.

Doug Heiken, Western Oregon field representative for the
Oregon Natural Resources Council, an environmental group,
said there's room for compromise over controversial timber

"Cutting of any mature or old growth tree gives us
heartburn," Heiken said.

"But in the trenches of this war, there are situations where
you sometimes need to do a tactical retreat or accept that
some older trees might be cut, but that you are saving
many others."

The above article is Copyright 2003 The Register Guard
Source : The Register Guard Newspaper, Eugene, Oregon

While there are wood products companies that work
their business with only sustainable forest practices, such as : we believe the final answer
is to foster the trees and to restore the growing of hemp in America.

Hemp can heal America, and her farmers, and her lands.
Hemp dies naturally for our use, and we can create over
400,000 products with it, including superior lumber.

Trees are our solar library, and they are the lung material
of Mother Earth and they do not die naturally for our use,
for that is not their purpose.

To kill an ancient tree for your money changing is a
High Crime against Mother Earth, and Mother Nature hersElf,
including the humans living upon all her lands

Hemp heals the very dirt it grows in, and its food products are
among the healthiest on the planet, to say nothing of its oils,
its papers, its laces, and more.

Henry Ford knew the values of hemp ... he was a
genius with its creations for the vehicles from hemp,
from the hardest fender imaginable to the fuels and
oils to run the empower the motor.

A few lame politicians empowered by monies from
cotton companies, oil companies and others whose
products compete with the products of hemp
managed to convine a gullible America that hemp is
dangerous and dastardly, when in truth, the opposite
are its products and results.  Writers far more
eloquent and knowledgable than I have written
of the sheer insanity of our nation's outlawing hemp.

The laws prohibiting the growing of hemp by our
farmers are destructive laws and should be rescinded.

The Ancient Trees still standing should remain unmolested.
The loggers can learn a new trade, healing the lands with hemp,
instead of raping the lands with their loggings like locusts.

Kill the tress, kill the creatures homes, kill the dirt's life,
where can all the tiny viruses and other organisms living
in that forest now go?  Out of the forests in the log trucks
and overseas with the dead trees in ships they go, looking
for a new home wherever they go.

A living tree.

A dead tree.

Does the executive in charge of the loggers now see
the state of awarneness and life involved in what they kill?

Only an ament will kill an ancient tree standing
amidst its children in what we call the forest.
Read that puppy slow, with understanding.
You will know yOur sOurce.
So Eros Rose.

Breath the earth's breaths and be well.

Blessings Be I Sing In Sign ...

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword
Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation performing our namesake

Yeshua ben Joseph is reported to have said :
    "The power of life and death are in the tongue."

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