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Date : Thursday, 29 May 2003 14:15 pst
From : Good Works On Earth
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            *   This is Good Works On Earth's message of
       *       Five Twenty Nine Two Thousand Three
 *         yOur Seat of Peace at the United Nations
*                  Stillllllll the Main Attraction
Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

Imagine a nation where the Superintendents of the Boards of
Education encouraged in their communities the creation of
charter Learning Centers free from forced teachings and testings,
with deep concern for what the young person's true interests are.
Courageous choice for an administrator to do .. to cause creative
change in creative learning which nurtures our spiritual nature in
peaceful harmony with each other.

We share with you one example ... within the city of Eugene,
Oregon, the Children's Peace Academy is working hard to burst
forth as a billowing seed of bright light Love in peaceful learnings
and resolvings of life and living in concert with each other and
their community in a mode of learning based on peace.

Look at their Mission Statement :
"The mission of the Children's Peace Academy is to be a
community of learners who cultivate a compassionate and
sustainable connection to self, others, and the earth."

Different schoolings this is, and it is much closer to the original
meaning of the word, school ... as the Greek would say, they
created it ... school in English has become a far cry from the Greek
meaning with their original word ... to leisurely learn from another,
that which interests you, with free will to research outside the box.
A stroll with a mentor, a conversation with others about how to
best be, nurturing our stellar creativity.  An aware human being,
learning in peaceful ways while experiencing the joys of learning
and sharing learnings, free to change from ways that never worked.

No one can teach another anything.  The person can only learn.
Others can share knowledge, freely so ... with those who seek it.
Forced false knowledges cause wars ... corporate rapes of
farmlands, forests, and seas, to say nothing of the degradation
of peaceful living in your own home in peace with relaxed children,
our brothers and sisters all.

Human Being.  Being sElf.  From this, comes human doing.
Not the other way around.

Our HOO ! SO LOCOS SCHOOLS !! today are teaching
cheating ways, profiteering competitions in the style of
rape thy brother and sister, take the profit and run.
Land Lords evict their brethren mercilessly, as this is
the law of monthly stuff.  Monthly income to these, no more.
Highly educated these folks all are ... by prestigious schools.
Bankers takes away homes if they don't get their interests paid.
Corporations force out others in rapacious ways, including
raping their shareholders, as we have seen in America recently
on a grand scale, monopolizing our small community farmlands,
monopolizing our public airwaves in radio and television, etc.
I've got a job and you don't  I've got a home, and you don't.
Schools have been designed to create such foolish beliefs
Ergo, we've got such foolish ways agreed upon by the educated.
We be frogs simmering in our own heated up false knowledges.

Well done to the psychiatrists now drugging these problems down
in schools throughout America.  Well done to the psychologists
now stupefying with confusions based on false knowledges
based on false agendas fixed in trainings, not known to be true
with the heart, simply tested to correct approvals by 'authorities.'

I call upon you dear reader to 'ping' the universe with your words
and actions as you can see to do.

I call upon you to shout out in whatever way you enjoy,
and whatever way you feel you might grow in so doing,
and gently impinge the universes with your communications
out to others about the Children's Peaceful Learning Centers
such as the Eugene Peace Academy.  Ask your Board of
Education to create such ... to inspire such ... to nurture such.

Tell the Board of Education of Eugene's schools to help
nurture Learning Centers such as the Eugene Children's Peace

Write these two folks below, and send CC's to your local
folks who administer and affect your local learning centers.
Tell them you fully support creative and peaceful learnings.

George Russell - Superintendent
Board of Education - 4J Schools System
Eugene, Oregon

Jim Slemp - Assistant Superintendent
Board of Education - 4J Schools System
Eugene, Oregon

Are you among the 202 members of the United Nations receiving
this message? Please, speak of the Peaceful Learning Centers
in any name or language you choose.  As you know, what we
name things creates that very reality.

We send our children to high schools, and they get high on drugs.
Hoo !  Schools So Locos !!

In Learning Centers, we get high naturally, on learning and
seeing as seer with awareness.

Speak with your child's knowledge sharers, all of them!  Go
tell them to tell their administrators to look anew at awareness
and how we are aware we are aware, how the sheer powers
of this ability are now being quashed in oh so many ways.

Share with your children's mentors, the Star Art of AWARENESS:
We give you permission to print it out and put the Star Art
on their desk, or in their hands, and in the hands of their
students and staff.

Share with them the information about the Eugene Peace Academy. : no longer operative, the City of Eugene, Oregon, never approved or funded this idea.
Contact them, offer to help them in any way you can.  : they are no longer there, the City of Eugene refused to fund this idea.

True Learning Centers are where our young and old are not
separated by age as a sort of religion of learning  ...
the finest sharings I have ever seen have been
those in their teens sharing what they have learned to be
true with those younger who seek knowledge about anything
and everything.

Nor do fields of grass for sports of violence carry any good value
compared to the awakenings and healings available to learning
gardeners in organic gardens created and grown on the grounds
of Learning Centers everywhere our young and old are going to
learn.  The framers of our country were farmers.  Mother Earth is
alive with her peaceful presences and healthy eatings, yet we as
a nation plow it under, planting genetically modified grass
smothered in toxic chemical fertilizers and deathly pesticides.
Compare that vision to the organic garden, where young and old
are in tune with an ear near nature, and so themsElves.

Knowledge sharers share knowledges.
Learners earn real learnings, of their free will,
no locos logos about it, nor forced false data
teachers creating cheaters from a false agenda.

The student's heart lights shine, and so too their minds.

How many knowledge sharers do you know who help
learners learn how to be conversant with the lexicon,
the dictionary, the thesaurus, and so enable each other
to know what we are saying, and reading?  If you do not
understand the meaning of one word in a sentence, you cannot
understand the meaning of the sentence, the meaning of the
paragraph is lost.  Confusions come from misunderstood words
and not understood words, yet how many times have you seen
students actively using their dictionaries, in the place of learning,
or at home?  This one key of easy learning could change the
entire structure of how schools truly can share knowledge, by
sharing with the children the frequent use of the lexicon to become
fluid with words.

Does your child's class have an Oxford, or Webster, or
American Heritage dictionary, the big ones, in their class?
Or do they have cheap Merriam-Webster Collegiate's from their
corporate distributors that supplies SCHOOLS.
LO !
HO !!

With no apologies for mimicking Gustave Flaubert, I tell you true,
it is an awesome gift to yoursElf in feeling and knowing words well
so you may speak or write such that one can put mean men into
the frying pan of your imagination and make them pop like
chestnuts on an open fire in their awakenings and healings,
right here, in physical.  A wondrously astounding sight indeed,
seeing someone waking up to Love's presences being the entire
gig of this universe, it is the source of the all that is, even when
it doesn't look like it is.  Love is the energy of the universe, powering
all other energies we are aware of and use in our lives.


Last week, Congressman Kucinich blasted the
federally-assisted corporate takeover of U.S. media
in formal comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

Kucinich's protest comes as the FCC seems prepared to
announce new, even more deregulatory rules on media

"Walking further down the path of deregulation skews the
national discourse and is directly contrary to the welfare of
the public. It is adamantly not in the public interest to grant
a few corporations the privilege to broadcast their views
and augment their voice to the American people at the
expense of the many."

Kucinich focused attention on Clear Channel, a company with
ties to the Bush Administration that now owns 1200 stations
nationwide: "Clear Channel's national and dominant presence,
a direct result of deregulation, threatens an imbalance in the
public discourse -- an imbalance caused by the government
granting one corporation the power to dominate the public
airwaves, and the privilege to amplify its voice on public property.
It is well documented that Clear Channel has removed on-air
personalities from stations that it has bought, and
replaced those local announcers with more centralized voices."

Source Page :

I also tell you true, one day soon, no one will miss the man
or woman who does not speak from the heart with Love
in truth.  This is already now so as one's ascensions is on
in one's aeons. Right here in physical.  Right now.
Enter the Nowments.  That very sentence, and this very
paragraph is one of the invitations you will be receiving
from the universe in your awakenings .. ongoing.

Take if from one who feels he knows. . . .
No matter how bright your lights of Love .
Love has more in store, as you seek it .
as you visions it, as you intend it, so as you speak it.
So be it.
So it is.

Blessings Be In Sing In Sign ....

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword

Below we share Congressman Peter DeFazio's response to
Good Works On Earth, via emails, regarding
An Unclear Nuclear Era the Republicans As A Liar's Clan Are
again pushing for :

From the Desk of Congressman Peter DeFazio

Thanks for your recent message.  I share your concerns about
the President's nuclear weapons policies.

The Bush Administration has put our nation on a dangerous
nuclear path.  First, the Administration issued its
Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).

This document proposed that the United States maintain and
enhance our nuclear arsenal.  The NPR also raised the
possibility of using these horrific weapons in first strikes against
other nations, including those without nuclear weapons.
Administration officials have proposed a resumption of
nuclear weapons testing.  And, the Pentagon continues
to pursue so-called "mini" nuclear weapons, arguing such
weapons are necessary to destroy underground targets like
command and control bunkers.  In reality, "mini" nuclear
weapons would blur the line between conventional and
nuclear weapons and make it more likely that nuclear
weapons would be used as offensive weapons rather
than just as a deterrent.  Their size and increased utility
would undermine our national security and make proliferation
of nuclear weapons to rogue nations or terrorist groups even
more likely.

I have supported efforts to take our nuclear weapons off
"hair-trigger" alert status in order to prevent accidental
launches and contacted the Bush Administration in opposition
to the resumption of nuclear weapons tests.  Last year, I also
supported an amendment to block the development of "mini"
nuclear weapons.  Unfortunately, this amendment was defeated.
I will support amendments to the fiscal year 2004 Department of
Defense Authorization Act to restrict the testing of nuclear weapons,
to restrict the research and development of "mini" nuclear weapons,
and any other similar amendments to reverse the Administration's
misguided nuclear policies.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with me.
Please keep in touch.

Representative Peter DeFazio
Fourth District, OREGON

"A human being is a part of the whole, called by us 'Universe,'
a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his
thoughts, and feelings as something separated from the rest,
a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion
is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires
and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task
must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle
of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of
nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely,
but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the
liberation and a foundation for inner security."
                                                                       --Albert Einstein

"It's splendid to be a great writer, to put men into the frying
pan of your imagination and make them pop like chestnuts."

                                      --Gustave Flaubert : with whales

Yeshua ben Joseph is reported to have said :
"The power of life and death are in the tongue."

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