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We share the following words spoken in our Congress recently,
with other information accompanying these quotes, from the
Office of the Democratic Congressman of Ohio, and
Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich :


Throughout the buildup to the Iraq war, Dennis J. Kucinich led
Congressional antiwar forces and stood firm in asking the tough
questions of the Bush administration. He is still asking them.
Indeed, he stands above the other presidential candidates
in demanding answers.

Yesterday, Kucinich took to the House floor to again challenge the
Administration's deceptions on Iraq:

"This Administration led this nation into a war based on a pretext
that Iraq was an imminent threat, which it was not. The Secretary
of State presented pictures to the world he said were proof.
Today, despite having total control in Iraq, none of the very
serious claims that the Administration made to this Congress,
to this nation, and to the world have been substantiated.

"Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Indeed, what
was the basis for the war?  We spend $400 billion for defense.
Will we spend a minute to defend truth?  The American people
gave up their health care, education and veterans benefits
to pay for this war. And for what?

"Answer the questions, Mr. President."

Dennis Kucinich will not be deterred. He will not fade away.
When the GOP used war drums and deceptions about Iraq
to help it win the 2002 election, many  Democratic leaders
went into hiding. The Kucinich campaign won't allow a re-run
in the 2004 election.

To learn more about this presidential campaign for peace, justice,
sustainability,  equal rights and civil liberties, check out


Good Works On Earth is seeking answers in truth.  We do not
support or engage in political campaign races or political
candidates.  George Walker Bush has not spoken the truth
regarding these matters, and we support Dennis Kucinich in
his dogged determination to get the man in the Oval Office to
both answer up and to wake up.

Visit the Name Art of GEORGE WALKER BUSH :

We share the following from other sources regarding Dennis Kucinich.



The Kucinich Campaign has had a very good week.

(1) Dennis was a smashing success at the Emily's List forum of
feminist leaders in Washington, D.C., this week. Here is the
description from page  A2 of Wednesday's Washington Post:

"Kucinich attacked Bush for going to war in Iraq and for failing
to focus on the threats to economic security at home.
'I know where weapons of mass destruction are,' he said to rising
applause and eventually a standing ovation. 'Joblessness is
a weapon of mass destruction. Poverty is a weapon of mass
destruction. Homelessness is a weapon of mass destruction.
Poor health care is a weapon of mass destruction. And when
the government lies to the American people, that is a weapon
of mass destruction.'"

(2) On Wednesday, Dennis took to the House floor to assert:
"This administration led this nation into a war based on a pretext
that Iraq was an imminent threat, which it was not."
While other Democrats have gone into hiding on Iraq, Dennis
is demanding forcefully as ever.

(3) Dennis' success in the Iowa debate at the AFSCME union
continues to be discussed -- the huge applause, repeated standing
ovations, top-rating by the focus group of undecided union members.
David Yepsen, the Des Moines Register's long-time political columnist,
reported: "Kucinich has been spending considerable time in Iowa and
his good score indicates he could be on the verge of becoming a
factor in the Iowa contest." John Carlson, another Register columnist,
suggested that Dennis was "from the Michael Moore wing of the
Democratic Party."

(4) The most recent Zogby Poll of Iowa has Dennis Kucinich at 3%.
This is a surprisingly high figure for a largely unknown, under-funded
candidate who started late. What it shows is that Dennis' message is
beginning to stick, and he is winning supporters with each new visit
to Iowa.

(5) Dennis' extended interview on NPR is getting great pass-around
on the Internet. It demonstrated his ability to be serious, to handle
complex issues with sophisticated solutions, and to inject humor
(check out the broccoli repartee near the end). When NPR host
Bob Edwards asks "Is your realistic goal to win the presidential
nomination or to raise these issues?" -- Dennis replies:
"By raising these issues I'm going to win. By raising these issues,
I'll identify myself as the one candidate who is in touch with the
practical aspirations of people and who sees that this country has
the resources to address those aspirations."

If you have not yet heard the extended version of the NPR interview,
check it out.  [">] Last checked, link not working.

The Kucinich Campaign is on the move. We are gaining ground in Iowa,
California, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and other key, early states.

All we are lacking is money. The next fundraising report is June 30th,
and it is important that our campaign show that we have begun to raise
funds in a serious way.

If you have not given, please do -- every $10, every $25, is important.
And if you have given, please consider giving again, or becoming a
monthly contributor. Remember: All donations up to $250 are matched.
That means your $25 is really worth $50 to our campaign. To contribute:

Please help because a better world is possible.

Good Works On Earth is not supporting any political candidate.
We are supporting heart spoken truths revealed.  Dennis Kucinich
speaks truths, best he knows them, from the heart, and we believe
this is what America needs as a leader to heal.

Should any other candidate for president speak truth from the heart,
we will hear about it, and let you know.

We are the caretakers of Mother Earth.

Thank you, Dennis Kucinich, for your courage, your persistence,
and your actions, and your words in the name of the awakenings
and healings of America.


Will I AM
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation performing our namesake

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