Subject: Message of 20030416 : One New Global Agreement - The ReFlowerings of Iraq,
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   Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003
   From:  Executive Director - Good Works On Earth
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                 *  This is Good Works On Earth's message of
           *           Four Sixteen Two Thousand Three
  *       Main Attraction: Willie Hugh Nelson's Name Art Song
 ***       The healings are already occurring in leaps and bounds,
    *****          We hope you enjoy what others are seeing as the
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  Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

I suggest we make the next global project :

The ReFlowerings of Iraq
Creating in harmony with Mother Nature
Cleanings and creatings in the sunrises
Cleanings and creatings in the sunsets
Playful dancings, Loving joys
Our one globe's healings
Begin here

With this in mind
We invite you to view the
Please follow the one direction at the top of that page.
These are strange times here in America, and our globe,
on 20030416.  The man in the Oval Office at this time
has created wars aplenty upon Mother Earth, with
no end in sight, the hearses still arriving in
several countries beyond Iraq.
The 'dead' radioactive
ammunition our
soldiers spent
upon the sands
of Iraq will be poisoning
the Iraqi's and every other human
being for a very very very very long time
unless unweaponeers are brought in in droves.

A very different viewpoint on the 'righteousness' of these wars still ongoing globally.

We invite you to view the
Star Art of GODDESS

We invite you to view the

We invite you to view the

The Earthling's Sing In Their Healings


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We invite you to ponder a few of the
near prime letterings of selected words

earth = heart

israelites = realities
Their Star Art begins 3/4 of the
way down the page at that link.
You will be visiting our page
entitled :
Resurrect Peace Campaign

miracles = claimers = reclaims

statements = testaments
This link is to the axioms of
the art and science of the

parliments = paternalism

parental = paternal = prenatal
maternal is a prime lettering sequence
it spells no other complete word
it is an entity unto itsElf

forest = foster = fortes

erections = secretion

earth = heart

hatred = dearth

healings is in sign i sing in english

her ear hear the earth heart
he hear her heart rate
her ear hear
he hear

hatred = dearth
the hatred tear at the heart
the heart hater
the hated heart
had a date at death
the hate ate at the heart
hatred had a death date

healings is in sign i sing in english
We are the caretakers of Mother Earth's Gardens All

Information on the manuscript entitled :

The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See
The Nature of the Lexigram

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Above: A Hubble Space Telescope image of Northern Lights on Jupiter.

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Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
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