Subject: 20030408 A MAD IDEA A MEDIA AIMED? - Details enclosed -
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                from, Good Works On Earth - Copyright 2003
   Date:   Tuesday, 8 Apr 2003
   From:  Executive Director - Good Works On Earth
     To:     Mailing List at Good Works On Earth

                 THIS IS NOT A PRESS RELEASE
These are copyright materials being shared with you in
the name of the awakenings and healings of America,
                 and so our globe.
                 *  This is Good Works On Earth's message of
           *           Four Eight Two Thousand Three
  *       Main Attraction :Mother Earth Justice
 ***        The healings are imminent .. you are helping them arrive.
    *****         We hope you enjoy what others are seeing as the
       ********                attorneys for Mother EArth are sharing.
Happy Birthday Kofi Annan at the United Nations

 Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

     'Listen within and you shall hear,
       the words from one you hold so dear.
       Allow the word to penetrate and
        it will take you through the gate.'

                Author : Still Unknown

With that thought in mind, before we touch the tough stuff,
          we invite you to visit a graceful Star Art.

What you are about to read is written by the fingertips of Will ...
with the exception of the letter below regarding the New York Times
and their reportings of assurances in the media,  The New York Times is
not buying into the public relations lines of the pentagonisms in corporate
war fare in every way.  Not every way, though, in some ways, it seems
to be doing just that and so reporting falsehoods unassundered.
One way to do this is to not report what is known as truth.

For those of you who have been on our mailing list since 1998
you will see this entire message to be a profound changing in a few
viewpoints we will be sharing.

I share with you I have been absolutely absorbed reading these
past few months various authors who have lived and learned in Russia,
both when it was the United Soviet Socialist Republic and now,
while it is again its Motherland's name of Russia.

So too, the book by Michael Lewis, The New New Thing ....
and others along the lines of various researches ongoing at
Good Works On Earth.

The power of 'men in power' is supremely destructive when words and
images are in the control of a few who are owned by few and who
care only for their few in the gatherings of their federal reserve notes
in their corporate ways of competition in the production and sale of
massively destructive weaponry made by weaponeers who work
for the buck, the federal reserve notes, the digits in their accounts.

Arianna Huffington has it right.  Vote with your dollar on April 15,
if you still agree with that being a day of payment to a weaponeer
in your name.

I don't do anything special on that date ... fact is, I probably do my
best to ignore it and let it pass without comment, even though all
about are gnashing and gnawing about their propagandistic opinions
on it all ... thoughts and words spoken right out of the media images
they sit and watch by the hour.  You can always see it, when you
do not watch the tv at all.  You become yoursElf with your
creating in your freed times and you will see that others will
be worked up by similar ideas on the tele ...

ahem .....

As you know, all from the word, MEDIA.

Yes, the healings are within the word itsElf.

Point being regarding the USSR, the state used psychiatry and psychology
to drug down and dumb down and destroy those who dared stand and
peak their truths against the barbaric warisms of the state.  The psycho
logos folks created words to imprison the mind in fear, and then they
did worse to the hearts of gentle souls, in their efforts to control.
Imprisonment, druggings, shockings, and worse, well documented
in every country these two practices practice their rapes in cahoots
with the pHARMaca illogical drug producers, and drug war creators,
with other ilks involved, including mean 'men in power.'

Instead of homes and productive clean farms, we have made weapons
and filthy rivers that kill all along their path and so too the lake, sea or
ocean they drain into with their  .. our poisons.  You buy you vote.
Buy a pesticide, support a chemical malice.
Buy chemical fertilizers, you are voting in the poisoners of Mother Earth,
and then helping to spread those poisons in your use of the 'product.'
Buy weapons with your tax debts agreed upon by you out of thin air by
corporate lawyers in our congresses over time and you see that you
are voting with your every purchase and payment, and agreements
on any and every debt incurred.

Do you live by a lake or river or other body of water that you think is
clean?  This is a globe, folks, with weathers that move the emissions
of our society all about, landing all about, from forest to sea, landings
of chemicals made poisonous and placed in our airs, waters, dirts and
forests, in our seas and our food, by mean 'men in power' who care
not a whit beyond the reapngs of the digits of incomes in.

From the words' themselves ...


Same thing, with MOTHER EARTH RAPE included.

Same thing, essentially, with fears and lame claims all about.

pHARMaceutical MALICE
Self explanatory.  A TRUE CURE?
All the while, they fight natural plants and foods with
their lawsuits and patents and corporate rapes on government
treasuries, from the military to the schools, or more properly, now said,
from the schools to the military to the prisons and beyond.


It ain't what you think it is, folks.
There are scores more party names that have died a quick death
than just the democrats and the republicans and the whigs, fakeries all.
Parties indeed!  Corporate rapes are in a parties ties, in deed.
The party is over ... the mean 'men in power' days are done.

The state's mean 'men in power' write checks from America's Treasury
to pay for weaponry, caring not a whit for Mother Earth and her children.
These same mean 'men in power' sell America's weaponry to the highest
bidders who toe our lines.  Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti was such a purchaser.
We empowered that man beyond death itsElf with our supplies to his country.
We gave him chemical weapons, we gave him anthrax, we gave him
okay to be murderous in every way suiting the suits I have been calling
mean 'men in power.'

These same mean 'men in power' write their signature on documents
that are putting the United States of America's great grand children
into debt to other nation states that buy 'our' bonds of debt, according
to the votes of their parties.

Parties indeed!  Corporate rapes are in a parties ties, in deed.
The party is over ... the mean 'men in power' days are done.

I began to vote a long time ago, and I have done so ever since.
In 1986, I ceased paying the weaponeers and the non statesmen
who sign their names upon orders for weaponry of mass destruction
and so too their instruments of indebtedness in their ongoing corporate
rapes with none for an environmental mental health and peace.

True Statesmen and Stateswomen do not allow such things to
happen on their lands they are asked to speak for in wise ways.
Only the low minded resort to raw war.  Wise statesmen have averted
more wars than our history dares not to even recount or keep record of.

The satrapy are the ones governing their area, let the taxes be collected
where they are due, at the seat of those governing with no malice upon any.
Vote your peace with your every expenditure, not your incomes earned.
The 16th amendment ain't ratified folks.  Never was, never will be.

I take up arms without pay, unlike all the police being laid off in our state.
Don't pay a cop, he won't lie in a loci armed and mean.
Don't pay a weaponeer, he won't build weapons in your name.

Pay the unweaponeers, the ones restoring weapons to the state of
unweaponed and benign.

As you can see, I go up in arms with a words sword sent to those who
are in the positions to make awakening and healing changes in the media
and other fields of awareness in America.

The Dollar Vote?  Print this out ... study it.
Point out where it is wrong, if you can, we will correct it.

Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars, folks.

The word dollar is defined as one twentieth of an ounce of gold.
This is the true meaning of the word, dollar ... a bit of gold. ....
The material of Mother Earth's very electrical veins in Her dirt itsElf.

The radioactive materials are her nervous system, you might say :

Men and women who work hard to bring a good life to their
brothers and sisters with their governmental decisions would
be wise to begin the paychecks of the weaponeers in reverse ...
returning the materials so highly energetic back to the depths
of Mother Earth's dirts with reason and mindfulness of what
is being done in the healings of the nervous systems of
Mother Earth with her high energy emitters.

Restore her ability to communicate her
energies within with good graces on
your part, and so too the unweaponeers.

The Unweaponeers.
I like that word.

Scientists who knowingly are capable of restoring these dangers
to the new state of no danger in the gardens of Mother Earth's womb,
deep below her airs without explosions or more poisons on poisons.

Mean 'men in power' can be mean indeed, in deed, as we have seen in
times past on our screens, and in the airs sounds from the radios
we hear, once again, coming at you from the past.

All light you see is coming at you from the past.
All sound you hear is coming at you from the past.
It is already a completed creation in the lights and sounds
coming to you from the past.

Ponder this well, and you will know the power of your words
and your Loving Envisionings.  You will know the beauty of the nowments.

Media can be the wand of awakenings or it can be the gun aimed at
your third eye.

With that thought in mind ... for those of you interested in
announcing your presences upon Mother Earth to those who are
still playing their mean evil and nasty weaponeer's games ...
we share with you this just in ...
and please note well, these things described below are
still raging on while various media spit on your attention and
awarenesses with their still ongoing mad media ideas
aimed at a ma and a man, aimed at ma's and men.

Take the time to read the following through and you will know
one small snippet of murderous propaganda and the clearing of the airs.

200304081101 received at GWOE
This article is dated material.  Your actions are requested .....
Subject: Media Corps: Ask NYT to Investigate Civilian Deaths
   Date:  Tue, 8 Apr 2003 10:32:30 -0700 (PDT)
   From:  'Eli Pariser, MoveOn.Org'

Dear Media Corps member,

As the war in Iraq rages on, civilians continue to be caught
in the crossfire. In one particularly tragic case last week,
over 60 Iraqis in an open-air market in Baghdad were killed by
what may have been U.S. air strikes. But while foreign journalists
are investigating the cause of the strikes, some of the top U.S.
media outlets continue to essentially repeat the Administration's
line that the cause of the deaths is unknown.

Without solid investigative journalism, we may never know what
happened. The Pentagon certainly has neither a reputation for
rigorous inquiry nor an inclination to delve deeply into civilian deaths:
to admit that war is tragic and messy would be to jeopardize the
acceptance of future conflicts. It's tremendously important that
our journalists do their homework.

In today's alert, prompted by some excellent research and analysis
by our friends at FAIR, we're asking that you contact the
New York Times. The FAIR alert below describes the situation in
detail -- I'd recommend reading it before you take action.

The short version is this: while the Times has a reputation
for fairness and balance, it passed the buck when it came
to the civilian deaths in the market in Baghdad.

You can reach the New York Times and send us a copy of your letter by clicking:

  Email the New York Times

If you have problems with this link, just go to:

We'd like to see what you wrote and keep track of the total number
of emails being sent. We'll never share your letter or any personal
information you include without your permission.

In your email, ask the New York Times to look more deeply into
what happened in Baghdad. You could mention that we rely
upon them to present the war in an accurate light.

If you're a regular reader, you may want to mention that as well.
Remember, polite and civil emails are always taken more seriously
than angry ones.

We'll report on all the great Media Corps work thus far tomorrow.
In the mean time, let's make sure that the tragic civilian deaths of this
war aren't ignored.

Sincerely, --Eli Pariser
  April 8th, 2003

Here's FAIR's great alert:
the above link's prior address was :

You may notice that FAIR is focusing on NPR's Talk of the Nation
as well as the New York Times.

We encourage you to write Talk of the Nation as well, if you feel
moved to do so.

    ACTION ALERT: Media Should Follow Up on Civilian Deaths:
    Journalist's evidence that U.S. bombed market ignored by U.S. press

April 4, 2003

In two separate incidents last week, dozens of Iraqis were killed
by what eyewitness survivors claim were U.S. air strikes.
U.S. officials, however, offered a range of denials and evasions
about what may have caused the explosions. Despite evidence
uncovered by one British newspaper about the second
(and more deadly) of the incidents, however, most U.S. media
outlets have allowed the story to end with the official denials.

On March 28, in an open-air market in the Shuala section of Baghdad,
over 60 people were reportedly killed in what seemed to be a missile
attack-- the Los Angeles Times (3/29/03), for example, reported
matter-of-factly that 'a missile slammed into a crowded market area.'
But as with an earlier explosion on March 26, the New York Times'
John F. Burns reported (3/29/03) that 'it was impossible to determine
the cause,' adding that 'a Central Command spokesman in Qatar
said Friday night that the United States could not tell what caused
the bombing on Friday.' Burns suggested that these incidents
'threaten to become yet another major problem for the Bush administration.'

The PR angle was also highlighted on the CBS Evening News after
the earlier explosion (3/26/03), with anchor Dan Rather noting that
'scenes of civilian carnage in Baghdad, however they happened and
whoever caused them, today quickly became part of a propaganda war,
the very thing U.S. military planners have tried to avoid.'
(Of course, the extensive preparations the Pentagon made for
communicating to the press before the war indicate that it was not
hoping to 'avoid' a propaganda war -- but to win one.)

While one might hope that reporters would be interested in
uncovering the cause of more than 60 civilian deaths, U.S. media
have so far made little effort to investigate the Shuala incident.
One British reporter on the scene, however, found evidence that
appears to shed light on the origin of the devastation.

On March 30, Robert Fisk reported in the London Independent that
what appeared to be a missile fragment was found on the scene of
the explosion-- and that it bore a visible serial number, which Fisk
published. In a follow-up report on April 2, the Independent's Cahal Milmo
reported that the serial number could be traced back to the
Raytheon Corporation, and that the weapon was 'thought to be either a
HARM anti-radar missile or a Paveway laser-guided bomb.'

The Independent continues: 'The American military has confirmed
that a navy EA-6B 'Prowler' jet, based on the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk,
was in action over the Iraqi capital on Friday and fired at least
one HARM missile to protect two American fighters from
a surface-to-air missile battery.'

Some media accounts have pointed to the relatively small crater
created by the explosion at Shuala as an indication that a U.S.
cruise missile was not responsible. But cruise missiles are not the only
weapons being launched from U.S. planes in Iraq. The Independent
reported that, according to experts, 'the damage caused at Shuala
was consistent with that of Paveway or, more probably, a HARM
weapon,' which are smaller than cruise missiles.

So far, according to a search of the Nexis database, no major
U.S. news outlet has picked up this new information; instead,
reporters have continued to relay U.S. officials' denials of any
knowledge about the Shuala blast.

The New York Times' Burns (4/4/03) questioned why the Iraqis
have not been able to explain the incident: 'Often, as in Shuala,
officials have delayed taking reporters to the site for hours,
and have met with evasions the inquiries about the unusually
small crater at the marketplace, and the fact that most victims
appeared to have died from shrapnel wounds and not from the
kind of blast associated with high-energy bombs and missiles.'

On NPR's Talk of the Nation (4/2/03), the question of civilian
casualties was discussed by host Neal Conan with guests
Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution and retired
Marine Col. Gary Anderson. In response to a caller's question,
Conan explained that U.S. military officials still could not find any
evidence that the first bombing was caused by a U.S. weapon.

O'Hanlon then explained that an investigation into these cases
would involve answering three questions: verifying where you were
shooting, and tracking 'how many of the bombs or cruise missiles
that you fired reached their proper targets'; looking for bomb fragments;
and, finally, judging the size of the crater left by the explosion, 'whether
it's consistent with the size of the explosive charge that was on the
warhead in question, possibly even the shape of the crater and things
like that.'

Interestingly, the report in the Independent provides what could be
answers to all of those questions. But Conan summed up the matter
this way: 'There were other attacks, though, and as so far, the
investigations by the U.S. military... are not complete, and again,
as Michael O'Hanlon knows, it may be some time, if ever,
before we actually know what happened there.'

NPR's listeners might have been interested to know that
more information was available-- even though it
wasn't part of an investigation by the U.S. military.

Encourage NPR's Talk of the Nation and the New York Times
to continue to investigate what caused the March 28 explosion
in Baghdad that killed dozens of Iraqi civilians. You might suggest
that they interview reporters from the Independent who have
pursued the story.

Talk of the Nation
 Good Works On Earth has taken this opportunity to add this email
 address to our mailing list so that NPR will receive this letter and
 our future messages.

If you are a regular listener to the show, you might try
calling in live to Talk of the Nation at 800-989 8255.

New York Times
 Good Works On Earth has taken this opportunity to add this email
 address to our mailing list so that they will receive this letter and
 our future messages.  We use the New York Times for research.

To read the Independent's account, go to:
the Independent
The actual link at the time, no longer works :

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One day, I will not be writing these Star Dated Messages.
The web site will be in the care of our web mistress and
I will be out and about, doing other things.

For those who are with us since early May 1998, wow ...
Your help in your communications has been priceless.
One day, we don't know when yet, we will be going silent
at Good Works On Earth.  We thank you now for your
help in the ascensions ongoing.

For those of you with us for years, you have seen the words
in ways you never dreamed possible, and yet there they were.
You have told us so, over and over and over.

We now have 246 pages at our web site ....
We expect to go to 250 pages, and then .....
We hope to finish the manuscript, and then  ....

Look for us on the road again ....

From Gig Harbor in Washington to Portland in Maine,
and between and beyond.

For now, stay tuned and you will see a few very intense revealings,
all of them coming up in a few days, we do hope!

It is getting hectic at Good Works On Earth ...

We have pots simmering here, we have pots on a high boil there,
we have organic foods on the table and not a whit of alcohol is about.
Our river is to your eastern right and our sea is to your northern left.
Unless you are walking towards the half way point to the pole from the
shadow side ... then, it is opposite.  The forests are soon to be all
about us, some are ancients, some are clear cuts we will be restoring.

Welcome to Mother Earth, where all is a vision of Love, as You See it,
as You Speak it.

I leave you with those laws of the universes all.

One : Love is the one law ... do what thou will, harming none.

Two : The power of Love is beyond exponential.
          The power of the lame male lie is linear.
          The power of the lame ma lie is linear.
          The power of malice is linear.
          The power of Love is within every heart.
          All know these deep in their human hearts

Some upon Mother Earth still do not know these data, hence,
there is still work to be done in sharing the power of the word's spoken
by every Statesman and Statesman in America.

States craft is a wise game of caring.
No shakedown is worthy, therefore none are within this craft
of the caring men and women we identify and address as
Statesmen and Stateswomen.

Have you ever wondered about the saying, ...

  'We have met the enemy and he is us. '

If so, we invite you to visit this link :
The Star Art of ENEMY is grand, and the writing of another
regarding this saying is a wild wake up call.
I hope you enjoy that page.
I do.

Best to all of you reading herein,

Will I AM
Not in Yemen
In the Nowments

The following is our letter being sent to the New York Times
and NPR, letting them know with the letter below, that that very
letter above is coming their way from our mailing list processor
in a few nowments.

                 THIS IS NOT A PRESS RELEASE
                    This is NOT a letter to an editor.
  This IS A HEADS UP, data wise
       to the New York Times
          to National Public Radio
            Oregon's Senators
              CC : other media small and large

    We thank you for your good works in your accurate reportings
                  and your wise words printed and spoken.

Greetings to you all at the New York Times and at NPR ....

Your corporate groups will be receiving individual mailings from Good Works On Earth from our
mailing list processor and so we write you in advance letting you know your corporate name and
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To that end, please know this material we are soon to be sharing with you is coming at you from
your past, and so too, because of where we are sending the letter, this awareness in words formed will be coming to you from your futures and when that happens, it will be your presents..

Neat trick.

We advise you to take great care in reading the forthcoming letter, and ...

We ask please, if the person who receives the letter first will take the time to visit and print
out the links given to any web page in that letter, your so doing
will serve the entire hierarchy of the New York Times, and NPR, and so many others, very well
indeed.  If you do not print out the linked Star Arts, this letter forthcoming to you will be for
naught, and so too this heads up letter.

Nota bene : We believe the next message coming your way
from Good Works On Earth is important for your continuingly
precise coverage of events unfolding upon our global theater.
We are taking the time and effort to write you in advance so
you can to be aware of what is being sent to you, not letting it
slip through the cracks.

Put your best researchers on it and ask them to report to you.
You will see what they see, then you will know.

The letter forthcoming will give you information never revealed before upon
Mother EArth.  No, you do not have permission to publish it or speak it.
That is not the intention of this letter next coming to you.

The information we will be sharing with you is not capable of being
dismissed by any aware human being.

The truths of the matters are self evident. I know you
know what I mean when I share with you ... it is axiomatic.

Again, we are not asking for press release or other media action
on the part of the New York Times, nor NPR, regarding
Good Works On Earth.

We ARE asking you to take the time to read what you are about
to be sent from Good Works On Earth within a few hours.

Thank you again and again, for your good works in your accurate

We are not a subscriber, however, we do purchase and read
the New York Times when needed for our research, and
NPR rocks in every way.  And yes, it too can be better .....
and will be because the folks there care.

Best to you all,

Will I Am
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation performing our namesake
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Before you read the Star Art of NEWSPAPERS,
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eyes that can see.

This entire letter will be made available within the letter soon to be sent
to you and that entire message will become available on the internet
at this address:
Please, take note, New York Times and NPR.

Aere perennius,

Will I AM
Keeper of the Words Sword
Good Works On Earth
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I now go quite quiet.


Happy Birthday Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations.
Thank you for your tireless work to bring peace to our globe.

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Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft.

This congressman is requesting this input and you can email him or fax him.

 Email :
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My prayer for Christopher  :

'Christopher William Samples comes home to his mother's lap
so the two are with peace with their hearts.
So be it.
So it is.'
Just as Elizabeth Ann Smart is now sharing her tale of healings,
so too has Christopher return home to his mother.

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dolphins pods                               20040317      # 3 /          6,286 : google : Star Art of DOLPHINS
'isha lerner'                                20040317      # 4 /           1,640 : Name Art of ISHA LERNER, Astrologer, Flower Essences
sol hopi                                      20040317      # 4 /          15,400 : google : Star Art of DOLPHINS
does laughter heal                       20040317      # 2 /          83,800 : Star Art of LAUGHTER
mother earth gardens                  20040317      # 4 /         106,289 : msn : Our Home Page : Star Art of MOTHER EARTH
personal inspiring words             20040317     # 6 /          120,085 : google : Personal Star Arts and Word Arts
dolphins help earth                     20040317    # 1 /           144,000 : google : DOLPHINS HELP EARTH
 dolphins help earth                     20040317   # 5 /           144,000 : google : Star Art of DOLPHINS
good intercourse                          20040317   # 7 /            751,000 : Star Art of INTERCOURSE
name readings                              20040317   # 1 /         2,410,000 : yahoo : Lexigram Name Readings in Star Arts Form
 name readings                              20040316   # 2 /        2,450,000 : google : Lexigram Name Readings in Star Arts Form
word art in your name                    20040317    # 2 /       6,210,000 : google : Personal Star Arts and Word Arts
 word art in your name                    20040317    # 3 /      6,210,000 : google : Star Arts Offered by Good Works On Earth

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Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
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