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               Sorenson at MSNBC, a few words from Peter Gersten :
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   Date:   Monday, 7 Apr 2003
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 Sweet Greetings from Good Works On Earth

     "Listen within and you shall hear,
       the words from one you hold so dear.
       Allow the word to penetrate and
        it will take you through the gate."

                Author : Still Unknown To Us

With that thought in mind, we invite you to view the two Star Arts now
released with this mailing to you : GRATEFULNESS & GRATITUDE

Next we will share a quote from the Dali Lama, and then ...

We share the words of Peter Gersten regarding the folly of
the Mr. Bush Brush Wars and Bush economic travesties
and Bush with his continuing death penalties he creates.
     [2006 Note : Add the tortures and false imprisonments and complete cessation of individual rights, among other High Crimes and charges agin him.]

How are you voting with your dollars or notes of debt this April 15th?

And, please remember the Total Buy Nothing Days of Easter.
Show yoursElf you are not addicted to anything and so arise in the knowings.

Then, we will share the letter we sent to Erik Sorenson at MSNBC.
We invite you to write him your own letter if you feel his network needs your nudge. 

We provide his address below.

     "Without inner peace, it is impossible to have world peace."
                                                                --Dali Lama

PAG E-NEWS: Vol.16; No.5; 4-07-2003
--a free weekday e-newsletter chronicling the "end-times"
--e-news, e-views, & e-muse from "behind-the-curtain"
--in anticipation of 12-21-2012 @ 11:11 UT
--published by Peter A. Gersten UFO Attorney


So much for liberating the Iraqis unless Bush's intent was to liberate
them from this reality. Let me see if I understand this present scenario.
 Bush invades Iraq to eliminate the weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
 that this country had sold to it many moons ago. Bush believes that Iraq's
 WMD will one day be used against Americans. But Iraq states that it no
 longer has any WMD and the UN inspectors cannot find otherwise.
 Bush nevertheless invades Iraq and, in so doing, provides Hussein
 with the opportunity and justification to  use WMD against Americans,
 the situation Bush wanted to avoid. The invasion is now over two weeks
 old and Baghdad is about to fall but still no WMD were  used. As one
 military official stated: "In virtually every engagement we have,
 it's very one-sided." A "one-sided" war is an understatement; no WMD
 employed, no attack against Israel in retaliation, no mass Iraqi
 kamikazes, no terrorist attacks against Americans anywhere. Now
 before you send me an outraged e-mail, let me explain further. I am not
 complaining nor am I disappointed. I do not believe that violence
 accomplishes anything other than attracting more violence and our
 species is well past the point where it can justify to a higher
 intelligence our continued use of it. But the circumstances of this
 invasion, while not producing the Armageddon some people expected,
 does raise several suspicious questions about Saddam Hussein's
 portrayal of a ruthless dictator just waiting for the opportunity to harm
 Israel and the United States. He definitely will not win the Cosmic
 Academy award for this performance unless of course his character is
actually from "behind-the-curtain."

Appearances are deceiving, now aren't they?
"U.S. Forces Encircle Baghdad; U.S. Says As Many As
3,000 Iraqi Fighters Have  Been Killed."
Thanks again, Peter, for your clarifies in words.

To: Erik Sorenson : MSNBC -
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 21:03:32 -0700
From : William F. Schive    Good Works On Earth
CC: Good Works On Earth's Board of Directors All
BCC: Various Media and others in this field

This is my open letter to you, one man name of Erik Sorenson.

I write this letter as a one who knows of things you do not yet know, Erik.
You will know when you are done reading carefully herein.

I do so hope I have your attention, and the attentions of those who assist you in your work.

I am the one who is about to shake your timbers, Erik, and shiver your
sails regarding the power of your network's words.  Every word in this
letter to you is hand written by me in the name of
the awakenings and healings of America.

Read carefully herein for you will be seeing much more than you thought possible.
What you are about to see is eternal.
This gift is being given without request, without strings, without agenda beyond the
true notes on tones sent in television's sets on in one's home,
in the name of the awakenings and healings of America as a Breathing Nation of Awarenesses
communicating, and Americans as Breathing Humans of Awareness.

Your network will exist and emit, or it will not exist in time.
Your network's survival depends on your network's treatment of the words your network emanates.

Because this is important, you can see I cc quite a few, so that this resonates out beyond you,
and so back to you, from the past and your future, you might say.

How your network impinges images and sounds upon the human's attentions is not up to me. 
These things are not in my hands, they are in your care.

However, the Star Arts are in my care, and I now share their awesome
power of healing with you, telling you we have thousands of Star Arts
now fully rendered beyond the normal ken.

 ( I ask the person first reading herein, should that not be you, Erik ..
 to print the linked pages for your easy viewing.)

This information is unprecedented on Mother Earth, prior to 1987.

First up ...

Please print this for your eyes easy readings and your heart's easy
Yes, I know needs to be shined up and made more beautiful,
I agree, and so... there is this version ....
((If the one who is printing these images at these links can blow that
one up to readability, it really does give the keys.))

From these few keys, peace is real upon Mother Earth with her humans.

You play a big part in this awakening and healing ongoing in America.


Next up::
Imagine inventing paper and the press as you read the beginning.
Ideas sewn to reality in print on paper.

Here is a word on the lips of many today.
The endings are spectacular and eternal.
Laughing with Love in gratefulness for all that is and so will you be if
you read that Star Art with full understanding.

Every person you have on your network who are giving voice to their
heart's hates and savageries in their speakings to your audiences,
are damaging America, and your network.

Every person you have on your network who are giving voice to racist
judgements made, either from you, or the ones who speak on your
network, are damaging Americans, and your network.

Woe be unto those who do so on televisions.

This is a sharing in the name of the awakenings and healings of America.
Do you care about this, or do you just care about your profits?
You play a large part.  Play it well, sir.

Peace Be,

Will I Am
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
That is a very long Name Art ..
If you follow the instruction at the top, and you will find what is
happening in present time.

PS : Also, if you can help in this one child's return through the sharings
 on your network, that would be grand.
You can contact his mother at this address: Jennifer Bjork : :

And, as a gift, I share with you one of our latest releasings ....
Bless your doings, Erik ...
Bless the sones on your networks tones.
All Star Arts are Copyright 2003 Good Works On Earth
All Rights Are ReServed World Wise
All Wrongs Are ReVersed World Wiser
End of Letter to Eric Sorenson

  Xcel Energy in Boulder, Colorado, found an owls nest 260 up
 in an unused smokestack. They set up an infrared web cam that
 refreshes the picture every two minutes.  They watched mom sitting
 faithfully on 3 eggs during January and February. The chicks hatched
 about a months ago. You can watch mom come and go, occasionally
 finding her bringing food (birds,  rodents, etc) back, and often nurturing
 and warming up the rapidly growing chicks. : chicks flew coop, webcam gone.

Enjoy the privilege of watching this feathery family go about its business
in an abandoned smokestack.

The Owl in the Smokestack was sent to us by Bonnie in Colorado.


We are again pleased to be able to share with you a Name Art that has
been in progress for over three years ... the rendering is quite long
and the healings become more and more powerful as you read
along to the very end.

Oprah Winfrey is a woman who is helping to awaken and heal America
with the help of her merry serious crew.  Their work is stellar,
and so is her Name Art.

We consider this a gift of the stars themsElves to Oprah :

We have released the Name Art of Celine Dion :
Go see her in Las Vegas ... be astounded.

This next Star Art is still holding true,
and I believe it is our destiny shown in words.

We are awakening and healing America.

Pass the healings, please.

Thank you for being aboard The StarLightning Express.

Will I Am
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
Copyrights to All Star Arts Held in Trust at Good Works On Earth

Hear the news with Dan Rather

My prayer for Christopher  :
"Christopher William Samples comes home to his mother's lap so the two are with peace with their hearts.
So be it.
So it is."
Just as Elizabeth Ann Smart is now sharing her tale of healings,
so too will Christopher return home to his mother.

Letter Perfect Palindrome
Copyright 2003
Please feel free to share these five lines freely
Please keep all five lines unchanged in the sharing

It is in the soundings, and the spellings.
Our language is sacred
Those four words were inspired by Richard Wiget of Delta9.

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Visit the Star Art of USA PATRIOT ACT


 Yeshua ben Joseph is reported to have said,
   "The power of life and death are in the tongue."

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nota bene : Every soul upon Mother Earth is of a Loving heart ... some still do not know
this and so they still dramatically act their liar dramas.

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