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First up, smippets of wisdom from an unknown author.
We know who the author is in name, but, we have not read any
other writings of this author to see if we agree or dis agree
with their entire gig, viewpoint wise..

I share with you that I mysElf have held this as an 'impossible'
dream in my poinderings of what America's brightest minds
are creating in the name of healings. . .  it is a stretch, and
all is not as it appears.  Dreams are not impossible.

 YOWUSA.COM, March 9, 2003
  Janice Manning

 "Nations have lined up against nations and
 cultures against cultures in this messy
 human affair we now call the War on Terror.
 On one side is Iraq as seen in the inhumane
 face of Saddam Hussein and all those who
 insist on his continued and brutal rule to
 include France, Germany, Russia and
 China.  On the other side is an alliance of
 willing nations led by the United States and
 the United Kingdom.  With the world
 perched at the threshold of division and peril
 by an impending war, President Bush
 remains steadfast.  Could it be that his own
 religious beliefs are the true propelling force
 behind his steely determination?  Could it be
 that he is more concerned about what the Bible
 warns as opposed to what the UN thinks?
 One possible answer to these questions may
 exist with the President's own lifestyle. Like his
 father, George Herbert Walker Bush,  G.W. Bush
 claims to be a Fundamentalist Christian.  He
 attends church, goes to Bible study and studies
 the Bible on his own.

 "As events of the last decade have been building
 to a fever pitch in the Middle East, many Jews
 and Christians, undoubtedly including the Bush
 family, have been focused on prophecy:
 specifically the prophecies of a coming worldwide
 conflagration, Armageddon.  Could Bush be trying to
 circumvent or lessen the effects of this final "war to end all wars."
 If so, with great courage and the help of Great Britain and
 many of her former colonies and "mandates," he has a good
 chance of succeeding!

 "One may ask how can that be when prophecies are predictions of
 things to come.  However, that is not necessarily true.
 That is, if you believe in true prophecies as opposed
 to fulfilled prophecies.

 "A true prophecy is a warning; "Watch where you're going
 or you'll fall" or "The enemy approaches from the southeast."
 Given that warning, people have the first tool with which
 to avert coming disaster, provided they have the knowledge
 and the opportunity to use the tool.

 "To illustrate this point, we shall examine the words of warning
 from some of the prophets. Ursula Shipton, also known as Mother Shipton,
 wrote about the people who may be behind  this current lineup of adversaries"

    Please note, if you read the Star Art of ARMAGEDDON first.
    the following will be easier to read, you will know more so you know
    how things can be: https://www.goodworksonearth.org/armageddon.html

         'The kings shall false promise make
           And talk just for talkings sake
             And nations plan horrific war
             The like as never seen before
               And taxes rise and lively down
                And nations wear perpetual frown

         And christian one fights christian two
          And nations sigh, yet nothing do
           And yellow men great power gain
            From mighty bear with whom they've lain'

 "The coming battle is about falsehood and terror.  Saddam has
 weapons of mass destruction and has been known to support
 terrorist groups.  The U.N. issues repeated  resolutions, but
 has yet to enforce them. The U.S., Spain and Great Britain
 stand alone ready to take action against Saddam while other nations,
 such as France, Germany and Russia promise to veto
 any resolution to war.

 "Meanwhile, China is sitting back and enjoying the show,
 a habit that China has had over a decade to develop because
 this show has been going on since the first gulf war in the early
 1990's.  The players back then were Saddam Hussein and
 George Herbert Walker Bush.  Bush 41 had Saddam in his grasp,
 but failed to do what was needed to win that war."

Source of the above writings :

This author is absolutely correct in that prophecies are given to
give us the awareness and opportunity to avoid the outcomes of
the imagings of our ancestors, you might say.  Their dreamings,
you might say.

The bile lie bible bibel believers see them as concrete fact, which they are not.

Before you venture true to the Star Arts of ARMAGEDDON,
I introduce you to an English word :
 dragoman : name, noun
 1. An interpreter or guide in countries where Arabic, Turkish, or Persian is spoken.
  plural : dragomans or dragomen

It is important that the dragomen see this Star Art.

Imagine this scenario, if you can.
It is a mightly leap from normal thought this day.

Imagine with your heart light open, all about you the reality of this ....

The lights in Baghdad are on and the filmings of the warrings old.
Imagine that a communique was sent just prior to that first enormous
explodings of the palace used by the Iraq leaders of war meeting
that night ... the message says to Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti this ...

We know you are in a house in the outskirt of Shri al-Tkal.
The address you and your sons are now at is #@##$^
Your phone number is (deleted)
We are going to show you what we can bring to bear in the arms.
In these moments we will destroy your bunker at this location : (deleted)
Pleae know we could have sent these horrific energies to where
you and your sons are in the nowments, this very communique is living proof.

President Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti, I say to you this.
"If you do not disarm, we will."
     That quote is the exact quote of George Walker Bush,
     already spoken to President Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti.
     'Tis fact.

What Mr. Bush fails to realize, prior to his reading the Star Arts
of ARMAGEDDON for himsElf ... is this.

He will be disarming America because we will be shipping our
defence department to Iraq for the duration, lock, stock, and barrels.

Images are malleable.

Where is the Pope?  Did he go to Baghdad, calling Mr. Bush
from there, and letting him know he will be in residence in Baghdad
until the images of our televisions show us grand dreams made real
as peace is real in all the lands.

The lies cease.
The vision clears.
The ears hear.

The 'end' is already 'over.'

This Star Art's releasing is an Andromeda timed star event.
Folks in this star system cheer its release.
With your clear reading of that Star Art, you will too.

This just in from MoveOn.org

Dear MoveOn member,

Our country is at war, and many of us continue to feel grief
and anger that this terrible conflict is being fought on our
behalf.  It's a hard time.

It's also a critical time for us to stay involved.  As we report
below, together we've had some amazing successes over the last
month, both domestically and in opposition to this war.  We
need to keep this momentum building.  As a next step, please
consider joining MoveOn's Media Corps -- a group of committed
online activists who will keep the media accountable.  Help
make sure that our news media report the war the way it
happens, not the way the Bush Administration wishes it would

You can sign up now at:

This just in from MindFreedom :
* Hear about Bush mental health advisor psychiatrist
Sally Satel, and her national call for more forced
psychiatric drugging. For more info on Bush attacks
on human rights see http://www.MindFreedom.org

Have you read this yet :  https://www.goodworksonearth.org/americans.html

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I wish to make one more point before ending this sharing ...

If you visit Arianna Huffington's writing on the corporate folks and their doings, you will see she offers a way to solve these things ... with your dollar vote.  She points out that our current fellow in the Oval Office says, we are either with him, or against him.

Okay, I am against his ways, and his cutting of diplomacy, and killing of innocent people in the name of his brush wars, his sea wars and his Kabul wars and I pray he never initiantes his Korea wars .. though, we now know Mr. Bush is capable of doing so.

Arianna Huffington suggested a way that we could show Mr. Bush whether or not we are with him, or against him.  It is what she called a straight up or straight down vote.
The tax system of this country is voluntary.
The 16th Amendment was never ever ratified.

Will you continue to pay for this pentagonism that has crushed us under murderous products and killed innocent folks in so many countries, put us into ungodly debt, and is decimating our children's future?

Mr. Bush now has our government taking your earnings and giving them to a religion you might not support.  Yes, I know, they say it goes only for food and such things folks need to live.  Yes, I know, they say the money does not go to further the religious programmings.

Read Arianna Huffington's article .... then vote.

I Love America.  I Love Americans who have Love in their heart.  I forgive Americans who have hate in their heart.  I empower the first however I can.  I give no power whatsoever to those who hate and kill in 'my name.'

I am an American, and proud of it.

I have sent our work to five presidents, I have sent my work direct to the Director of the Secret Service, to Congressmen, Senators and other world leaders.  The Secret Service knows who I am, I have shared this work with them.  They know I am no threat to the President of the United States.  The IRS knows who I am, I have been off the tax rolls since 1986 personally, and I have been the cause of Good Works On Earth attaining approvals of that agency to operate in the world with their tax-exempt status.  The highest level of the Internal Revenue Service knows who we are at Good Works On Earth.

These folks and their institutional records know that while we might rail against the policies of this country at this time, our best intentions are favorable to America, as are our actions.


In this, I have great peace, and hope.  I am alive, doing the work. 
If this were truly a dictatorship, these folks would have quietly killed me by now and you would have never known about it.

Now, if we can just get rid of corporately directed psychological programming in our schools (including the banning of their pHARMaceutical drugs being forced upon our children) and pentagonism in our societal solutions, we will make this a heaven on earth without religions with mad god dogma's and doctrines tied to sin is in one.

Peace Be

Will I Am
Keeper of the Words Sword
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