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Greetings from Good Works On Earth,

We have been gone again for some time . . .

In the year 2000, we wrote that if GW Bush won or stole
the election, and if he were to sit in the oval office ... we
would experience a rougher ride, planet wise, than we
needed to, due to his mindset of corporate rape and
warmongering against women and their children
and the poor and the terrorist alike.  It is all oil.
It is all money.  It is all power.  This man has
reaped his rapes, corporate wise he was.


So, we at Good Works On Earth have been working on
projects that we believe will awaken our brother and
sister Americans to the truth of this one fact ...
Love is the energy of awareness which birthes the universes
and holds them in form.  There truly is one law in this universe ...
Love is the law, do what thou will, harming none.

Well, we have psychiatrists still willing to drug and maim, we have
psychologists still willing to tell people what is wrong with them,
when the truth is within each of us and we know the answers, not
the psycho logos folks. Yes, I know, these are bold words.

I say to you, the corporate rape, the locos school systems,
the enviromental denigrations, the competition mindset ...
these are psychology based corporate programmings designed
to enslave.  Top to bottom, the spychology folks have used
psychology to entrap miracles of awareness into believing they
are worker bees who must work to sustain self.  They designed
the schools, the testings, and the job applications and more.

'Tis a fact.  Right now, our locos schools are drugging our children
with pHARMaceutical speeds and downers, and those teachers
and doctors agreeing to these druggings are educated by the
pHARMaceutical corporations ... corporate executives as
arrogant and powerful as the tobacco executive and scientists
who masterminded their addictive agenda world wide.

Doctors do not share how to be healthy.
They share drugs from pHARMaceutical patent holders,
while our natural healing agents in the plants of the
forests are decimated for money.  Money, money, money.

The sooner schools restore the ease of learning,
stop the education of competition as a basis of behaviour
and rest the tease of testing, the sooner we will see
brilliance again amongst our children, without violence
in behaviour, able to hear their intuitions and knowing
they are a walking miracle of awareness.

To this end ... we share with you two things ...

First, we received the Determination Letter of our 501(c)3
status from the Internal Revenue Service.  We have joined
the ranks of bonafide non-profit groups who are working to
awaken and heal America ... all of the races, not just
their blood kin or corporate kin.

All donations to Good Works On Earth go to further the
work of sharing the Star Arts in the name of awakening
and healing our brothers and sisters in America, and the
world.  We have no agenda other than awakenings and
healings and we do this through the sharing of the powers
of the words themsElves as revealed with the Star Arts.

Second ....

We ask you to share the AMERICANS Star Arts on Postcards
with as many people as you can.


For less than a dollar you can send friends an astounding
work of art that heals them as they read and share it.

If you are a person who would like to gift lots of the postcards
to folks just because you have seen them heal others,
we invite your participation in the sharings ... and yes,
we can adjust the costs to those who are freely giving
the cards out as a social awakening.  Tell us what
you would like to do with the postcards and we will
help accomodate you.

If you are a person of means, and would like to gift
a high volume of these postcards and prints of AMERICANS,
we welcome your giftings and we will in return, surprise you with a few.

This is the Light Age and we are in the times of the awakenings.
It is this era, in this age, the earthlings get their healings ....

Treat yoursElf, and others ... share an astounding postcard,
share the AMERICANS Star Arts Postcard.


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift
    and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant
    and has forgotten the gift."
                                                                          Albert Einstein

We at Good Works On Earth are working on restoring the gift.

Blessings Be,

Will I AM
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a non-profit group performing its namesake
We are a 501(c)3 charitable and education organization.
All donations to Good Works On Earth are tax-deductible.
Our email address is : Contact Us

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Good Works On Earth
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