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Greetings from Good Works On Earth,

I have decided to post a web page at our site offering
the CD of the Voicings of the Star Arts because I have
seen over and over and over that hearing the Voicings
of the Star Arts carries about a billion times more power
than a light reading of the Star Arts by someone.

When I first began to do performances of the
Voicings of the Star Arts, when close friends were in
attendance, they invariable said something to me
along the lines of ... with beaming faces ... 'Will! that was
incredible!  I've read the Star Arts many times but until you
voiced them, I never knew words could do such things ...
I got major goose bumps quite a few times!'

The CD is recorded live and impromptu, in the studio, on
July 3rd, 2001.  We are just now releasing the CD because
of what I am personally seeing in my sharings of the
Star Arts in Voice with individuals, and groups of listeners.

Let me share this ... a wee bit of the story ....

When we were finished editing the CD in July 2001, we
were not done with the CD, we were simply at the end
of our funds for this project.  The CD was more of an
experiment than an intention to have a perfected CD,
marketable and shareable.  This current version of
the Voicings of the Star Arts has a very slow beginning ..
and the Star Art of AWARENESS has mis takes, my
voice almost tries to say the lines backwards it seems...
and we will be polishing these gaffs to much more
professional when we go back into the studio.  At
the end of the project, I did not feel we could release
the CD because of these errors.  Hence, this late
release date.

The reason I am releasing this CD now is ... I have
been writing the script outline for the Video of the
Voicings of the Star Arts ... and we are going to
incorporate some of those gaffs in the video ...
some we won't ... what will be seen is the
evolution of the Voicings of the Star Arts over
a two year period, and ....

In the last year I have shared the
Voicings of the Star Arts at every request of Spirit
and man or woman and groups, small and large.
I have seen with mine own eyes goose bumps
flash up on folks all at the same time ... and so,
I now feel these mis takes are minor when compared
to what is shared and the awakenings and  healings
that accompany hearing the Star Arts.

As we are a non-profit group ... if you would like to
hear the CD and cannot afford to donate the requested
amount, please, drop us an email letting us know this
and we will work it out with you so you can experience
these astounding awakenings for yoursElf.

If you are a person of means, and would like to gift
this CD to others, we welcome your giftings and
we will in return, surprise you with a few.

This the Light Age and we are in the times of the awakenings.

In this era, in this age, the earthlings get their healings ....

Treat yoursElf, and others ...

Order the CD of the Voicings of the Star Arts ....


'The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have
created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.'
                                                                                                   Albert Einstein

And we at Good Works On Earth are working on restoring the gift.

Blessings Be,

Will I AM
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a non-profit group performing its namesake

Our email address is : lexigram@goodworksonearth.org

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