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Greetings from Good Works On Earth,

It is now nearing five moons since I have written a message to our mailing list.

I tell you true, it is a wonderful thing to be sitting here typing this message to you.
While Good Works On Earth's office has been in storage since December 31st,
we have been unable to access our web site to make changes.  Now that we
have 'landed' for a bit, I have been busy making updates in the site.

We are online again for the most part throughout May and possibly beyond.

I share with you how I have come to live a magic life in a sense
in that I get to help awesome people in healing ways with the
sheer magicial awakenings inherent in  the sharings of the Star Arts.
You have to see the awakenings with your own eyes to believe it can be
so easily exeperienced by almost any person who listens to the Voicings
of the Star Arts.  That being said, I tell you true ... one certainty I
have seen is how the soundings of the Star Arts are more profound
for more folks than the reading of the Star Art by the person.  Almost
everyone of every hue of awareness has told me that they had no
idea that the words were that alive until they heard me doing the Voicings
of the Star Arts.  So, I now know that the power of the words are
amplified in their healings in the Voicings of the Star Arts, not just the
readings of the Star Arts by someone.

Because of this fact, we are offering the Voicings of the Star Arts on CD
to those on our mailing list ...  the CD contains 32 Star Arts recorded in
the studio with three professional musicians, recorded live, impromptu
and unrehearsed.  Treat yoursElf to beautifully sounding, healing Star Arts.
Listen in silent to the Voicings of the Star Arts with a Loving heart and the
awakenings of awareness in the powers of the word are profoundly deep
and life changing.

If you would like to hear and share the Voicings of the Star Arts, please
send your donation of $14 or more for each CD mailed to a different address.
Each additional CD to the same address in the same order is now $9.
Please send your donations to our address below.

        For those of you new to this mailing list ... Good Works On Earth's
        web site freely shares over 150 pages of Star Arts sharing the truths
        regarding the word's meanings from the letters of the words themsElves.
             See them at . . .  https://www.goodworksonearth.org/
(Note of 20051130 : We now share over 600 web pages at Good Works On Earth.)

I have been living on the road, per se, since December 31st, 2002.  Fact is, I have
worked my life and this work in ways that close friends are telling me puts them
in awe that I am able to do it, and ... a few here and there have shunned me professionally, so to speak, because I just do not, at this time, fit their mold of what I should be like and act as.  I have been living without a home, doing our emails at  the local library or our servers offices, spending the day working with folks throughout the city, which, by the way, I biked to throughout the winter.  I had given up using a vehicle, again, for the most part, around this time last year.  Good Works On Earth's vehicle suffered no compression and
is now parked among trees and berry bushes, and it is my sleeping quarters.  I live with almost no footprint upon Mother Earth ... all the while sharing the healings of this work however I can wherever I can with Good Works On Earth's resources.  I have changed my  lifestyle to match my heart ... I eat organic foods ...  I do yoga.  I breathe with awareness  And I consult others in the workings of their business and life and more, not only with the
art and science of the Lexigram, so too in the actual doings of their doings and learnings, while I work to get Good Works On Earth's materials ready for publication beyond what we are doing on our site at this time.

For instance ... I share with you two projects Good Works On Earth has me working on.  One involves broadcast video production and the other involves arranging play dates for a professional musician, otherwise known as booking gigs.

[ Material Removed ]

Along these same lines ... we are releasing the Star Art of NEWSPAPERS more widely than it has been shared ever before.  Please know that there are publishers, editors, investigators, researchers, journalists and newscasters on our mailing list.  This mailing, this sharing of the Star Arts of NEWSPAPERS will itsElf have its effects in healings.

I invite you to read, oh so sacredly slowly, a great hope for newspapers and for our future.  And, one day, I pray, our newspapers are printed on hemp paper. . . .and our trees are safe from the cut, and the news is worthy of


Please, send that link, the Star Art of NEWSPAPERS, to anyone you know
would enjoy it or take heart in such a thing ... in or out of the newspaper

Our email address is : lexigram@goodworksonearth.org

Blessings Be,

Will I AM
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a non-profit group performing its namesake

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