Lightworkers Conference 2006 :

You are Invited to a Celebration of Love & Light
Stellar Speakers at the Universal Lightworkers Conference
November 17th-19th 2006 : Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Historical Data :: 2005 ::

What:     LIGHTWORKERS MIDWEST CONFERENCE 2005 November 11th, 12th & 13th
Where:   Wyndham Lisle/Naperville Hotel Ballroom
                3000 Warrenville Rd. , Lisle , IL . 60532
When:    Fri. evening, Nov. 11,   7 -10PM
               Sat., Nov. 12, 9:30-5pm,
                Sun., Nov. 13, 9:30-5pm.

Purpose:    For bringing together as many lightworkers, healers, Gatekeepers, Reiki Masters (gathered or not), Intuitives, Indigos, Starseeds, high vibrational children of all ages, advanced or beginning lightworkers who wish to move this planet forward.   Also great networking for those of like hearts and minds.
We are looking for high-vibrational children that see angels/fairies, if you know of any who'd love to share with the audience. :)

Discussions on: Angels, Energy work, near-death, what happens in a healing room, what the higher vibrational children are going through now, what they see, feel, etc., raising your vibrations for the coming times, creating heaven on earth, experiential things with the audience. What happens to our DNA as the vibrations are raised, and many more topics!


Friday evening, Nov. 11 th , 7 pm, ballroom:

Blanche Blacke, Shaman will do a blessing for the weekend and call in all the angels and guides.

   followed by speaker Walt:

Walt Ingvoldstadt, healer and lecturer who will discuss his many trips to Brazil and Peru and what happened to him when Jesus appeared to him and gave him info to teach about the Essenes and the Triple Cleanse to get our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in balance for the new energies coming in now. Walt's vibration is so high that when he went to see John of God, John asked him to go to a different room other than the current room and that is when he said Jesus came to him in a perfect hologram and gave him information to take to the world, information that goes back to the Essenes.  The Essenes were the ones who taught Jesus when he was a child.  [Editor Note : Please, see the Star Art of the ESSENES ]

Saturday, Nov. 12:

Trish Poole from Greenbay, WI. will do an opening talk at 9:30 am and a group healing on the audience.  She'll also have cds, and Angel Therapy products. Trish is a certified hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, and ATP trained with Doreen Virtue and Dolores Cannon. [Editor Note : Name Art of Doreen Virtue]

Bob Macko and Jewls Hanson will team up and teach the better part of the day on various energies we are now working with.  They communicate with the Council of Nine from another Universe and will also do some experiential work with the audience.  They will be available for private healings afterwards and at Joanne's house by appointment on Monday and Tuesday after the Conference. Bob will address the care and handling of the new children coming in of higher vibration.  Don't miss this one!  They amazed Denver, Texas, Oregon and Wisconsin with their information.   Jewls wlll also discuss the plans for her 122 acres she recently purchased in Llano, TX for a healing center and how it sits on a pure crystal bed of energy. Jewls website:

Bob's website:

Jewls lives in Austin, Texas and has teamed up with Bob to speak and teach nationally now.   They are absolutely amazing together when they bring in the Council of Nine.   We may have another guest speaker from Portland, Oregon, Craig Fuller joins Bob and Jewls on Saturday!

Sun. Nov. 13

Joanne Macko will discuss what has been happening in the healing room and all that has transpired with her work with the crystal children, indigos and the hundreds of clients that come to her from around the world.  There may be a panel of healers to discuss many areas of healing. Joannee is the the gal that started the sevens or gathered master work in the Chicago area back in 1998 when she moved from Connecticut .  She's had many seminars for individual speakers in the Chicago area but feels there is so much talent amongst the masters and others that are not being heard and it is everyone's time to 'awaken' to the gifts they are to share with us all.  We all have lights to shine, so let's shine them and be walking examples to the children we nurture now to take the lead.

Robert Taub - Medical intuitive, healer and author of Awakening in America.

G.W. Hardin - national author of best-selling book, The Messengers. He has also co-authored On The Wings of Heaven, and he has authored,
The Days of Wonder, and also Indigo Rising. G.W. will speak about the portals and indigo children.

Father Vincent Zarlenga - Father Vincent is the owner of the Fra Angeliko Foundation to promote spiritual art around the world. His brother, Angelo was a world-famous artist/painter/sculptor and stained glass artist that was commissioned by the Pope to do stained glass windows in the Vatican . He took the name Angeliko after the famous Italian artist Fra Angeliko . This story is amazing and Father Vincent is his last living relative who is in his eighties now. He'll share the story of how he came to own this incredible reliquary, along with a master painting of the head of Christ.

If any of you saw the movie, 'The Kingdom of Heaven' with Orlando Bloom about the Knights in the 1100's, one of the last scenes is King Richard the Lion Hearted. Father Vincent owns the original parchment describing how, during the Third Crusade, one of the Generals that fought under this King ended up with part of the cross that Jesus died on and how it would come into the hands of his brother during WWII. You won't want to miss this!

Lightworker Children: This is awesome! Many of these children are coming in to share their experiences with the new energies coming in now. Some will share their stores of seeing angels, communicating telepathically, and I'm sure they can teach us a thing or two!

A seminar of this kind at a hotel like this would average $300-$400....  Let's all pull together and make this a magical weekend of learning, sharing and networking!

My son, Bob    will also give us a free concert with his healing music!  His cds have been selling out at ever show we've attended this year! music for meditation, yoga, background music for healing, etc. and it's all channeled.  He's never taken a piano lesson and this incredible music started coming thru him.   After researching the frequencies, we found it matches the frequencies of the tuning fork tones.

I'll also have my high- vibrational angel art there, -- prints for sale at a very special price, lower than the internet prices. And I'll be introducing my new 'Portal' painting and prints on canvas!  They are amazing! copper foils, gold leaf, minerals and light language on them so they come alive as you look at them!


Three day attendance : $250 if paid prior to the show nd $300 cash only at the door, day of the shows.

Those that paid in full are entitled to two lunch buffets that will be made for our Conference Group. ($50 value)


Sleeping rooms are $99 plus tax and ask for Lightworkers Conference. Call toll free 866-850-3062 for hotel sleeping rooms.


Many Blessings,
Joanneeee Macko

Joanne Koenig-Macko
25W284 Woodstock Court
Naperville, IL  60540-3443
Phone : 630-579-8184


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