Star Arts and Lexigrams
The Power of Your Words

'Tis a grand pleasure to be writing these words sharing with you, Dear Reader, the art and science of the Lexigram in Star Arts form.
I say to you now, please see sure as ye read these letters which spell words which create sentences which transmit ideas affecting belief systems.
We are all, to some degree, well aware of the power of the beliefs we humans are capable of holding so fixed in the dim mind's visions of so called earthly endeavors. The Love of religion and its beliefs and practices without Love of and for all, is the root of all evil. I will not deliver evil vile lie lived to you in these writings. I will deliver you from the vile devil lie lived, if you've ever lived that one. Look at the letters of Santa, Satan and Sanat … one a name for a fairy tale good guy, the next a name for a nightmare tale bad guy, and the last, a name for our one Love sOurce, used with great honor. Love allows all to be experienced, without judgement, even the evil, so that we may experience all that we can imagine and then know what we do not want to experience in our life's creations.

Letters, letters, letters … words, words, words. So simple, and yet infinitely powerful when issued from the lips of one who knows. I promise to be sharing with you information which will awaken you evermoreso to the power of the words you speak with your lips, or write with your pen or other instruments of describing with words. You create your life with your every word … and so these two sentences below can be easily written as truth shared for those of Love to know, female or male, and of any age :

Be as the GateKeeper at the Lips of Goddess, letting nothing pass which does not honor such a one.
Be as the GateKeeper at the Lips of God, letting nothing pass which does not honor such a one.

It is at this time, I ask the men to honor the fact that every woman has two sets of birthing lips, her voice, and her sex .. man has only one set of lips of creation. No three male entity's ever got together and birthed anything first on their own, except perhaps weapons and war and their false profits in monies and their false prophets in religions. Think a thought well for you are playing in the creative mindstuff of Love. To test this, you need only speak to any human with unkindness and watch your results created. Now speak to any human kindly, and see the results you create. Your words, your actions, these carry great power to heal, or to hurt. Yeshua ben Joseph said, The power of life and death are in the tongue, and he is correct.

The powers of your words are unfettered if you know the powers of your words. This work I will be sharing with you is born of many long years of research into the decodings of the hidden magics of the words we all use. Goddess Love, in birthing hersElf's creations called humans, seeded her keys of awakenings within the physical dream's densities in sound forms so spirit can experience physical in an awakened awareness, and these keys are within English words. To repeat : The keys of awakenings and healings are in our words, in ENGLISH : SHE SING IN SIGN IN LINES IN ENGLISH : SHE LIES NIL LIES IN ENGLISH SHE SING IN SIGN. We at Good Works on Earth believe there are other languages on earth that will render truth in Lexigram forms, these being Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Sanskrit and other highly developed languages. Again I mention this … while these sharings are neither religious, dogmatic, nor doctrinaired, they may sound so at times in my use of some of the more common terms to describe various awarenesses that are key to awakenings. I promise you now, in at least one of the future issues, I will share with you the Star Arts of GODDESS hersElf, and I will use terms such the big g god, and Love and Goddess and Goddesses and angels galore, and more, all in the name of awakenings and healings. GODDESS DOES DO ODD ODES, and this is why not one human being on Mother Earth can judge another, for we are all of the same Love Source. We are all of the one source, Love. Forgiveness is the healing key there, and yes … we will share the Star Art of FORGIVENESS as we go along. I will also prove to you without a shadow of a doubt, that the birthing source of all that is and all that we are capable of experiencing is female in nature, or natura, to be exact. The 'Creator' is a girl essence with the god essence within her. I will prove this, with the words themsElves, which were created by the One Love Source, hersElf. This is all the mindstuff of Goddess Love, and Goddesses' God's Love creations in mental flowings in image forms. IMAGE ? you may ask, if you are religious in any way and not sure about images and icons … the answer will come from the letters of IMAGE. 

Please imagine for a moment you are the creator or creatress and imagine you have seeded your keys to awakenings into your own words, and you who have eyes now see, and you who are hearing these words are now hearing : IMAGE ? The aware being asks …. the word's letters answer …
I AM : take a pause and feel that puppy, feel your I AM presence : I AM ME : I AM MA : MA AM : A MAGI I IMAGE : I IMAGE A MAGI :

In the beginning is the Word, prior to the word is the Breath, and with the breath is the Still, Quiet Love, Unformed and Unnamed.

Our words carry on their notes and in their tones as sent to one or as sent to ten with your lips or your writings, your speaking or your describings, enormous powers beyond your current ken if you haven't yet been exposed to the art and science of the Lexigram as seen in the heart's renditions by Beings of Love. Bold words you are reading, written in odd ways, indeed. Please, see sure as you read these words following … I advise you go slow, stopping at the periods, or the line breaks, or the colon marks : to see what is what with what you just finished reading, line by line, with a heartfelt thought given by you upon each line's idea in any Star Arts material we share. With your understandings singing along, I say let the games of the aware beings begin with Star Arts.

STAR and ARTS are two words, both from the exact same letters, ARST. The words, STAR and ARTS, are perfect anagrams of each other, using all the letters of the one word to make the second. (An anagram does not have to use all the letters of the word to be an anagram.) I describe Star Arts as the physical renderings of the eternal truths from within the words themsElves, with their very letters, and anagrams, in Lexigram form. The Lexigram word was coined by Mary Alice Kemery in her book, Linda Goodman's Star Signs, to describe this ability of the word to reveal its 'decoded' healings to aware beings. This word comes from : lexicon, meaning dictionary of words, and -gram, which means fully drawn out or fully written out. Lexicon is from lexi, meaning, the word, and con, meaning to have full understanding. Yes, you can also 'con' someone and cheat them out of their material stuff. This same word, con, can describe your full awareness in understanding something, or it can carry a low-lying con-artist meaning where a person lies to self and others. It is the heart that knows the path's echoes of our actions and of our words passing our lips. The heart knows. The heart's hear. More on this will be shared in future issues.

I began researching the Lexigram to prove Linda Goodman was wrong, to prove English could not be seeded with the keys of awakening as she described. If it were, that would mean these words are more than we ever dared dreamed them to be. And 'tis so, for our words are god's old golds in notes and tones. What I have come to call the art and science of the Lexigram is sacred beyond mere mortal's beliefs, yet here I will prove it to be so.

Among the simpler things we have created with this art and science are prints and T-shirts and bumper stickers that heal folks when they read them. One example : Top line in big bold letters :: Be SACRED, and below this is : CADS ARE SCARED. Cads are those folks who would scare another in any way for their own power, they think. Or if you prefer it to read even simpler : Be SACRED - not SCARED. The same letters creating two words in perfect anagram form showing us our points of choice to source from or reside in, fear or Love. SACRED or SCARED. This simple knowing can serve you well, eternally so, for at any time you feel any fear or low level emotions you do not seek to create, simply inhale and come back to the SACRED heart of Love and be in peace as the still silent observer, knowing full well you do not have to do anything in this universe from fear. Fears are tiny bubbles of thought in a sea of Love. You are a sacred being, dear reader. This work will show you how well cared for you truly are when you are aware of the power of your own words issuing from your own lips. Please empower your heart lights of Love while I share with you a few Star Arts from the unpublished manuscript :

The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See
The Nature of the Lexigram

LETTERS LET SEER SEE … which is what letters do do … they let the see'r see ideas through words, and more is to be revealed to you from the letters of LETTERS as we go along in future issues.

For now, you can know that while it is true that as a SEE'R RESET LETTERS ~ LETTERS LET SEER SEE, also true is, SO DO WORDS.

SO DO WORDS SOW WORDS … letters form words … words let you see ideas, and words birth new words, and there is more to be revealed in the Star Arts of WORDS. Words shared with another can cause the land to be plowed, and the metals to be formed to rods, and the weapons to be wielded to harm or turned to 'plowshares' of creative endeavors. Please read these short ideas very slowly, pause with understanding at each colon mark : let your very cells feel the depths of these knowings, all from the letters of WORDS : WORDS DO SOW ROWS : SO DO WORDS SOW SOD : SO DO WORDS SOW RODS : SO DO WORDS SOW SWORD : WO ! : SO DO WORDS SOW WORDS.

This is what sentences do … they let you see complete ideas anew.

There is still more to be shared from LETTERS, WORDS and SENTENCES in Star Arts form and you can know more will be shared in future issues.

I say to you … You can be the I in BLESSINGS any time you wish. For now, please allow me to shower you with BLESSINGS as you read each line of the Star Arts of BLESSINGS, oh so sacredly slowly, with your fullest understandings of this key that goddESS Love placed into Her word with the letters of BLESSINGS.


Will I Am
Keeper of the Words Sword
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