A Letter to Ruth Lee, Scribe, about Star Arts of ABUNDANCE and MONEY ...
Adapted for sharing on our web site.

You will easily see all the words in the Star Art of ABUNDANCE and MONEY are spelled using only those letters that spell the words themselves.

If you are new to the Star Arts, we invite you to visit our Introduction to the Lexigrams page.

On the E with Ruth Lee ...

In response to comments about abundance and money, I share these two Star Arts of ABUNDANCE and MONEY, below.

Give these Star Arts a sing songing in your slow go alongings, Ruth ...
and don't try to do the whole thing at once first time ..
that would be on tbe level of a command performance for
kings and queens and presidents and premiers, as would be CORPORATE.

When the issue of no money comes up ...
take your time with this in the soundings with a bit of songing with voice.

My point being, no monotone about it with this Star Art of MONEY.
And please, you be the ONE, and you be the ME in this Star Art riff on MONEY.

  Here are the definitions as meant in the Star Art of MONEY.

OM is indeed a slow long ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
   Yet it is written as OM, so let the sight of OM in a ine here below cause you to go into a slow ommmmm, you will know.

The OM mirror, MO is short for MOther, or MOm,
   or other kind ways of saying the Love of the Birthing Mothers of Us All, such as MOre.
This can be your own mom, or the MO of MOther Earth or MOther Nature.
  MO in this Star Art signifies the Birthing Source of All That Is,
   be this Love human, or earthly, or natura, nature of all.

Sound it out again as MO, close to MOm and MOther, and ..
  though it can also mean MOre, is not long in its spokenness, its sounding is brief.

MO is also a slang among humans, such as you want mo gravy with those potatoes ?

MON is man.  English word, MON, means man.

YO ! is a calling to attention from Love itsElf to Love itsElf, and yes, that'd be you, Dear Reader for it is true, We Are All One

    We are all of the One Love sOurce.

Let the Star Art begin with the quest on many minds ...
  the subject of MONEY in the cooperative exchanges of humans world wise.

First, the questions ...
Then the answer begins with your call to the cosmic meditation available to all.
Take your time on the first OM you see.  Slow down, read retardedly in speed, ponder each line well.
  [ Editor Note : This Star Art has been greatly expanded in tonings, to the point it will become unbearable to those who cannot do slow.   There is enormous power in the slow ... America is soon to learn more of the power of the slow in wondrous ways. ]

Remember, You be the ONE mentioned in the MONEY and you are also the ME.



Yo  ! Om Mo Money On
Yo ! Om Mo Money On One
Yo ! Om Mo Money On One Mon
Yo ! Om Mo Money On One Mo
Yo ! Om Mo Money On Yon
Yo ! Mo Money On One
Yo ! Mo Money On Me
Yo ! Mo Mon, Ye On
Yo ! Mo Mo On Ye
Yo ! Mo Mon, Ye
Yo ! Mo Om, Ye
Yo ! Om On
YO !!! OM
One Me
One Ye
Om On Me
Om On Ye
Om On One
Om On Mon
Om On Money
One Om On Mo Money
Om On No Money No On Ye
Om On One Mo ~ Om
Me Om On Mo
Mo Om Me
Mo Om On
Me Mo Om
One Om Mo
Mo Om, Mon

A Star Art of the Letters EMNOY, which create the word, MONEY, as shown above, is a slow go, Dear Reader, with some lines of odd soundings, especially in the later parts of the art. It is an eternal song, and the quick read through does not approach full understandings of this song.

New awareness can come from new soundings and vice verse.  Read the Star Art with the agreement that, you will not begin to read any next line of the Star Art till you have comprehended and felt the meaning of the line in your imaginations of how you see things anew.
MO OM, YO!  Translation : be aware of your sound you make with your lips, more, you!  MO is more, OM is sounds of creation, YO is you.

The Star Art above can take on the hums of chants in the soundings of the MO OM ON.   Yes, we are out on the edge here, revealing the song parts of MONEY.  This is an eternal game and our words are our sword of creations.

ONE OM ON MO MONEY   Feel the meaning, best you know, before you go to the next line.
This line in the art, MO OM, MON, is saying to men, meditate more for the store of the universes is unendingly abundant within thee with goodnesses unending when you can still thysElf and dim the mind images to still silent.  Be of service sans ego in all ways best you can know and best you can learn to know, and you can do so.

Simple meditations brings quietings of the mind, and then, you know to be busy about your creatings in the exchangings.

The best dream is to be aware while you breathe in peace. Action and stillness, both worth mastering, with a peaceful mind.

No one owns anything, Ruth, no one earth, not eternally. And this IS an eternal game.

Yes, I know, we have deeds and documents galore to show ownership ... hurricanes and tsunami's and earthquakes and the risings of the shores can show these documents to be of zero value and in fact themselves gone among the missingnesses of what is washed 'away' leaving that which was once 'owned' now unownable as it ceased to exist.

How temporary it all truly is, all the paperwork to prove ownership.   All the while ownerships are used to harness the 'work' of humans in the taxings upon them and the payings of the inflationed interests upon interests built into every step of the system of current money.

Humans who seek to own others and their efforts are causing so much unpeace in the lives of so many humans.

A wise man wrote elsewhere that the definition of government is the collective irresponsibility of the people, and so it is.

Giving up freedoms they no longer can even imagine having for themsElves, paying their money into false treasuries to be abused by those who truly do not care about the 'masses' while these same spenders are taxing them on incomes, taxing them on their homes, taxings on farms, our very source of continued life's sustenances, taxing them on products, taxing them on services, taxing them on their pets.  Our elders can pay more in yearly property taxes on their homes than they paid for the entire house.  Banker's inflations, built into the money system. Taxing authorities threaten a family's home over unagreed upon property taxes and so destroy the peace of Americans throughout our lands.  Take their
home away and sell it to one who is better at having money to pay the pipers. What do these folks do to make more money ? Currently in America, we have many of them who are selling homes and foreclosures and bankruptcied property to themsElves and others, for the imaginary profits they will soon reap.  Others will destroy more resources so they can cash them in and have the money to pay that home mortgage, or those property taxings.

And the wheel turns, and the resources become depleted, and the rapers learn new ways of raping their brothers and sisters for money, oblivious to their own destructive doings upon others.

From Enrons to Worldcoms, the corporate rapers are sick puppies sucking at the tits of a sick political system, and vice versa.

One accounting that has been missing from the accountant's money computations in their profit scenarios is this ...

Mother Earth is a living breathing being, and she struggling to do so by our 'wrong' actions across the lands. We literally are destroying her trees, her seas, her airs and her dirts, for money and for consumption to be 'happy.'

We can only care for our Mother best we know wherever we go and help our brothers and sisters awaken to her life, and her creatures and seas and dirts and airs. 

  [ Editor Note : place the exhaust of your cars into the front door of any home in America, and your right to run your vehicle will cease to exist very quickly by the irate human linving there, or those in that home will die a quiet death going to sleep from YOUR exhaust being sent from your one car into his family's home.]

Ponder well the scar of the cars upon America and Americans, their airs, dirts, plants, animals, their homes, their nodes, their sharings, their very lungs.

Separating homes wtih streets for cars scar the lands, making boxes of dirt separated by cement and asphalt, marked off and platted on the city / county / parish / state maps, property taxes .. these are the quietest crimes in American communities.  America is finally awakening to the scars of the cars, when will the awakening ones begin to think in new ways to create nodes of livings without scars upon the land and without 'authority' to 'serve' them.

Currently, in almost every city in America, folks are prevented from creating nodes of self-sustaining sustenances. It is called Zoning Laws of business design, mind you. Profits again, without accounting Mother Earth except on a plat map.

Abuncance ?  in America ? 

It is written elsewhere that we are now no longer living in a democracy, nor a republic .. we live in a media-ocracy, or mediaocracy. The mad media idea pumping up Americans on destroying Iraq in the name of saving Iraq, was lies upon lies from the get go, and the media was not duped, they were partners in the lies.   America was duped by a media which is dependent on false profits from false prophets, destroying the name of those who spoke truth, and applauding those who claimed the emperor was not only smart, but he was all dressed for God's Battles, and he was the one who could see us through.  The voice of reason was ousted by the 'close call' of the public vote and the no longer supreme court itsElf made their presidential pick of the Bush II Presidency.   As George Bush was able, he use a bale laws ruse so he show Al Gore as a loser, so instead of having competent leadership with sound reasoning, we have religious bigotry prancing as warlords in our Oval Office. [ 2010 : that statement is no longer true. ]   The Christian Right is and now was responsible for the deaths in Iraq, the tortures America has committed, the imprisionings of humans without legal or other social representation, the destruction of Iraq, and her people now living under civil war conditions.   Where is our abundance in all this ?

Where is the abundance for the Iraqi's ? The oxymoronic religious right is indeed oxymoronic and you can see them by their fruits ...
wars, deaths, imprisonments, forced birthings, forced separations, the list goes on.  All the while wearing their corporate and political suits sitting in their power suites twisting laws to suit their needs and passing the moneys in their appropriations for death upon others.   Saddam Hussein in on trial for a few hundred deaths. George Bush, middle name Walker, has caused over 150,000 deaths of humans in this war of revenge of one burning Bush, in the name of hidden revenges and oil's spoils.

Peace on Earth Good Will All is attainable, to the point the Mad Media Idea Die, and the media have no choice but to report the healings across the lands.   The problems we humans have caused are easily solvable with new awarenesses which here on earth, now. Star Arts are but one body of knowings you can test for yoursElf to be true, or not. This is powerful stuff.

'Twill be and already is a good and grand time in these awakenings many are seeing occur in the Americas. Brazil is in the news a lot lately with their healings of major problems affecting their nation and all nations. Our thank you to the media that does share the new awarenesses and the healings of Mother Earth hersElf with our new doings.

Thank you, Dear Ruth, for your works in these awakenings and healings of all you touch with your doings.

Will I Am
Keeper of the Words Sword
Sheathed @ https://www.goodworksonearth.org/

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....

It's an attitude.

It's an awareness.

*Meanings of AUBADE :
In music ~ A song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking day break.

A wonderful way to celebrate yOur arising

*Meaning of ABUNDANT :. From the Latin abundare, meaning to overflow, overflowing.
1: plentiful; in great quantity; fully sufficient;  as, an abundant supply.
2: abounding (in something)
Synonyms : ample, copious, exuberant, luxuriant, plentiful, plenteous

Ten Steps to Feeling Good Naked
Old link : http://www.oprah.com/health/omag/health_omag_200110_naked.jhtml
New link : http://www.oprah.com/index.html
One of the best lists of how to heal we have ever seen.
It is written by Laure Redmonds.
Print it out, put it on your mirror.
You work it, it will work for you.

We do have another list that heals instantly, if you work it.
  This is the true abundance.

Knowing that Love is the Source Energy of All That Is.
  Let go of all the dichotomies of life.
   Release the polar express sions of good and evil.

1. Inhale with awareness of Love's gentlenesses.
2. Shine the heart light of Love's brightnesses.
3. Forgive all, including sElf, completely letting go of ego.
4. Talk and walk with Divine gratefulness in your heart and thought, for all that you see and hear.

If #2, 3 or 4 are in any way difficult for you in the beginning ...

Please see these Star Arts





Now, treat yoursElf ... go sit in a sacred hot springs and breathe.
No hot springs nearby? Sit in the forest.  No forest near ?
Sit in the center of the sun with your inner eye, listen in silent.
Anywhere you are, these four steps above are Divine Healings.

If you like this healing ... and you wish to
have a few more that work stellar wonders
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Dance a dance .......
The Star Art of DANCERS

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We share with you a few words from another ... on the subject of ABUNDANCE :

"I want to share my thought that it might be of great benefit for all of us to understand that our lives have nothing to do with ourselves.
They have to do with everyone else whose lives we touch --- and that is the secret of abundance. To experience true abundance,
you must ignore the agenda of your body (self survival) and focus on the agenda of your soul. It is my observation that very
few people have spent a lot of time during this particular life paying attention to the agenda of their soul.
Yet there are a few people who are now ready to fly, to go places where no human has gone before..."
(thank you for the phrase, Gene Roddenberry).

By arriving at Good Works On Earth you have arrived where no human has gone before, and you have done so since 1986-1987 and you had to go nowhere to experience your arrivals no matter where you not be and matter where you be. In 1991 the name Good Works On Earth came to be in sounding and sone and then ... you must know the work has been freely shared here at the Good Earth Works Network since 1998, on the lit up internet.  Point being, you can browse our 710+ web pages and know you have arrived where only Love has gone before, only the source can go where the creation exists, you see ... and so now you know and I say go further in these very readings below of another's words ...
please read dear and slow, each line :::

'The irony is that in the moment that you decide and declare that your life has nothing to do with you or your body, everything you ever sought, hungered for, struggled to obtain for yourself and for your body will come to you without effort. And you won't even care, because you will no longer need it. You will enjoy it, but not need it.

Why this is important is that the whole world is following you. We're watching you. We're imitating you. We imitate each other. Children imitate parents. Nation will imitate nation. We take our cues from each other, and every so often one of us steps out and says, 'Not that way. This way.' The Buddha did that. Moses did that. Jesus did that. Muhammad did that. And now, we can do that.

Yet you would not be moved to unless and until you understood that you have come to this world to share a very important message with everyone whose life you touch.

'The message that you have come to share: 'Hello...Wake up. Do you know who you really are?'

'From beginning of time, all we have ever wanted was to love and be loved. And all we've ever done is create moral restrictions, religious taboos, societal ethics, familial traditions, philosophical constructions, all manner of rules and regulations telling us who, when, where, what and how we may love, and who, when, where, what, and how we may not. What are we doing?!

'True abundance has nothing to do with anything that I am having, and everything to do with what I am being. And when I share my abundance of beingness abundantly with all those whose lives I touch, everything I sought to have comes to me automatically without my ever trying to have them.

'Don't get caught up in the thought that your abundance/success will emerge from what you are doing. You'll be running around doing this and doing that, doing this and doing that...and end up with nothing but a pile of do-do.

'When you see a person who appears to be doing nothing and abundance is flowing to him, what's his secret? He's not Doing anything ... he's Being something.

'When searching for right livelihood, stop looking for something to do and start looking for something to be. Get in touch with that part that resides deep inside of you that knows who you really are and what it would take to call that forth in a beingness way.

'Look inside.
What is it that you’re being when you feel totally fulfilled and totally self-expressed?
Maybe you're being wise or clear, maybe sensual, maybe creative, maybe sensitive,
compassionate, caring, or humorous, maybe athletic....look to see what that is for you.

'The problem is that most people do not think they can Be who they’d love to Be in life ...
they cannot 'make a living' at it .... so they settle for something less. Yet your opportunity is
to make a LIFE rather than a LIVING ... '     - Neale Donald Walsch

Source Material :  http://www.cwg.org/

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