This message was received at Good Works On Earth and first shared on our site on October 13, 2003

The Prophecies Regarding Mount Shasta Are Coming To Bear!
As most of you know, STARDOVES, Interdimensional Ambassadors of Light, - were recently deployed to Mount Shasta. Having physically led thousands throughout the world, to many sacred sites of Mother Earth, during their pilgrimages to India, Egypt, Mexico, the Philippines, Hawaii, Central America, Greece, Glastonbury, Palenque, Tibet, Nepal (and more) performing sacred Interdimensional Light-Services with the Council of 12. They have been brought to the Earth, to the star portals here in Mount Shasta for the purpose of cleansing and awakening gateways and providing outer support and physical land base for all of these forces to be facilitated smoothly and efficiently. In this manner, Mother Earth may advance and have her 2,000 years of peace and harmony, basking in milk and honey but not 'through the sweat of thy brow'! As soon as STARDOVES arrived at Mount Shasta and put out that message via these Internet Broadcasts, a message from Larry Frank came in, stating that according to various sources that *1remnants from the 'lost' continent of Lemuria were able to escape the destruction of their continent by reportedly being able to relocate 25,000 survivors to an enormous cavern that is located beneath Mt. Shasta. As many of you know, this is connected to other subterranean and 'Hollow Earth' 'Cities' of Light, which Kiara Windrider wrote about in his book*2'Doorway to Eternity'. These survivors of Lemuria call their new home Telos, which means, 'Communication with Spirit.' From this communication with 'Spirit' they have created a highly evolved civilization where perpetual peace and joy exists for all, in a 'world' in which they do not experience disease, aging (past 35) or death (by degeneration) of their physical bodies.Larry brought to the attention of STARDOVES that these survivors of Lemuria 'HAVE REPORTEDLY ANNOUNCED THAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO EMERGE, IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, TO THE SURFACE AND INTRODUCE THEMSELVES TO THEIR 'UPSTAIRS' NEIGHBORS WHO WOULD WELCOME THEM.' Eventually Larry sent to STARDOVES 2 cassette tapes by International Channel, Sophia On Ra*3. It was astounding how this channel recognized the Telosian Portal here and advised the McClung's about its location and that it needed to be moved to another area by trained clairvoyants and healers experienced in portal clearing service. On the tape, too, was Lady Jane McClung's observation of the portal as follows: 'It is a well-known fact that living next to Black Butte was like bathing in a very hot spa where all kinds of people were attracted to take a dip, and immediately whatever is inside that being which did not serve the Highest Light was brought out to the surface, negatively affecting everyone around!'To which Sophia On Ra commented, 'Indeed! For Black Butte is the heat vent for Mount Shasta!'

Then it all became clear why STARDOVES were going through some unusual challenges with certain souls around. Sophia and the STARDOVESreached similiar conclusions, that the portal definitely needed cleansing and must be moved to another area where no beings can be harmed.

Then when we read from Diane Robbins' book 'TELOS', a special message from ADAMA, an Inner Earth Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, it all became very clear why Messengers and Ambassadors of Light suffer on this planet. They have things stolen from them, they were beaten, despised by the masses, even crucified, when he said, 'For the past 12,000 years, we have been able to rapidly evolve in consciousness due to our isolation from the marauding bands of extraterrestrials and other hostile races who prey on the surface population.' Now we understand that we need not feel bad that we just gave our $55.000.00 cash to an investor and builder who stole it; or that we sold our washing machine and dryer, to an earthling mother who begged us and promised to pay in installments and never sent a red cent until now! And when we are attacked as being this or that, we know now to tell our members not to worry, that these, as ADAMA said, 'marauding bands of extraterrestrials and other hostile races who prey on the surface population' will only improve our humility and compassion, we see no attack, hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil! Yea we seek to console rather then to be consoled and we have recently learned to try to understand rather then to be understood. Yet still, we do know why the Goodly ET does not yet land, and the Inner Earth being will not yet come to join us here!

STARDOVESnow know very well, as does ADAMA, that we were preyed upon by negative forces masquerading in human bodies while in Taos. And, even here at this sacred Mount Shasta portal, negative forces gather to prevent us from going forth with the work the Masters have assigned us! It is such a strange mission here on Earth! Because of our actual experiences here for the past 2 months we are beginning to totally re-think our strategy and location. We have learned that the entire area from Stewart Springs (Northwest of Mount Shasta), including Mount Shasta to Big Bend Hot Springs to Mount Lassen, are actually what make up this entire megalithic sacred site that includes Inter-Dimensional Doorways, Inter-Galactic StarGates, Telosian Portals and an Inner Retreat of the Ascended Masters, as well as where Shambhalla is relocating its Headquarters for the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet for this Age and Dispensation.

Coming here was also a direct result of our contact with Adama, and other Spiritual Masters assisting the Earth from the Stars. We were deployed to the inner earth opening in Cumberland, at the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky 1992. Later, we met Telosian Prince Shield Dux, in Santa Fe in 1998, which also got us to calling again on ADAMA to do work on the Sangre de Christos and the 4 Corners. In fact, it was also ADAMA who told us to come here to Mt. Shasta (with St. Germain of course). We were told that it was time for the Inner Earth people, the Lightworkers on Earth, The Ascended Masters of Shambhalla and the Goodly ETs above us, to gather together to do a special work. The focus was to take place here at the home of the McClung's, where we are now blessed to have a refuge to do the work until we re-build our Ashram here in Mount Shasta. Here we recognized this place immediately as a portal and sacred site. Here is the beginning part of that work. Here is where we will have our first meeting with all of you! And just a few miles away is the 320 acres at the end of Deetz road, which is the next step, where we will build the Ascension CommunET.

Then came Larry Frank's interest in this matter; and now we hope it is also yours! One startling piece of sacred information that Larry shared with us that really piqued our interest is as follows. He told us that he noticed that an Inner Earth Being named Rosalea, who was his Twin Flame, just happens to nearly match our dear Moi-Ra's (A CO-STARDOVE) biological earth name which is Rosalia! Moi-RA's connection to Lemuria (being from the Philippines) is accentuated and now with her namesake being here underneath Mount Shasta, this brings much hope and excitement! This following excerpt from Kiara's book sums up the type of energy that will allow one's access to the Portals, 'Will we meet people we can trust? People whose hearts are open to us?'

Our dear friend, Larry Frank, invites you, along with us and others, with this statement: 'If your heart is open to MEETING THEM, then you are invited to attend a grassroots 'Welcoming Committee' or 'Preparation For Contact Gathering,' right here in the Mount Shasta area at the McClung Foci residence.

Because of the Great Interest in these matters and the importance of opening, protecting and acclimatizing the portals, we are welcoming ALL who feel the call to come and serve, learn and play!

Each of You are hereby invited

to attend a grassroots 'Welcoming Committee ' Meeting

Mt.Shasta - at the Mc Clung Home

{Directions sent upon registration}

Oct 26, 2003 * From 2 to 6 PM

{Note the time changes to Daylight Savings Standard Time - set clocks back 1 hour on this day!}

$22. Requested Donation



Held at: THE MC CLUNG HOME: - This is the location of the Black Butte cone volcano vent sacred site portal as identified by Stardoves, Sophia On Ra and others. During this meeting STARDOVESwill co-facilitate explorations into the deeper mysteries of the Inner Temples that exist here in the Mount Shasta area, including St. Germain's Temple of Magic and Purification, the Portals to Telos, the Star Gates to Venus and Shambhalla's Temples of Light that can be accessed here. We will all anchor our BELOVED Goddess/God Presence on Earth. Perform service work to balance/heal the time line, the past life imbalances, and all untoward energetics from presences of ancient Egyptian, Lemurian and Atlantean systems. The Inter-Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command will assist us in anchoring Love and Light Codes through the ley line system of Earth starting here at the StarGridGates of Mount Shasta.


Special Messages From Stardoves


AT THIS PRECIOUS MOMENT IN TIME FROM AUGUST 8, 2003 - NOVEMBER 8, 2003 and into 11:11 & 12:12 2003 HARMONIC StarBeams of Love and Light will travel through the StarGates, Interdimensional Portals, Telosian Emergence Doorways, and Inner Retreats of the Ascend Masters on Earth like never before! It's a Great Time for service and growth at the portals!

When pilgrimaging to any of these places, we would suggest not to come as tourists, but as Initiates of the Light coming to open, cleanse and balance the portals, emergence points, gateways, stargates and interdimensional doorways, the Inner Retreats and Temple systems. We request you all to connect with the Sweet Keepers of the portals and the ancestors of the land, and with the Masters who oversee Black Butte and Mount Shasta - so you may experience the energy and receive what you will be coming for. Know that when you come, you will experience the energy.

If you do not feel it consciously, you will have the experience of it anyway in a form that will activate your being in the best way for you at the time. Of course, it will assist you as you walk around the area of Black Butte, so we are including a time to walk the land. You will receive codes from the land that hold keys to your purpose on Earth at this time. This will bless you and transmute you, changing your energy patterns, balancing them multidimensionally. The Masters of Telos, Shambhalla or Goodly ETs will commune with you. These communications and codes will activate your chakra system, just as our work here as a group will balance the chakra system of the portal and the changes in your lives and the life of the planet will mutate peacefully, safely and at a harmonious rate suited for these times.

Take the time to consciously experience the divinity within your being, and the beingness of all those around you, in communion with the Masters while at this Telosian portal and Interdimensional stargate. It is also an Inner Retreat of the Ascended Masters here - and you will bring peace to your being and help assist the planet move into PEACE, A PEACE beyond your imagination!

Thank you for coming!

This is A Call for the Alliance of All Beings


in, on, above and around the Earth!


Over the next nine years these StarGates and Telosian portals will increase their vibratory patterns causing a mass awakening of all beings on Earth, bringing Earth into alignment with The Highest Light Sources. Many of you are instrumental in this work, as your activations in your missions with this work at the various sacred sites that you have traveled to and will for anchoring the energy, is instrumental in this work. Service at these Gates can be the greatest time of your lives. Dr. Joshua David Stone,
MSLA Founder and host of WESAK:

And now a sacred message from the Master of Ceremonies of the greatest spiritual gathering that goes on every year in Mount Shasta - THE WESAK CELEBRATION! Dr. Joshua David Stone had this to say when addressing a letter to Raja of Stardoves and Ray Pelletier, Guardian of the McClung Ascended Master/Telosian Foci Home: DEAR RAJA AND RAY, GREETINGS! UPON CONSULTING WITH SPIRIT AND THE MASTERS WHAT THEY TOLD ME TO TELL YOU IS THIS: THEY TOTALLY SUPPORT WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND I DO WANT YOU TO KNOW I FULLY SUPPORT WHAT YOU ARE DOING! GO AHEAD FULL FORCE.' - Much Love, Joshua

Kryon live channeling - Mt. Shasta, California
June 21-22, 2003

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The energy is strong here. Honoring Those Who Are Part of Mt. Shasta It's time to speak of this area [Mt. Shasta]. There's no better time to speak of an area than when you're sitting in it, and it has much to do with the planet as a whole. It has a great deal to do with those reading this. Let's start with those who live here. I'd like to greet and celebrate the Guardians. This is a name we're giving to those who have vibrated higher almost all of their lives. They were born with the Lemurian energy, they could hardly wait to get here [Shasta], this is where they were drawn, and this is where they stayed. They literally nursed the information of the mountain, the Guardians did. You might say they were the forerunners of the Lightworkers. {NOTE: STARDOVES Were just sharing with their students how they, in this lifetime, (1984) were married atop Mount Shasta during a ceremony presided over by St. Germain, performed for a service to offer for humankind. And that even a decade earlier in the 1970s, Dr. Raja was here on Mission just before being deployed to the Star Temples and Pyramids of the Yucatan. Yes, STARDOVES roots go way back in this mountain indeed!} But oh, they're more than that. They anchored and held the energy and kept it fresh around this mountain. It's fresh to this day! First-timers to the area: Are you aware of the kind of energy you walk within? Those of you who have trekked up the mountain know that it speaks to you. Did that surprise you? There's much going on here, and we're going to even rename the process.
The Guardians - who are they? They're the Human Beings who've lived in this mountain area for years and years and years. They've watched the comings and the goings - they've watched all of the energy around the mountain - they've seen the truth and they've seen the non-truth. They've seen the frivolity come and go, and they've remained anchored, keeping the mountain precious ... holding it for what it's going to do. The Guardians. These are the ones to whom we say, 'Well done!' These are the ones to whom we would like to say, 'And if you wish to leave now, you may. Permission is granted, and you may pass the torch.' In fact, some of you are tired, are you not? You think we don't know this? Now that the grid has settled and we move into the crystalline energy, the inter-dimensional active parts and pieces begin to move. It's a different energy. You Guardians are finished. You did it ... held the energy to the manifestation of what it was designed for, and you've done a fine job.Why move? Because you're about to see a shift in this Mt. Shasta area. There will be great comings and goings even within the next three years. Those who have lived here for a very long time, for whatever reason, may choose to leave. I'll tell you something: There are Guardians here who would never come to a meeting like this! They don't think they're spiritual, but even they are holding and anchoring. Much of it is intuitive ... drawn to the area lifetime after lifetime and keeping watch over it. Even these who don't hear this message will feel it in their bodies, a surging intuitive feeling that their job is done. Although it's a precious place to be, some of the Guardians will leave anyway, not even knowing why. We celebrate the Guardians, and we tell you that these Humans do not reflect old energy workers. They are the forerunners of you, Lightworkers! If you call yourselves Lightworker, then you are the ones who will take the mantel of the Guardians. An influx of energy and humanity is about to happen here. Guardian, as the energy begins to be realized and the reality of what is taking place begins to manifest, you'll no longer be able to keep Mt. Shasta a secret. Don't be alarmed, however. Realignment and Shift of Mt. Shasta's Energy Many of you have always known about the energy of this place. But did you ever know of the timetable? What about the prophecy of the mountain? There's a shift taking place that even the most esoteric of you are not totally expecting. Let me ask you this: If you think about those on the other side of the veil, you'll know intuitively that there's no gender there as there is on Earth. Angels may appear to be male and female, but they're neither. We've told you repeatedly that Kryon and all of the family around you are genderless. Gender labels and names in spiritual matters are something given to you for energy identification. When you speak of spiritual gender, you're speaking of attributes around energy. It gives you something to relate to ... this thing is masculine, or something else is feminine. It becomes a communication identification tool, and not a biological designation. Get ready for something you didn't expect: That system is over. There's no longer any reason to give elementary information in parables to those who are enlightened in this new energy. So we tell you this: Something is going on in the mountain. Mark my words right now so you can refer to it later. In the not-too-distant future, the ones who identified the male and the female portions of that mountain behind us [Shasta] will have to reevaluate it. The energy around it is melding. It's melding. Some of you have been aware of this for a while. There will come a time when you can no longer say that this particular portion 'is masculine' or that this particular portion 'is feminine.' Although those are the energies that have always been part of the mountain, the mountain itself is melding those energies. It's changing. It's changing because it's time to change. Oh, there's more. We're going to give you a new word. Some have asked the Guardians: 'Is this Shasta mountain a vortex or a portal?' Some of you locals have thrown up your hands trying to explain this. It has the attributes of both, does it not? How do you explain it, then? Well, let me tell you what it did regarding the mountain behind us. It activated it. It has been waiting all of this time for the shift of the magnetics of the planet. Is it a vortex or a portal? Neither. It is instead something new: It's a vortal. A genderless vortal. For those who don't believe this melding process, I ask you: Why would you be shocked at this when the energies of the planet are shifting so greatly? Where does it say that the polarities always have to be the same geologically forever? With a huge shift in magnetics, wouldn't you expect the polarities of masculine and feminine to adjust? Where does it say that things only work one way and stay that way?The prophecy regarding this mountain has spoken about those within the mountain who are fifth-dimensional. What's going on? What's happening to the land? This prophecy is beautiful. It's esoteric. To some, however, it's eye-rolling. Could there be proof? Some prophecies would indicate that there's an interdimensional city in the mountain, one inhabited by fifth-dimensional beings with Lemurian energy, they say. We'd prefer not to call it a city. That makes you compare it to what you're used to. We'd like to call it a 'gathering.' It's a constantly shifting and changing interdimensional gathering of beings of the fifth dimension. (Again, the five is for you.) There's more prophecy, too. The most unbelievable and eye-rolling portion to some is this: There will come a day (they say) when the mountain will disgorge those who have been in there for eons! There will come a time (they say) when these fifth-dimensional beings will walk the streets of Mt. Shasta! That's what they've said.Well, perhaps you can celebrate this truth with me in an esoteric way, for it's beginning to happen. As you sit here, the city within stirs. Don't be frightened. It's a celebration of you. Let me give you some things to think about: For years, we've told you about a time when your DNA could be activated in an interdimensional way. Some have said that it would be activated into the fifth dimension. Again, that term stems from the idea that you're moving out of 4 (your reality) into the next one (which, to you, is 5). That has been the information. So, what do you think this activation includes? We're going to give you just one attribute of 'activating DNA.'What if today's scientists are right, and you actually have interdimensional matter within your body? What if the things that you cannot see, but which are there, might include beings (angels, to some) who have stood by to come forward when it was proper and the energy was right? They come to literally be part of the Lemurian family and to be part of the very DNA that you carry with you. Think about it for a moment. Do any of you feel incomplete? Are you waiting for something or someone to join you? And what is all of this Lemurian talk about? I'll give you some answers, but before I begin, remember this: You've given permission for this. No matter what I say or do, there are some (who see conspiracy and drama as their way of life), who will say that this is a takeover. 'See!' they will say, 'Kryon has tricked us to allow the Lemurians to take us over!' Let's get this out in the open where you can look at it so it's not a secret. Use your intuition and free choice. When God fills you with love, is it a takeover? No, it isn't. It's a transformation.The Lemurian Connection There is a core of humanity who has always been here ... who's never left. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, it has incarnated into expressions of humanity that emanated from the continents and many societies you called Lemuria. It was one of the greatest civilizations on the planet. Although it was small compared to today's standards, it was enlightened, almost to the end. It had great leaders and scientists, almost to the end. The first group of you who emerged could be found in the Indus Valley in yet another great civilization - almost all composed of Lemurians. However, it was not in your best interest to 'clump' into another advanced society, so you were scattered yet again, this time all over the Earth.The core of the group that sits in front of me tonight, and many who are reading this, are a part of this original family. These are the ones to awaken first on planet Earth - the few of you who carry the stamp of the Lemurian and Indus culture. It surges within your DNA, Lightworker. Are you not aware of this? Some of you have memories that you cannot explain of your time there. It is the core group that is interested in these things - the one with the Lemurian DNA that awakens first. Like some kind of broadcast receiver, the DNA in most of you is being activated at a level that tickles your free will, and is asking you to take a look at everything, because something is different. I'll tell you what's going on: For many of you, there is the awareness that you're now ready for those of the fifth dimension to join you. What am I saying? There's a great deal at work on this planet that you've called fifth-dimensional energy, including entities all over this planet who are waiting to enhance you, to join you in a way you cannot even fathom, in an inter-dimensional way. Don't make this sound like an invasion! It's an invitation through free choice, to accept the angels who are standing by to become 'part of you.' It also includes the energies of all the masters who have walked on this planet. Many of them even told you of their return, and that they would 'fill you' with their presence. Many of you wondered if the Ascended Masters would return and walk the streets of this planet. Well, Human Being, when you leave this place, or the place where you're reading and you walk outside, that's what's happening! That's the reality. Are they walking the streets? You answer that. Are you walking the streets? It's about you, and it always has been about you. Many of you are beginning to understand our Channelings over the years. You're now becoming aware that the ascension of this planet, and the return of the Masters, is beginning to happen within you! Go back and revisit The Journey Home parable. It's about a Human who became divine, simply through pure intent and a transformation of being through knowledge. It's about ascension! Many spiritual Humans wish to sit back and have the earth and God 'do something' for them. They wish to watch it, feeling that they're only Human, after all. Not this time. Those days are gone. You want to watch the handiwork of God? You're going to have to look inside where God lives. That's where it's going to be - all of it. And so we tell you this: All that is here in Mt. Shasta - all the prophecies about the beings waiting for a certain kind of time and energy on the planet - is being realized. The entities in the mountain are lining up to be part of you. Pieces and parts of them will become pieces and parts of you. Family will join family.How can we explain this to you? Will you change? Yes, it's called Ascension! How did you think that was going to be accomplished? It's accomplished with profound help and beautiful love. It's all part of an energy on this planet that we told you about. Do you know what happens to a core group that goes through that? They change the very dirt of the earth, and the reality of the planet. The consciousness of the children are all part of it, and they're changing too. It's all part of this decade, one of the most profound in Human history, where you'll decide what peace on Earth really means. That's what's happening here. STARDOVES: This is what this work is for - for you - FOR PEACE ON EARTH, and the community for our UNIFIED ASCENSION and BLESSING OF THIS WORLD. Won't you join us?

Click here to come to this meeting - make this YOUR FIRST STEP! Portals to Perfection Mother Earth/Gaia through Pepper Lewis

August 2003
I greet you from that place of oneness that is your own. We gather here as if in timelessness, a placeless place where we meet and greet one another. It is nothing more than a portal used to access a state of conscious awareness. It is both a circle and a spiral within your own matrix, and even if the experience seems quite physical to you I would argue that it is not. It is a grounding of energy ... Is a portal a simple doorway? For some it is nothing more than an entrance to or an exit from, but it can also be much more than that. A true portal is a way to something greater than the self or at least greater than the self’s consistent reality. A portal is the manifestation or doorway that confirms the desire to experience something beyond (not outside) the self; it is an energetic door of intent. When one desires to move beyond a certain threshold, a creative act called desire (or need) invites energy to participate and interact in new and different ways.An invitation does not always result in an experience, it is an invitation after all, not a commitment. Sometimes a glimpse into, through, or beyond a portal can be very satisfying, even if only temporarily so. Contemplation upon the threshold of experience can also be quite fulfilling. For some it is enough to say that they have stood upon the precipice, they need not leap from it to make the experience more real, and for others it is well enough to say I will return tomorrow or the next day because today I am not ready.One cannot be forced through a portal or even coerced into one. A creative act such as desire is the energetic key for attaining success in this model. Without this key, energy can become dense and sluggish, true creative energy is fluid, mobile and light. What is the purpose of exploring the energy of a portal? It is to experience a moment, a purpose or a lifetime that is greater than what is available in the current reality or experience. It is to be in choice regarding one’s reality and experience.A portal is a crossroads of energy that enables a creative sequence or string of opportunities, which in turn manifest different realities and experiences. Portals are one of the ways in which the universe invites you to participate with your Self. When you chose your present life you accepted an invitation to express yourself in certain ways, but that was only the beginning.

A creative moment does not become less creative if it is temporarily set aside in favor of a non-creative moment, it continues to be what it is. Likewise, you do not become more of what you already are when you cross a threshold or pass through a portal, because you already are All That Is. Why bother, then? Because, for the soul, the joy is in the experience of understanding itself as Itself and in the expression of Itself as itself. The parent sees itself in the child and the child expresses itself through the parent. They mirror to one another the relevance of the creative act of self-expression; they reflect the joy and the sorrow, the excess and the lack.


Can one create a portal to self-expression at any time and in any moment? Yes, but in order to activate the portal, which is to say have something on the other side of its threshold, one must also have purpose. So, purpose plus creativity equals experience. Those who stand upon a creative threshold, but find themselves unable or unwilling to cross it must first find purpose within them, and then make it their companion. What is purpose? Purpose is active intelligence, and it is a byproduct of creative desire. It is the yeast that makes the bread rise, the coming together of form and formlessness and the ideal that becomes the idyll. What if purpose or active intelligence is not present? Is all for naught? Certainly, one may think so and many often but just as a fine wine cannot be rushed divine timing responds only to the soul’s call.Experiences beyond the third dimension are best accomplished when desire, creativity, active intelligence and participation are all present. These conscious, transformational experiences are available and accessible by you, but remember, they are possibilities not requirements. They are not prerequisites that you must accomplish on your way here or there. They cannot gain you entry or reentry to that which has always resided within. - © Pepper Lewis & The Peaceful Planet, 2003. To receive further messages and/or be placed on our mailing list, please call (818) 713-1966. Portals, Sacred Sites, and The Energy GridsbyQala Serenia PhoenixNo more Divine than you, yet truly Divine I Am. This is my truth and the truth I hold for you. I am Qala. Come into the arms of Divine Mother and Father ... Love and Wisdom ... and be nurtured and raised until you feel you could be no more filled ... Source awaits you.

There are 7 primary starry portals that anchor the Divine Plan on Earth through the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command. These sites extend not only into the Earth, but are also starry portals. These are Sirius A, Venus, Andromeda, Arcturus, Chiron, and Maya and Alcyone of the Pleiades. These 7 form the galactic gateway that was shut down during the fall of Atlantis and periods known prior to this when Maldek exploded and began to form as an asteroid belt. Through reconnecting to these 7, one is able to restore one’s consciousness as a galactic emissary on the Earth plane. In other words, through this, you will anchor your Divine Galactic Presence which is very joyful, playful and loving and has great wisdom in relationship to group consciousness activities and new ways of being in group.

I have written a large 600 page manual that describes how to connect to the cities of light within these portals and what the etheric temples and the sacred sites can offer your being and the Earth through this connection. I would be interested to hear from anyone who lives near any of these portals and is interested in working with them in a new way or increasing your potential to assist our planetary and personal evolution through contact with them. You may correspond with me through the email address for this purpose.

The Prophecies Regarding Mount Shasta Are Coming To Bear!


This first meeting will be called, 'The Prophecies Regarding Mount Shasta Are Coming To Bear!' And may be co-facilitated by Sophia on Ra, Messenger, Spiritual Midwife, Gridworker, Interdimensional Telepath, and Full Body Channel serving the Light in a number of capacities as through The White Brotherhood, Sisters included, and the Sirian White Lodge, the Archangelic Realms and Ascended Masters, the Galactic Council, the Council in Shambhalla, and Adama and the Telosian and Lemurian Councils will provide communication to and through Sophia. She also has available for her use and discernment, the gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience (the ability to feel and read energies). Using these abilities Sophia On Ra facilitates individual counseling sessions, classes and workshops and currently lives in the Dunsmuir (near Mt. Shasta) area and can be reached at: 530-235-4485.

This first meeting is also being sponsored by Larry Frank.

Hello, my name is Larry Frank, this excerpt from Kryon, of which, I can send you the text of upon your request, is to inform you that this prophesy is starting to fulfill itself.On August 18, 2003 I had a meeting with a woman from Mt.Shasta who told me that on December 16, 2002 she had an extra-ordinary experience when she encountered one of 'them' on a street in Mt.Shasta. She also told me that a couple of months ago she went up the mountain to meditate and requested to visit these beings who live in the mountain which was granted. Her experience was tape-recorded, of which, I can email you the transcript of upon your request. My email address is:

In addition to this report I am awaiting a written report from a woman from New York who, after receiving dreams about 'bunnies', on Mt.Shasta, claimed that she saw Adama*1, the reported High Priest of Telos, in the Bunny Flat area on July 5,2003.

These new reports follow other reported physical and dreamstate encounters with 'them' which are apart of my 24 page research report entitled: 'The Emergence of the Telosians'. The report also has archaeological based info on their existence and excerpts of channeled information from the Telosians or the Guardians as Kryon calls 'them'. The report concludes with an announcement of an upcoming Preparing for Contact 'focus' that will be facilitated by Adama and the Lemurian/Telosian Council through Sophia On Ra*3.To receive this report send $6 to the address below. Sincerely,
Larry FrankLarry Frank
3691 Gilbert Ct.
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*1:To view a portrait of Adama and read excerpts of channeled information from him go to: and click on the cover of the book entitled: 'Telos: The Call Goes Out from the Hollow Earth and the Under-
ground Cities ' by Dianne Robbins. *2: Stardoves readers will recall Kiara well, one of Stardoves Marketing with The Stars 'Star Clients' whom we encouraged and coached to enter his book in the COVR Visionary Award System and who won the Silver Award for best spiritual book of the Year a few years back. Kiara is presently in India with wife Grace.*3: To receive a 90 minute audio tape of Sophia On Ra's channeling of the Lemurian Council and Adama and a dubbing of the recording of the woman's encounter experience that was mentioned in this message send $12 to the Larry's address above. Other related Internet links include:

In addition to the Internet sites there are many books on the Lemurian topic such as 'The Lemurian Way' by Lauren O.Thyme. 'Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific' by Wishar Cerve, 'Mount Shasta: Home of the Ancients' by Bruce Walton, Emilie A. Frank's Inspiring Book 'Mt. Shasta, California's Mystic Mountain,' which is now in its Third Printing! And 'The Lemurian Scrolls' by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. EMAIL SENT BY STARDOVES 



Lest you not forget who you are and why you are here... to be love... to live the truth... to create the highest heart manifestation of all lifetimes and to heal all that does not serve you anymore... Let us gather as one family of Love to experience The Divine...We knoweth the truth... no more, no less... and we offer this to you only from the Grace of God that we serve with our hearts... May it be that you receive all that you are willing to give to yourself through your own open heart, one thousand fold again as we hold you in our hearts and all that is not love lifts from you... You are freed to feel your soul love to the brim of your being and overflow the Golden Chalice that you are.

Lord Maitreya 

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