This graphic is provided by, showing a few statistics of our Just Us system that has been perverted to "Jesuit Justice." Police Brutality: Know Your Rights
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medical aid claims,
wardens instead of deans,
prisons instead of homes for all,

weaponeers instead of healing engineers,

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Our schools, Hoo - so locos.
Our politicians .. our pol's as a sop, so polis ail ails. (sic)
Our loci cops, our police lice lie, so poorly named.
These three are the source of christianity's patriarchal
 judgemental insanity's continuing in the name of a dead
man on a cross who never called himsElf Jesus, nor the
Christ, and who would have done everything he could
to bring Love's awareness eternal into the situations.
His name, close as I can tell, was
Yeshua ben Joseph
a son of a man named Joseph
a son of a woman named Mary
He spoke Aramaic.
He was Jewish.

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know your rights, police brutality,
justice, punishment,
healings, miracles, awakenings, awareness

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