This is our response to : Oregon Consumer Affairs Office Bill - SB 363
74th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY-- 2007 Regular Session
Senate Bill 363 : Sponsored by Senator MORRISETTE (Presession filed.)

This is our response to the letter sent us by Drake Eubank and David Oaks, their information and letter follows :

20070117 : Our response to your letter regarding the Oregon Senate Bill 363.

Greetings Drake Eubank and David Oaks,

On behalf of Jonathon Lee Schive and Good Works On Earth, we thank you for your work in bringing peaceful sane
healings to psychiatric survivors, and in preventing their abuses by the pHARMa medicos in the first place.

Secondly, I want to share that January 17th is the first anniversary of the death of my son, Jonathon Lee Schive
He suffered a long slow tortuous death at the hands of the Oregon psychiatric and medical community, beginning with Ritalin
in grade school, and then really beginning his denigrations and degradations at the Salem Psychiatric Hospital.  It took every
penny I had to force the legal extraction of Jon Schive from the psychiatric institution.  They had him on Zyprexa and several
other psychotropics, he ballooned to over 300 lbs, from a beautiful 150 lb wide awake and aware teen ager to a 300 +- lb
zombie who could only beg me to get him away from these people in this prison called a hospital.  I cried when I first saw my
beautiful son ... they had numbed him down to drooling and mumbling and barely there.  Every penny I had went to legal costs
to extract him, and I brought my son back to my home to heal.  He had stretch marks like a mother's when he lost his weight ...
they never went away.  Well, long story short, his mother committed him again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and
again.  And if you can't stand that repetition of the agains, imagine the harrowing tortures of a young son kept in mental prisons
and physical prisons the psych's use, forced to take drugs by threat and coersion, forced to listen in silent to psychiatric clap trap.

I wrote Senator Gordon Smith, upon the death of his son, Garrett Lee, my letter of condolences and a suggestion.  I asked him,
because Jon asked me to tell him that Jon would give Senator Gordon Smith his signature okaying the complete release of
his medical records throughout Oregon so that the Senator could determine one thing ... to determine the total charges to
the city? state? federal? by the pHARMa medicos.  The cost, Jon knew in his heart, would be staggering.  He could have
been sent to the finest colleges in all the lands of Earth and had money to retire on right from the get-go, had that money
been invested wisely in a young man. Instead, he was imprisoned for no crime other than his confusions of life and because
one person couldn't deal with his questions, he was put away, on drugs to dumb him down, in a monstrous psycho prison. 
He could have been sent to the finest retreat centers on all of Mother Earth and he would have been nurtured and evolved
with sane awarenesses as his model.  Instead, he was sent to the Tartaruses of Oregon's sick medical claim lies lied by
lame medical males and lame medical ma's who themsElves are falsely programmed and trained to believe in the
pHARMa claims.  Zyprexa is only one of the drugs that killed my son, and the people of this great
Nations State of Oregon paid a harrowingly high price.  But, no one really knows that price of
Jon's tortures at the hands of the pHARMa trained medicos as psychiatrists and psychologists.

The Senator sent me a glossy photograph of his family all smiling, thanking me for my condolences, and not one word
about determining the cost Oregon paid to the medicos to kill my son with their unproven untruely tested pHARMa's so profitable.

Jon eventually paid the highest price in terms of his train ticket to Heaven.

Exactly 365 days after his death, he whispered a reality into my ear that I didn't realize he gave me before.
You see, he walked away from the front of a train on down the tracks, ignoring or not hearing the whistle
or the rumble on the tracks of the train's wheels all screeching their stopping of the train, too late to not hit him.
Jonathon did not leave a note, but he did give me a gift ... when folks ask, I can say,
He was killed by a train accident. 
I don't have to say, Oregon psychiatrics and their pHARMa drugs killed his spirit, so he committed suicide. 
The doctors had already done that.
They killed his spirit because they couldn't see it.

My name is Will I Am, the father of Jonathon Lee Schive (May 24, 1981 - January 17th, 2006)

Again, please know, Jon and I both thanked you for your work then, and we do so now.

Blessings Be I Sing In Sign,

Will I Am
Executive Director
Good Works On Earth
a Peace On Earth Good Will All Site

20070117 : Oregon Senate Bill 363

[email protected] wrote:

Hi Oregonians who care about human rights of people in the mental  health system:

The State legislature in Salem is in full swing. And it's time for  citizens to speak out for the empowerment and self-determination of  people in the mental health system in bill SB 363 described at bottom.

BELOW is a forwarded message from Drake Ewbank about how your support  is needed for this bill that is a step toward that empowerment. As  Drake notes, passing this will be a bit more uphill than we had  hoped, because Governor Ted Kulongoski's proposed budget ZEROED OUT  support for this project... so it's in the hands of the legislature  to make this funding real.

Please read below, act on it by contacting your state elected  officials, and forward! Any questions, Drake's e-mail address is :
drake at

From: Drake Ewbank - drake at
Subject: NEW Oregon Consumer Affairs Office Bill - SB 363
Date: January 16, 2007 11:24:03 PM PST

Okay folks, its showtime...

This is not in the governor's budget so it will require a significant  lobbying effort to get it funded. Everyone needs to get organized and  we need to get a legislator everywhere to get this in. There is also a bill [364] that takes no money if this is not going to succeed, I.E. only includes the parts of this bill that take no money from the general fund.


There will be a hearing on this soon and will otherwise need to have many people testify to its benefits. It also puts into the statutes the existence of a Consumer Advisory Council. Morrisette office will put out the word as soon as it is scheduled for hearing, there will not be much notice so everyone should please be ready when it gets scheduled.

It is our belief that the governor just does not know what the peer movement is, and otherwise has no good referent for the benefits of  what we do. Included here is the text of the bill - it has a lot of  good stuff in it - as well as our real chance to have a permanent  presence in Salem.


74th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--2007 Regular Session
Senate Bill 363
Sponsored by Senator MORRISETTE (Presession filed.)


The following summary is not prepared by the sponsors of the measure  and is not a part of the body thereof subject to consideration by the  Legislative Assembly. It is an editor’s brief statement of the  essential features of the measure as introduced.

*Establishes Consumer Advisory Council to advise Director of Human  Services on provision of mental health services.

*Establishes Office of Consumer Affairs in Department of Human  Services to promote consumerdirected mental health services.

*Establishes Office of Ombudsman for Mental Health Consumers in  department to provide services to consumers of mental health or  addiction services.

Appropriates moneys from General Fund to department for purposes of Act.


Relating to human services; and appropriating money.
Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:


As used in sections 2 to 7 of this 2007 Act, “consumer” means a  person who has received or is receiving mental health or addiction  services.


The Department of Human Services shall develop a policy that supports  and promotes self-determination for persons receiving mental health  services. The policy shall be designed to remove barriers that:

(1) Segregate persons with disabilities from full participation in  the community in the most integrated setting in accordance with the  United States Supreme Court decision in Olmstead v. L.C., 527 U.S.  581 (1999); and

(2) Prevent persons with disabilities from enjoying a meaningful  life, the benefits of
community involvement and citizen rights guaranteed by law.


(1) The Director of Human Services shall establish a Consumer  Advisory Council to advise the director on the provision of mental  health services by the Department of Human Services. The council may  review, evaluate and provide feedback on all site reviews related to  mental health services provided by the department.

(2) The director shall appoint 15 to 25 consumers to the council. In  making appointments, the director shall give consideration to  geographic representation of the entire state.

(3) The department shall provide administrative support to the council.

(4) Members of the council are entitled to compensation and expenses as provided in ORS 292.495.


(1) The Director of Human Services shall establish within the  Department of Human Services the Office of Consumer Affairs to  facilitate, promote, monitor and provide training and technical  assistance to consumer groups and to promote the organization and  implementation of consumer-directed mental health services and  consumer representation.

(2) In addition to the duties described in subsection (1) of this  section, the Office of
Consumer Affairs shall:

(a) Provide networking and technical assistance and regional  coordination of information among consumer groups, mental health  programs and government agencies;
(b) For publicly funded mental health programs, provide quality  assurance and technical assistance oversight with respect to consumer  participation;
(c) Evaluate the efficacy of, supporting evidence for and  desirability of available mental health services with respect to the  persons receiving the services;
(d) Monitor the delivery of peer services and peer credentialed  services and evaluate the impact, relevance and efficiency of the  delivery of evidence-based services in peer delivery settings;
(e) Evaluate and report to the director regarding the impact and  efficiency of the department’s budget with respect to the delivery of  peer services and consumer choice;
(f) Evaluate and report to the director regarding the effect of  statutory provisions on the availability of consumer-directed mental  health services and on decreasing the social stigma that may be  experienced by consumers; and
(g) Perform other duties as the director considers necessary.


(1) The Department of Human Services shall provide administrative and  technical support to the Office of Consumer Affairs for purposes of  evaluating and implementing peer-operated, evidence-based, clinical  and non clinical services provided as consumer-directed mental health  services.

(2) The Office of Consumer Affairs shall provide oversight and  assistance to the peer operated and evidence-based services where  applicable.


(1) The Office of Ombudsman for Mental Health Consumers is  established in the Department of Human Services. With the concurrence  of the Governor and subject to the availability of funds, the  Director of Human Services shall appoint the ombudsman and may  terminate the ombudsman. The person appointed as ombudsman shall:

(a) Have experience receiving mental health services, as a consumer  or as the parent of a consumer who is under 18 years of age;
(b) Demonstrate through prior experience a commitment to the  principles of self determination, recovery and the resiliency of  consumers; and
(c) Meet other criteria as determined by the Office of Consumer  Affairs established under section 4 of this 2007 Act, the Consumer  Advisory Council established under section 3 of this 2007 Act and the  Governor.

(2) The ombudsman shall:
(a) Provide information and assistance to consumers; and
(b) Report to the Governor in writing at least once each quarter as  required under ORS 182.500. The report shall include a summary of the  services the ombudsman provided during the quarter and the  ombudsman’s recommendations for improving ombudsman services.


Except as otherwise provided by law, at least 20 percent of the  membership of all task forces, commissions, advisory groups and  committees established by a public body as defined in ORS 174.109 and  relating to persons with mental health or addiction issues shall be  consumers.


The Department of Human Services may adopt rules to implement  sections 2 to 7 of this 2007 Act.


There is appropriated to the Department of Human Services, for the  biennium beginning July 1, 2007, out of the General Fund, the amount  of $________ for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of  sections 1 to 7 of this 2007 Act.

~ ~ ~

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