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Welcome to our 2009 Index Page
This page is a snippet of a peek at a year in terms of our Notes on the Home Page.
What you see below was our ever growing Home Page until 20091212.
On that day we moved all timely notes here, clearing the doorway to Good Works On Earth.
We will no longer be creating the Notes on the Home Page.
'Twill remain static and the Notes will themselves become new pages.
New pages to our site will be findable by the world's search engines,
and of course our internal search engine.

It is intended that the Book of Creations will be released in some form on our site in 2010.
Until then, we welcome you to Two Thousand Nine

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Welcome Home In True Light
Welcome to Good Works On Earth's Home Page Time Slice of 2009
We Share a Complete Index of the Awakenings and Healings of the Earth Heart.
The art and science of the Lexigram is revealed herein, using the words of English,
  in Name Arts and Word Arts in Star Arts form from Good Works On Earth.

This is an Ascensions and Awakenings in the Light Age website.

This entire website is about awakenings and healings in the ascensions ongoing.

Blessed Mother's Day Is Every Day
This Cosmic Star Art begins with three OM's that ran together into a mom.

Our Great Spirit Earth Mother
Great Spirit Earth Mother Goddess
The Star Art of MOTHER Poster

An Eternal Noting, An Eternal Knowing
The Power of Slow, America ..
Ponder it well.

Once you touch the true power of it all, you will well know what has true value.
On that note, we invite you to listen to a great viewpoint on the Power of Slow ..
Carl Honore praises the values of slowness here :

Note of 20091211 : The Festival of the Lights
WE INVITE YOU to let your heart hear the HANUKKAH SONG, written by Senator Orrin Hatch, music by Madeline Stone..
The Video and Song of the Hanukkah Song : HANUKKAH SONG at
We invite you to read the story of how Jeffrey Goldberg inspired Senator Orrin Hatch to pen the Hanukkah Song.
Drop all pretenses and racial dearths and hatreds and let your ears hear a Mormon's Honoring of the Jews.
Read THE STORY of how this song came to be, by Jeffrey Goldberg at THE ATLANTIC :

Oneness Awareness

Oneness Awareness
Explanation and Invitation
offsite link

NOTE OF 20091118b :
As explained and caused by, DECISION POINTS
by George W. Bush

Illegal wars, based on illegal lies as echoed in DECISION POINTS, the book.

Letters wise ...
The clearest revealing, Perfect Anagram wise. - Kathy Onu
Despotic being the key word.

NOTE OF 20091118a :
Inspired by someone's search yesterday for the book title,
GOING ROGUE, by Sarah Palin,
we present to you a few samplings of
Perfect Anagrams of the title, GOING ROGUE.

GOING ROGUE book title by Sarah Palin, letterwise ...
The Title and its Perfect Anagrams
GOING ROGUE == EGO ROUGING : putting makeup on the ego while going rogue.
GOING ROGUE == GROIN GOUGE : talking nudity and unmarried pregnancy, and more.
GOING ROGUE == O! EGO URGING : good for her ego ... egg her on.
GOING ROGUE == U R EGO GOING : that's the fact, ego running amok.
GOING ROGUE == GO ? RUE GOING !! : if she does this, she will regret it, per the book title itsElf.
GOING ROGUE == GO ? U R EGO'ING ! : reason being, she is running on pure ego with not a studied thought about it.

If you listen carefully to Sarah Palin, you will hear her dis others to no ends.
If you listen carefully to Sarah Palin, you will hear her dysrationalia.
If you listen in silent to Sarah's words, you will hear personality clashes, not political insights nor wisdoms leading towards peace on earth good will all. You will hear simple sound bite titilations, including her commenting on published nudity in her family sphere and sex under her nose without her knowing it ? This really is ego run amok in a book title of, Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin. My name is Will I Am, and I expect these to be my last words on aaahilnprs and eggginooru, and the reason is you will begin to see ego does not last long in the arena of political evolution. Newer awarenesses are establishing themselves with humans. No one with a caring learning can long listen to claptrap from the likes of You betchya shout-outs running rogue republican lies for her own clan's purposes, not for the betterment of America hersElf.

Note regarding 20091111 :
A Veterans Day Note from November 12th.
PREVENTABLE DEATHS: A report from Harvard Medical School, released Tuesday, found that over 2,200 veterans died last year because they lacked health care. At least 1.46 million vets between the ages of 18 and 64 went without insurance in 2008, the study found, leading to "six preventable deaths per day." While most are eligible to receive excellent care from the Veterans Administration (VA), a 2003 Bush administration decision excluded many veterans from VA care. Veterans whose injuries are not related to their service or whose income is above a certain threshold are assigned low care priorities -- providing them with less consistent care for which they have to pay a larger out-of-pocket fee. As authors of the Harvard study noted, uninsured vets are "like other uninsured Americans": working people who are "too poor to afford private coverage but not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid or means-tested VA care." : Source :

NOTE OF 20091022 :
For those who search our site for this sacred name : Vandana Shiva.
The above offsite like will take you to her Wiki page.
This link is her US home page :

NOTE OF 20091021 :
This is our favorite Search of the Year :
mother earth is a living organisation that feels and breathes

Also, we think the real search phrase the person wanted is :
mother earth is a living organism that feels and breathes
NOTE OF 20091015 :
Congratulations to the peope of Costa Rica, and your President, Oscar Arias in your establishing the Costa Rican Ministry for Peace and Justice.
Congratulations in your being the third nation in the world with its Ministry, or Department of Peace established.

Also on this day we announce Canada has begun its process of establishing by law its Department of Peace.
Earth healings begin in human awarenesses knowing peace ..
Our source :

NOTE OF 20091014 :
Congratulations to the Center for Middle East Peace,
a non-profit institute contributing to achieving just that,
and our condolences to the United States Congress ... for you see,
Congressman Robert Wexler has announced he will become President of the Center in January, 2010. He will be retiring from Congress after 13 years of extraordinary service to Americans and to what some may call, the Goddesses of Truth in the name of democracy, in the name of the people, with honorable humaneness in actions and words, including his investigative actions. Our thank you to the people of the state that brought such a man to the American Congress. Thank You, South Florida, for seeing the capabilities and honor of Robert Wexler and sending him to Congress.

NOTE OF 20091006 : on a True Sickness of MOTHER EARTH and her own breathings :
"We have to value forests when they are alive and standing," Papua New Guinea's climate negotiator Kevin Conrad said last month. "Presently, we only value them when they're dead."
If Mother Earth is not allowed to continue her easy breathing, nor shall we humans, all.

We invite you to see a Senator Unfiltered.    Watch the first episode of Senator Sanders Unfiltered. We invite you to hear an ongoing treason amongst us as Americans, easily explained by a Senator. We invite you to care as you read Senator Sanders' words ...

This Is Our Note of 20090810 regarding American's as independent and progressive.
An independent progressive is a potent awareness.
Now the question is ...
Are the words of this senator awakening and healing to Americans, and so America ...
   or, is he just another one of the Treasons Senators ?
   is he just another Bernie Who made off with the green energy awarenesses of Love's knowings ?

" ... Hi, I'm Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the longest-serving independent in American history.

I'm an independent progressive for a reason. Actually, for many reasons.

Here are a few:
   The American middle class is under threat of extinction.
   Wars are waged for the profits of security contractors and weapons manufacturers.
   The bank lobby, the insurance companies and the drug companies practically run the House and Senate.
   I could go on.

These are problems with solutions. But not the kind of market-based, incremental solutions that many of my colleagues favor. As a matter of fact, my colleagues and I aren't going to solve any of them; these are problems that require strong grass-roots movements to solve. The simple truth is that if millions of people stand together, there is very little that can't be accomplished.

That's why I've partnered with my friends at Brave New Films to bring you a weekly show in which I can speak directly to you - unfiltered.
Citizen to citizen. That's how we make change."

Senator Sanders Unfiltered is the name of the show.
Watch the first episode.

We can say it as human to human.

Be Aware of the American Media's Health Care's Myths
Be Aware of the American Media's Health Carer's Myths
Be Aware of the American Media's Health Caring's Myths
Be Aware of the American Media's "Health" Scaring Lies Appearing to be realities
Be Aware of the Advertiser's Health Care's Myths
Be Aware of the Promoter's Health Carer's Myths
Be Aware of the Television Stations Owner's Health Scarring Myths
Be Aware of the "Health" Scaring Lies Appearing to be realities

American colleges, American corporations .. they all scream for ...
We ask you, is profit a very high awareness to base a healing system upon ?
We say to you ... in your life ... is profits top spot ?
We suggest to you that also in the profits is, it is to stop !
Take profit out of health caring equation ...
  and in so doing we will remove the health scare.
What purpose does an insurance agent provide in healings ?
To say nothing of the insurance executives whose sole purpose in their suit and suite is profit.
Female or male .. makes no difference. They are trained to think that way ... profits is tip top fit, in their mindsets.
That must be shattered. Insurance agents ... can become MTs. They can study something worthwhile in life.

Now, the question is ...
is this particular site spouting out truth in droves, or lies of the profiteers ...


Be Aware of the "Insurance Agent Cares" Myths : IT IS TO POST PROFITS !!
Be Aware of the "Insurance Cares" Myths : IT IS TO POST PROFITS TO TOP !
Be Aware of the Insurance Profession's PROFITS TO PROFITS' PROS
Be Aware of the Insurance Ruse User : Their lies are legion.
Be Aware of the Insurance Scare : Their words are to terrorize.
Be Aware of the Insurance Ruse User : The agents who promise false realities.
Be Aware of the Insurance Nuisance : The agents ? they have little clue and less value.
Be Aware of the Insurance Nuisance of Delays and Refusals of Services
Be Very Aware of the Insurance Nuisance Profits
   the Pointless Salespersons and Executives of No Value in Human Healings and Health.
Be Very Aware of the Insurance Nuisance Profits
   the false realities created by salespersons and executives in the name of 'share holders' profits
Be Very Aware of the Insurance Nuisance Profits
   the paying of healing awareness and health action's monies to salespeople and executives who have zero to do in healings.
They render no valuable service, in fact, they render damaging lies in sure ruses for false profits.
Insurance is a sure ruse user in American Healing Awarenesses.
They provide America zero value, nay ! they steal the health care money !!
They, being health care companies full of busy bees moving decisions and paper money for naught other than profit.
Far better would be this ..

One Healing Awareness without profit as the motive.
... by, for and of One America's Healing Awareness Systems.
One America's Healings Care System
America's Healings Awareness
America's Healings Care
America's Healings System
America's Healings
American's Healings
Names to go on ...
And .. we add ..
May the American "Health Care Scares", and its lies, be damned.
American Healings
America's Health
Names, names, names.

Become Aware of the Healers Cares
To wit : we share this one quote so true ... from a Dr. Jim King in Selmer, Tennessee :
"The United States has a catastrophically fragmented system that provides incentives for sick care instead of prevention."
Quote source :

Now, tell us, please ... where does profit serve the human in healing awareness and healing care ?
Add up all the insurance profits paid out to shareholders,
   add to that all salary and bonuses paid to salesperson and executives,
      add to that their buildings, planes, parties and vacations and ..
         other now hidden " false expenses."
Insurance executives using profits for gatherings in luxury spots on earth do not help American Health.
      add to that the lost time of Americans filling out forms upon forms upon forms.
Forms which, among other things ... are used by insurance companies to prevent their caring about you.
There are the savings to fund the newer American Healings Aware system.
Try on a new viewpoint of taking care of each other as mother does son and daughter with hearted Love.
Profit as a motive is a very low tone scale activity for a mind to engage in as the ideal,
   for it is not a high minded motive.
Capitalism has its ails, and only the mindless uninspection of economics and its results hides the ails.
All the while, the ails are in plain sight for all to see, and experience, unless you have the hard to get insurance.
Limiting the number of doctors who can be taught and you keep the suppy down, keeps profits up.
This is a very sick system that the AMA has fashioned into form for profits, not for health awareness in America.
Be Completely Aware of Thy Healings in Thy Sight, Earthlings
Become Aware of Thy Healings in Thy Sone : sone is sound, your voice, your words.
Become Aware of Thy Healings in Thy Tone : sone on tones with your voice, your words.
Note Well Thy Own Notes and Tones
Note Well Thy Own Ears and Eyes
Know Well Thy Own Miracles Real
Know Well Thy Own Breath
Know Well This About Thy Diet .. as you are the Author :
Repower Your Own Body Healing and Health .. it is in thy diet.
Go Organic : Grow Hemp : Touch the Dirts of Mother Earth

Going into the Historical ...
.. 20090120 ..
The Inaugural

is now happening in
Our American White House

See for yourself at the
Office of the President, Barack Hussein Obama :

America is in the process of restoring the CORPORATE IMAGE.
The Corporate Rapers are finally being seen for what they are,
rapers of all of us and our commons.

All based on false accountings which are themselves based
on a false system of accounting. Imagine a real and true
system of accounting that takes into account Mother Earth
and her breathing, her gifts, her products we use, and
the effects upon Mother Earth being accounted for.

Imagine a new basis of awareness in world wiser accountings
called Market to Mother Nature.
A new nameing.
A new meaning.
A newer awareness, resulting in the new accountings of
   the entire cycle of creation and destruction of
   a production and actions to create the product.

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Most shall see the inbetweens.
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Yes and Yet, from this, the changes have, shall and will come eternal.

Speaking of which ...

Let Thy eye see the changes in yOur collective responsibility.
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