Good Works On Earth does not own the bins you are searching the net to find the owners to complain about the unauthorized placement of a 'Good Earth Works' bin.
possible crime scene photo possible crime scene photo

We have suggested to folks who find bins on their property to contact your local police / or other authority in such matters, and if that does not resolve the problem, do the following, if legal in your jurisdiction:

1. Photograph the bin from all angles so the location is shown, and the condition of the box is shown.
2. Now, with two witnesses, transport that bin safely to a secure location without damage to the bin.
3. Now inform the authorities in your jurisdiction in writing that you have done so, and include the informtion on where the bin is located, and how access can be gained with your help. Also include the photographs, if you can. It is worth printing them out and doing so by a copy shop so the date of the photographs / printing shows.
4. If possible, leave a small weather-proof (zip log bag!) sign where the bin was located informing the ownwers to contact the authority who knows what you have done. Otherwise, because it was placed on your property, you can expect someone to inquire as to what happened to the box. When anyone asks, first get their name and contact information, then you will know who the owners are.

The above is our sharing of what has worked for others.

Good Luck to You,

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~ Kathy Onu ~
The Letters Settler

Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt,
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This page was created on 20160319 in response to contacts from the many folk's property being abused by the unapproved location of 'good works earth bins' of which we have nothing to do.

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