On 20060120 we learned a saint of saints has again walked through the veil.
 A founding staff member of Good Works On Earth now sits in heaven and takes his walks down the light train tracks of heaven's Love.

On 20050524, a day we are celebrating the Birthing Dates of Living Saints, someone performed a search at msn.search for the phrase,

god's work on earth

Gods Work On Earth ..
This could also be searched as god's words on earth, and you will find the surer answers, for all issues forth from the power of the word.

In the beginning is the Word, prior to the word is the Breath, and with the breath is the Still Quiet Love, UnFormed and UnNamed.
That quote is from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See.

Here are the finest examples of God's Words On Earth ... Her Axioms of Her Letters
There, you will see the axioms of this art and science called the Lexigram.
If the Lexigram is new to you, we invite you to read the Introduction to the Lexigram.

We now know DNA is a key understanding of who we are, what we are created by in form.  To show the power of the word,
we share the Star Arts EARTHLINGS

Finally, we invite you to the DNA of the word, ENCODINGS
This one word is indeed among the finests of God's Works On Earth, in Word Form.
Be patient with yoursElf as you read the Star Art of ENCODINGS .. go very slowly, and read it over days, if need be.
Your cells need a bit of time to feel what you see and read and understand. If you zip to the next line without feeling the truth of the lines shared, your cells will not be given the time to imprint the awakenings in the word, ENCODINGS, which is God's Code.

Again, this is Goddesses and God's of Love in their own creations.

Never doubt the power of your own spoken words.
Turn your ears on and hear yoursElf.

Breathe the earth's breaths and be well.

The Board and Staff and Volunteers and Artists of Good Works On Earth Wish You Well in the Lights of Love

We also highly recommend you view the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, so as to get a gist of the show.

And now ... many earth spinnings later, treat yoursElf to the movie creation named, Off the Map.

A Name's Meanings
Theotokos - Mother of God, God Bearer, Bearer of Love's Words to Flesh Worlds

  Goddess Clementia
Generally invoked to protect the common man against the emperor's absolute use of power.
Reference Source : Encyclopedia of Gods, Over 2,500 Deities of the World, by Michael Jordan


Here : you can find
For yoursElf, and for others.

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Key Words :
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no where, now here, zero point, let there be light, zeropoint, f=ma

Search Engine Visits :
: goddess path :
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~ Goddesses created Gods
and Her Gods created heavens and earths to share in dream forms ~
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: god created heavens and earth :
eros rose petals on naked girls ?
what is the relationship between God and the gods and goddess ?
:  and god said let there be light interpretation :
goddesses of the naked

Our personal favorite definition of God is :
Plural for Goddesses

Ponder this above definition well and you will see this to be true on
many levels of awareness of Love's Star Gates Now Open to Us All

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We invite you ...

Peace on Earth


Sexual Star Arts
Sexuality & Sexualnesses

We invite your ideas and images for sharing herein.
Links will be provided to sexually and spiritually uplifting sites.

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Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
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It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
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