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This is a sad tribute to a man's legacy ...
Mosaic of soldiers who died in Iraq

Source Page : http://photomatt.net/2004/04/07/mosaic/
Imagine the mosaic of the Iraqi civilians who have perished by George's War ..

This has resulted in treason to our military and genocide upon Iraqi's.
Mr. G.W. Bush is the man responsible for his pressing the war,
along with his Vulcan Team, as they called themsElves.

Yes, Virginia ... The healings to the difficulties do exist in
awareness beyond what has been used as of late 2006.

You have found the answer to the quest : The Name Game (george bush), without notes.
The George Bush Name Game, with notes.

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These are the times of the Love outshining the hate, the communications healing the miscommunications.
2008 is gonna be great, provide the Bush Master powers up his real and true ability to speak truth.

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