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In the News : 20070101 :
George Bush Stats 2007 : New George Bush Statistics Page and George's War Surge
Our 3,000th American military person is killed in Iraq because of a false and illegal war.

2004 : Statistics : George Walker Bush / George Bush / George W. Bush / G.W. Bush / Jorge Bush / Middle Name : Walker :
Pri Son Err Numb Err 21804002 : a priori : a prior gaol 3rd Dim En Sion Al
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 Counting since:  2 February 2003  /  17:56
 Current report:  28 Oct 2004  /  12:27
 Summary : Period: 611 Days
 Daily Unique:
     Today                 17  /  28 Oct, Thu, 2004 14:00 pst
Yesterday                 9  /  27 Oct, Wed, 2004 Web Site Down 12 hours
Long Term Daily Average         7
Highest Day          45  /  25 Oct, Mon, 2004     ( On November 4th, the new highest ever is 178 new visitors that day.)
  Alexi Standing on Web :   1,113,355 <  20041027 count   :    ( 20041105 count is :  976,915 )
Unique Visitors                 4318 - 92.14%
Reloads                                 368 - 7.85%
Total Visits incl. Reloads  4686
   Visitors via Referrers      2476 - 57.34%
     Website Referrers          254

Weekly Unique:
Current Week                     111  /  Wk 44, 2004
Last Week                          203  /  Wk 43, 2004
Total Weeks Averaged      45
Highest Week                   203  /  Wk 43, 2004     (October 2004 ended at 486 new visitors in Week 45)

Monthly Unique:
Current Month                 666  /  Oct, 2004  : We neither made this up, nor planned to visit this man's page at this time.
All months' averaged        205
Last Month                         611  /  Sep, 2004
Highest Month                  666  /  Oct, 2004  It ain't over yet.  (October 2004 ended at 798 new visitors for the month)
Highest Day of the Week        Wednesday
Highest Hour of the Day          14:00 - 14:59
Highest Keyword Searched           bush
Highest Searchengine Results     Google

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Browser         MSIE 6
Continent             North America
Domain/Country     .com / United States
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Operating System         Windows XP
Screen Color             32 Bit (16.7M)
Screen Resolution         1024x768

A Star Art of BREATHES, freely shared with you this day ... 20041105


The above Star Art image is linked to the fuller Star Art of BREATHES on our site, again, freely shared with you
in the name of awakenings and healings in peace on earth.

The following is a letter to the editor printed in the Register Guard newspaper on November 4th, 2004.

President Bush is a Deceiver
For centuries, Christians have been reading, worrying and warning others that there would come a day
when the prophecies of the Book of Revelations would come true.  It was written that there would come
a man who is most deceiving, who promises peace and safety and comfort for all, who actually claims to be
speaking for God.  But all the while he is selfishly, greedily, underhandedly performing the work of the devil.
Christians have fretted over this for years and yet, when he appeared in their midst, they did not know him.
Out of their fear and insecurity, they have re-elected him.

Cathy Rose
Monroe, Oregon
The Register Guard : A Freely Owned Newspaper

The address of the Star Art of ASCENSION is at :

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Our Home Page :


Awakenings, Forgiveness, Healings and Tolerance are what will establish peace on earth with no weaponeers .

This is all a mental universe, and the Bush Team is well aware of the power of the words, while their actions show death and
destruction all about.  A few days before the November 2004 elections in America ... it was reported that over 100,000 Iraqi civilians
have been killed by the Team BushMasters.  Over 1,200 of our nations finest humans have been killed in Iraq.  America is not seeing
these pictures, America is not seeing the photographs of children blown apart by America's weapons from afar.  America gives no thought
to the recent message of Osama bin Laden, most don't even read it.  Yet, what he spoke, the parts we have been able to see, is true.
He speaks more eloquently than Mr. George Walker Bush.  Saddam Hussein al Majid spoke more eloquently than Mr. George W. Bush.
The ownerships of weapons behind the news is about to reveal itsElf.  Hang tight, America.  May your awakenings to your own deaths and destructions caused by your weaponeering based pentagonal rape of Americans be furiously swift as the Great Deceivers are soon to deliver their devilishly evil fruits .. and ye shall then know them by their results they disclaim.  The fruits of death in Texas and America and Iraq ...
these are now seen clearly for what they are.

You can see the Name Art of G.W. Bush at :

My name is Will I Am
I welcome your views.
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