The beginnings of the beginnings are explained herein, by the Elophim via Wynn Free.
Visit the link and read his words, then press your back button to finish reading here.

And, yes, for the record, the forest sound is heard when the tree falls even if only the logger knows the cause of the fall and the
heart tearing rendings of Mother Earth's breathing ability with her long grown lungs material we so accurately call trees being
killed for money exchanges.   Mother Earth moves very slowly, and so cannot always stop those cutting her lungs out. Until
she does not move so slow, and then .. man huddles in his weak wood houses and knows not the power of hemp to heal
Mother Earth's lands and her breathing airs and provide hes and hers homes and hundreds of thousand other natural
products that do not cause killing of Mother Earth or her children, her creatures breathing, all. If you could hear
words from a forest, what would forests say ?

If the question is to kill a breathing tree that is aware and living and is the other side of the equation of our own breathings ?? or
for money ??? The answer is : Are you insane ? 

If you stand with your actions and words to kill aware, breathing trees as a lone logger or as a corporate rape conglomerate claiming to OWN Lands, for "free tree farming," you are of a low order awareness liable to remain in the polarized third dimension of your belief in the them versus us gig.  That is not the frequency of our work, and our work may not at this time be for your eyes for your heart cannot see clearly beyond your money so as to know full well the tree is more aware than thee, Dear Loggers of All Pinions.  To decimate a tree for money to thee is your path to becoming the next tree, the Loggers In The Trees, with other humans come along and plant them, and care for them as trees ? Blessings upon thee thy many lives and may no man ever cut your solar cord and memory.  We know for a fact, loggers on the roads are the rudest and most unsafe of them all.  You take your life in your hands alone on a forest road where loggers are speeding the dead tree hulks out of the forest for the 'truck driver's' moneys to the kills mills for processing into money for Share Holders, who must make their money's take on their money's make, you know!   PSHAW !!!   Pitiful creatures all.

He or she who profits by the deaths of the trees sets their very own breaths to the stone, eons on eons on eons for their own echoes in their own sone.  "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."  We wish you well, Sir "Forest Owners" and Loggers of all Names .. from the chokers to the setters to the millers to the chuckers, and yes, you can continue reading herein, and yes, doing so will help you heal the causes and effects of your prior crimes against Mother Earth's very breathing ability. [Ed. Note : Burnishings above and below on 20060902]

We suggest always read our materials quite slowly with full understandings, best you know of each word and sentence. This is not impugning your heart, nor your intelligence, we say this to the most academic turds you ever had the misfortune to be talked at, er, to, or by, their egoes assundering all good nature and easy sharing.  We say this to the Loving heart, and the unloving ... as our work is the awakenings and healings in the ongoing ascensions of all, with Mother Earth and her creatures all of good nature.  Love is the Essences' Essence, beauty is truth and truth is beauty, and A quote on a Grecian urn was correct.  Oms On


Only FORGIVENESS and the fast spreadings of the plantings of the hemps across the Americas can heal the rapes of Mother Earth's breathing ability by the rapacious logging land owners who call it farming a resource, to put it nicely.  This alone will clear the airs, heal the lands ability to be fruitful, and cool the airs with fresh sweet amores in the airs of all.  The Chinese and others know the healings are all about in almost all ways with the nodal farmings of the hemps.

The Americas are awakening to see Eros, our source, set the rose to the forest for her very rest in the breaths of the waters with Mother Earth and her children all.

Anyone or any company who is killing any forest anywhere for builders' gains on the moneys are beyond criminal in terms of the planet's plan to live, for their mindsets sit with  the capitalists for false profits in the name of false prophets.  False beliefs will be ceasing, news at the 11:11 and 12:12 and yes, the 13:13 and the 14:14 and the 15:15.

Hemps can and will heal this planet as this is the planet's plan.  
Should man go extinct in a flash of light, Mother Earth will restore her hemps, as they are her natural plant. 
For any man or woman to outlaw hemp is and was a crime against the Americas, all Americans, "north, south and central,"
and Mother Earth hersElf.

She is stll, this day, struggling to breathe, and she is about to sneeze some irritants off her face. [this line penned on 200603281612pst]
Her polar eyes are both crying rivers of struggle in her losing her colds ...
Or ... on this point is it normal to shoot water underground to get more oil, and then wonder where the water went,
and why Mother Earth thinks she needs more? 

What man has done against Mother Earth's natures is mortal man's knowings.
The research showing the livingness of Mother Earth is abundant.

That being said and well proven throughout our 710+ page website, we follow with this :

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We promised you the knowings of the beginning of the beginnings.
There is an infinite ability to begin new beginnings.
With this link below we know we share a
wise and truth sharing text so short.
Well worth printing it out when
you arrive so you can read
and dna reread again.

The Elohim share this data on the begin points, and the creation inititations and maintenances, and ..
And this is the big one for us, personally, as we have long worked to share the power of the veil and why
it is good to know about this thing all know as the veil ... Wynn Free pens these few Words of the Elohim.

Blessings Be,

Will I Am

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The beginnings of the beginnings are explained, and Mother Earth's breathings touched upon.

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