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A Fahrenheit 9/11 Comment by Patricia, of
    Email received on 20040625
"From" wrote:
Bless you for publicizing this movie, Will I Am!  Brother David, Daniel, and
i (our webteam) went to see it last night -- travelling
a couple of hours because of our difficulty getting tickets in packed
theaters -- and were moved, horrified, humbled, and inspired all at once.
May the consciousness of the American people continue to grow to embrace
wider and wider vistas of peace and compassion.  For your own part in this
process, a deep bow of thanks.

Warm regards,

A Fahrenheit 9/11 Review by Carlo :: Internal link to his book, Love Conquers All
   Email received on 20040626

I saw Farenheit 9/11 yesterday, opening day.  It was the first movie ticket
I've purchased in two years.  I see most movies for free since I work in a
theater, and I screen many films before they are released.  Yet since all
the shows sold out, I figured it would be nice to have an actual seat. I
felt that it was worth the cost of the ticket.

The movie was Michael Moore at the top of his game.  Here's a guy who has W
on film telling him, "Get a real job," - so of course the filmmaker's reply
is to cut to a scene of W golfing.

The film is worth the price of admission if you like Michael Moore's
documentaries.  It is worth the price of admission just to see much of the
things you've probably thought about and envisioned, yet knew the mainstream
media would not bring you.  The film is well worth the price of admission if
you want to see a cohesive presentation of the position of conservatives and
progressives everywhere who know that this war was not nor ever will be
about terrorism, and those who want to see a comprehensive story told
plainly and powerfully by an American storyteller.  Perhaps you usually
prefer to get your stories from more mainstream American storytellers like
60 Minutes segments, Eminem joints, or (Gods forbid) Faux News, yet it is
worth the price of admission to hear Moore tell this story.  And it's worth
the price of admission to hear the audience reponses all along, and to know
that you can also participate, and the feeling of liberation when you
finally holler your expletives at any one of the members of the creepy cast,
like when Ashcroft croons or Wolfowitz' toothy grin nearly knocks you off
your seat after he combs his hair with his own spit-covered comb.  Feel free
to holler, ya'll, the guy behind you and the lady in front will bear with
you and you will actually help to free them to pitch in too.

Is screaming at celluloid really that cool or liberating?  Are you annoyed
by those people who clap after a movie, or do you join in?  No matter, this
film's for you.  It tells a story that you already know, one that you have
been editing in your own brain for almost four years.  Moore simply produces
a compelling final cut.  And since editing software is much too pricey for
most, the film is worth the price of admission simply to have to the luxury
of viewing.  It's like your own free screening, minus the studio executives
and cigar smoke, and it's a feeling of relief to know that this one is
finally in the can and available now for public consumption.  Sure, the sad
story continues to play on, yet the meat and potatoes are here on the plate,
and Moore serves them up hot and steaming.  All you have to do is sit and
dine.  And of course you will learn some things, as you do in all Moore's
films.  So bring your appetite and dig in!  And of course before dining, do
say your grace.  Pray along with the filmmaker that this film will work its
own magic to cause a much-needed regime change in November.

Carlo Ravin


A Fahrenheit 9/11 Comment by Will I Am

Our local radio just announced, 20040626 8pm, that Fahrenheit is sold out for all of its shows this weekend,
and to not try to buy tickets for this weekend showings ... wait a few days, and try then.


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