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Bed & Breakfasts, Camping Grounds,
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Eugene, Oregon

Planet Eugene Lodging Information
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 Eugene International Hostel no longer exists.
2352 Willamette has been replaced by condos.

Oval Door Bed & Breakfast
988  Lawrence   541-683-3160

Courtesy Inn  345 W 6th  541-345-3391
Downtown Motel  361 W 7th  800-648-4366
Campus Inn 390  E Broadway  541-343-3376
Value Inn  595 Hwy 99 North   541-688-2733
Days Inn  1859 Franklin Blvd   541-342-6383
Travelers Inn  540 E Broadway  541-342-1109
The Timbers Motel  1015 Pearl   541-343-3345
Franklin Inn  1857 Franklin Blvd  541-342-4804
Best Western  1757 Franklin Blvd   541-485-2727
Classical Residence Inn  1140 W. 6th  541343-730
Executive House Motel  1040 W 6th  541-683-4000
Eugene Motor Lodge  476 E Broadway  541-344-5233
Phoenix Inn  850 Franklin Blvd  800-344-0131
Eugene Hilton  66 East 6th  800-445-8667
Eugene Hilton Local # : 541-342-2000
The Exquisite Excelsior Inn

If we missed listing your fine establishment, please forgive and send note.


Metaphysical Resources in Eugene, Oregon
This list is near endless.
There are many fine metaphysical shops in Eugene, Oregon

Deli and Expresso
134 5th Street
Springfield, Oregon
541-726-1965 : confirm this information is still valid before going.
Open Every Day
Abierto todos los dias
While we were in Springfield doing some research,
we had the extreme pleasure of eating at this restuarant/deli/store.
The word is on the street .. that's how we found them ...
The food is satisfying beyond your expectations and ...
Their prices are real ... these folks put the fast 'food' folks to shame.
Ornela's Market has the best horchata we have ever tasted ...
We had to wait 1/2 hour for it to be made anew that day ...
and it was worth every second of the wait.
Don't let the outside disappoint you.
Those chairs are comfortable.
We know.
So, go !!!
Enjoy ...


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