After our seeing the guitar making of Jaime Maderas, we are moved to share his creations with you ...

Elsewhere on our web site we share information about the first CD we released in 2002 in which
Jaime Maderas was one of the three musicians in the studio with us and we thank him
mightily for his support with our work then, and now. 

Jaime is also a luthier.  What is a luthier, you ask ?

luthier : name word, noun : Music 1. One that makes or repairs stringed instruments, such as violins, guitars, etc.
                 [French from luth, lute from Old French lut ]

Jaime has given us his permission to offer you his services of custom building your guitar.
His arts of guitar making can be reserved for his crafting of your personal, one of a kind guitar. 
Jaime also offers his service to the musicians of repairing stringed instruments, and his arts of guitar
maintenance can restore your guitar to its highest beauties in sight and sound.

Call Jaime direct at : 541-345-7724 : J.E.M. Guitars : Eugene, Oregon

Good Works On Earth has no financial connections to J.E.M. Guitars.
We offer you this referral to Jaime's luthier talents as we have seen and
heard his results and he does great works of art in instruments and song.

Voicings of the Star Arts. Recorded in Eugene, Oregon
Sprout City Studios on July 3rd, 2001
Published by Good Works On Earth : 2002
$15.00 Requested Donation, shipping included USA.

Play list shown below.

Cast and Crew in the Recordings

Guitar by, Jaime Maderas of ABAKADUBI a family affair of Love and music.
Percussions by Andrew Teem, professional musician and entertainer.
Bass by Toby Presnell, professional musician and luthier.
Recording Engineer : Thaddeus at Sprout City in Eugene
Sound Mixing : Hers Changelings of Texas
The Tree Art : Erich Daoust : Stellar Artist
All Star Arts Voicings by Will I Am

CD is manufactured in California
Shipped to you from Eugene, Oregon

Please send your donation to support our work.
We will send you this CD to support your knowing and living in peace.


Below is the Play List for the Voicings of the Star Arts on CD.

FOREST - #08
DESPAIR = ASPIRED #11 : It's your choice.
WORDS - #16
WOMAN - #21
MOTHER - #30
WHALES - #32

The Voicings of the Star Arts
First Set to Music July 3rd, 2001


The Voicings of the Star Arts was recorded on
July 3rd, 2001 at Sprout City Studio in Eugene, Oregon.
Phil Lesh was playing the Cuthbert Theatre that afternoon ... our recording
engineer and musicians all commented on his performing while we were recording.

We have long supported the good works of
The Wayne Morse Youth Program
Eugene, Oregon


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