You can see that all of the words used in the Star Art of ESSENES
are spelled using only those letters spelling the word itsElf.
If you are new to the art and science of the Lexigram, please see our Lexigram Introduction Page.
Please know that the word, ESS is goddESS ESSence, the birthing source of all that is, aka Love.
ESS is godd-ESS Love.
ESS is God's Love with the female birthing ESSences as source of God's Love.
Without Goddess, there are no Gods born.
The normal usage of this name is spoken as Essene, without the 3rd s.
The word, Essene, is both singular and plural in meaning.
The letters of the name itsElf asked that we use the 3rd S,
so as to balance out the letterings that create the name.
These are esoteric healings ....
They cannot be fully felt unless you go oh so sacredly slowly,
Feeling each line's meanings, without ego, with Love.
One explanation on the first line ...
Do you sense?
You are doing so with the Love of One sOurce within you as you
as you are reading the Star Arts. (sic)

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....


NEE means, the maiden name of a woman.  Any name following nee is the Birth Name.

SENSES NEE ESS, means, one senses one's senses within the maidenhood of ESS, Goddess hersElf,
the One Love Birthing Source of All That Is, Goddess Love. 
Before we could sense, there was Goddess God Love, Unformed and Unnamed.
Star Arts Researches of,
 Copyright 04-11-2003
All Rights ReServed World Wise
Update on : 20030825
Burnished a bit on : 20031217
Sweet burnishings on : 20061127
The following sharings are from the Book of Names.
This list of alphabetical prime lettering sequences, and near prime,
constitute the letters that make up the words that create in form that which we know to be as described.
The Book of Names contains the alphabetical letterings sequences of all Word Arts, Star Arts and Name Arts ever rendered in Lexigram form, and more are being added as it is an ongoing creation at this time.
What you are about to see is a very short edited portion of the Book of Names with the prime
and near prime letterings sequences in their order of appearances beginning with :

-- snippet --
eedil .. elide
eeefillnssss .. lifelessness
eeeghilmnnntt .. enlightenment
eeeghilmnrsst .. light messenger
eeeijklnory .. *** *** ***** ****  ~ being of light - yoga sharer, and more

eeeimns .. enemies

eeensss .. essenes - star art renderings began on 20030411
eeeopssst .. poetesses
eeesssgmnr .. messengers
eefgilnnrttu .. funding letter
eefgilnnorsw .. gennifer flowers
eefginorssv.. forgiveness
eefllnnorsty .. lynn ellen frost -  JC librarian
eefossttv.. steve fossett
eegijnnnprst.. peter jennings
eegrrst.. regrets
eegrrt ... regret
eehistv .. thieves
eehlmnors : ernest holmes - one honest man, a seer see. om.
eehorrstv.. steve rother
            extraordinary being of light and love that channels, the group
eeiilnostv .. television
eeiiqstux .. exquisite
eeijklory.. joy lee erik - yoga sharer
To order her Meditation CD in an Arkansas Brick and Mortar Store, or on the net, visit this link :   : copy and paste into your browser
That link takes you to Passages Bookstore in Fayettville, Arkansas, offerings Joy's CD.
We disabled the active link because the web site will not allow you to press your back button to return here.
Their web site 'locks you in' and we never provide active links to such web sites.

To order her Meditation CD from the Insight Metaphysical Bookstore in
Champaign, Illinois, or right here on the net at Insight Books.  Visit Illinois, a bit.
See what you think of Joy's offering(s).
eelnorstty .. lynette lee rose - bright being of light -  galactic 2000 celebration
eelppssttu .. septuplets
eelrstt .. letters let seer see ~ title of this book
eemnooprt .. peter moon
        author - the montauk project (put your seat belt on when you read this one)
eemny .. enemy
eemoprsst ......... peter moses
        name change from absent healing group 10-25-2000 ***
eeoprrrst .. reporters
eenprst .. present tense
eeopsst .. poetess
effginrssu .. sufferings
efgiklmnoy .. flying monkey - name intuited by elisabeth sikie
efhilnssu .. unselfish
efhist .. thief's
efhit ... thief
efhloprstw .. the power of flowers : tarot card and book set title -  isha lerner - author
efhls .. flesh
efl .. elf
eflorsw .. flowers
efls .. self
eggilnos .. les gosling - no lies in i in les gosling - i sing in sign ~ i lie no lies
   author at biblical research institute who corrected lies regarding our work
    at Good Works On Earth, and he did so very easily and very quickly.
eghhiillnnosuw .. willie hugh nelson
      we share a short snippet of his birth name ..
         all from the letters of his name ...
            give the lines your own long slow sing song ....

This rendition was shared prior to the now released version of his Name Art at :

willie hugh nelson
hi ~ hello
i sing in in sign
i sing on in song
i sing well in song i sing
i sing well in song i sing in on
we sing in on song ~ we sing in
we wish wise wish in wishing wells
as we sign in sign we sing well
so we sing on in soul in song
so ensouling i sing in soul
so ensouling we sing
we sing one song
we sing in soul
i sing sign in
i sing in soul
i sing soul is in us
i sing us is in soul
sign i sing in is
we is one
i sigh
i sing
in english
us is in soul
us is soul
soul is us
we is one
we go on
we is one
i sing in one long slow song
we sing in one slow long song in eons on
eons on eons owls howl so low so is we is one

"I have been working Willie's Birth Name Art for several years now.   This snip above truly is a very short snippet of the entire song.
The decodings of the encodings in the letters, it is.  Each part of it sings in on its own in the finest ballads of Love I know in the pantheon of the Star Arts in Name Arts.  Sounds like high praise, and so it is. Thank you for your good works on earth, Willie Nelson."  - - Kathy Uno


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Please note: JESUS was not and is not the name of the Master of Awareness from Nazareth. 
One proof is, the J didn't exist in the native tongues, nor in early English.
For the full explanation of how so many Christians call their 'One Sone of God' by the wrong name in vain,
please see this link :

The following sharings are the writings of another.
We share the source page below the writings.

History of the Coptic Fellowship

The Coptic fellowship is a modern metaphysical organization, but its message and teachings are
certainly not new. The lineage of the Coptic Fellowship goes back thousands of years into
unrecorded history. Through the ages the wisdom teachings of the ancient masters have been kept
and guarded by secret organizations of the chosen few. The secret order called the White
Brotherhood was formed in ancient Egypt to preserve the record of Truth. It was called the White
Brotherhood because members wore pure white garments symbolic of the purity of their
teachings, and met at the time of the full moon which is white in color. The Master Moses was an
initiate of the White Brotherhood, and when the time approached for him to leave his physical
body, he called together a chosen few to whom he entrusted the guardianship of the Truth. He
gave them secret knowledge that was to be kept pure. Thus arose the secret order known as the
Essenes, or the Essaioli. It was their duty to preserve the teaching of Moses through the centuries
of turmoil and tempestuous times, and to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah of the
Piscean Age, Jesus.

The Essenes near the time of Jesus numbered about four thousand and were divided into two
sects. One sect was the contemplative Essenes, who lived outside of towns in isolated
communities. These allowed only men in their ranks and were stern monkish type ascetics. The
other sect was the practical Essenes, who lived in the same towns and areas as the regular
Hebrews and the whole family, father, mother, and children were considered to be Essenes. It
was much like people today who belong to the same church in a town. They still live and work
with other townspeople who don't belong to their church. The Essenes were considered strange
by their non-Essene neighbors. They would rise every morning before dawn for silent meditation
and prayer. They all wore plain white tunics and robes. They ate no meat and were very careful
what food they ate in combination. They blessed every bit of food and drink before they took it
into their bodies. They refused to work with or make any arrows, swords, helmets, shields or any
device of war or killing. They shared all their material goods with each other and with strangers.
They preferred to work in their community gardens and grow their own simple food . They live
very peaceful, disciplined and pious lives. These were very strange practices for the customs of
the times. The Essenes had found something priceless, the sanctity of all life, which they respected
and revered in all of its forms.

It was by this order that Mary was prepared from the age of three to be the mother of Jesus.
Jesus himself, Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist and many of Jesus' disciples were Essenes. When
Herod learned of the birth of a great king and sought to destroy him, it was the Essenes that saw
to it that the child was safely hidden in Egypt until Herod's death. Jesus, or Jeshua Ben Joseph,
as he was actually called, was trained and educated by the Essene Order. At the age of Twelve
he was initiated into the Essene order and given the name of Issa, meaning Master of all Masters.
At seventeen, Jesus and his cousin, John the Baptist, both went to Egypt for further training and
initiation. They studied at Heliopolis, which was close to the Great Pyramid. In the Pyramid, Jesus
took the highest of the Brotherhood degrees, and true life mission was revealed to him.

Following this, Jesus, as Issa, traveled throughout the countries of the known world, studying
the ways of humanity and current philosophy and religion. His purpose in his extensive travels
was to evaluate the consciousness of the masses and how best to reach them. The name Issa,
or Saint Issa, is many times recorded in ancient scriptures. It is found in the Koran, Hindu,
Brahman, and Tibetan Buddhist writings. Jesus traveled as Issa to Ethiopia, India, Tibet, China, Japan and Persia.

At age thirty, Jesus returned to his homeland and was baptized by John in the River Jordan.
At that moment the full Light of the Holy Spirit descended upon his consciousness. Then
followed the wilderness experience and the three years of his public ministry, which are so
familiar to those in the Christian world. His public ministry ended with the crucifixion.
However, during the crucifixion, the so-called silver cord attaching the soul of Jesus to his
body was never severed. In the tomb, Jesus' divine consciousness rebuilt and healed the
flesh of his physical body. It was a true resurrection of his physical body. After this, Jesus
went to his disciples and continued to teach then for forty days.

Jesus knew that people were concentrating on him as a personality instead of seeking the
Christ within themselves, so he decided after forty day to go into a secret retreat in Egypt
and train a few chosen Masters in his Truth. These Masters would preserve the purity of
his teachings and take charge of its further teaching to humanity. St. Mark the Elder
(who was different from the apostle, Mark) and the apostle, Thomas, accompanied Jesus into Egypt.

Jesus lived another 214 years in Egypt. At the time of his transition at the age of 247 years,
his soul was ushered into the celestial realms by a last great initiation in the Great Pyramid,
called the Ascension Ceremony. Jesus was the last Master to go through this initiation. After
this, his body was preserved in a special process by the Masters and placed in a secret chamber
in the Pyramid called the Archive Chamber. Also to be found in this chamber is the body of the
Master Moses, perfectly preserved in the same way. This chamber will be discovered within the
next few years, and this will prove that Jesus did not bodily ascent into heaven after the crucifixion.

To preserve the pure philosophy and to help prepare the way for the Aquarian Age Messiah,
Jesus founded the Coptic Order in Egypt. Under his guidance and direction, St. Mark the Elder
and Thomas established the Coptic Templar Order in 40 A.D.. in Cairo. The members were
called Copts. To make the teachings available to the outer world, at least to those who were
ready for it, St. Mark and Thomas established an outer temple in 70 A.D. in Alexandria, Egypt.
This outer temple is what gradually developed into the Coptic Orthodox Church. In 1117 A.D. a
Coptic Orthodox Church was established in Cairo.

There is a big difference between the Coptic Templar Order, from which the Coptic Fellowship
came, and the Coptic Orthodox Church. The Templar Order is an esoteric organization, which is
necessary because throughout their history they have been constantly persecuted. Their temples
and places of training are very much hidden from all but the initiated. The oldest temple used by
the order, called the Temple of Divine Wisdom, is over nine-thousand years old, and was
established by the White Brotherhood. Jesus spent much time in this temple.

In the year 451 A.D., the Ecumenical Church Council of Chalcedon declared that henceforth it
would be unalterable Doctrine that Jesus was the only Son of God and that he died for our sins,
resurrected, and ascended bodily into Heaven. This Doctrine is known as the Nicene Creed, and
was originally formulated at the First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. Upon acceptance of this
Creed, the Coptic Orthodox Church became very much like the Eastern Orthodox Church. At
the Fifth Ecumenical Church Council at Constantinople in 553 A.D., under the reign of the
Emperor Justinian, several books, including those on reincarnation, were removed from the Bible
and many other changes in the text were made. Resisting these distortions, the Coptic Templar Order
continued to preserve the pure teachings and records of the life of Jesus through the centuries.

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