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Note of 20160319:

This man's ancestral name is DRUMPF.
Imagine this man being called, Donald Drumpf.
Do you think for one minute this name would propel the ower
to the presidency? We don't think so either. And nor will

Note of 20110225 :
And so the presidential voicings begin.

The first truly unique voice is that of Donald J. Trump,
also known as Donald Trump, also known as, The Donald, and ..
you know it's true, The Pompadour.

So, is Donald Trump presidential timber, we ask, on 20110224

As we announced with Barack Hussein Obama, in November 2007,
   we do so again this day with Donald J. Trump.

We look at his Perfect Anagrams, and his Lexigram we call the Name Art.

On 20110329, we added this new web page :

Donald John Trump

What you are seeing below will be removed eventually, and we leave it for now for historical purposes.

To run for president is to run for the top spot in the nation.
It is a huge leap, a major jump for someone of the business awareness.
Do Donald's Perfect Anagrams reveal he is going to make the jump ?
Using all the letters of his name, leaving none out, adding none,
this is the name of this game, revealing new meaning to his name.
We can say as would any advisor, it is a jump into a hot seat.

Note of 20110329 : A little over 30 days after we post this,
Mr. Trump was quoted regarding his own Birth Name.
His Birth Name is now released.
His Birth Name is not, Joseph, as we were informed prior.

And now .. Donald Trump has gotten the jump on folks, by releasing his
Birth Certificate, revealing his full Birth Name.
Donald Trump's Birth Name is :

Donald John Trump

Let us make it a sone game, shall we ?
We will call it Sone Game Twenty Twelve.
The Sone Game is this :
Can you find two Perfect Anagrams of the Name as it shows on his
Birth Certificate, as provided by his hospital of birth in New York.
And, from those two Perfect Anagrams, can you advise Donald J. Trump,
to run for the White House, or to sit it out ?

Because we had been informed his middle name was Joseph,
we can say if your name is Donald Joseph Trump,
and you are running for president of the United States,
you best get a MoveOn.

Our take on Donald J. Trump making his move to the White House is this ..
Mr. Trump will make it hot for those who do not speak the truth, be they
of the short lived Republicans Liar Clan, or those of the Democratic Credo Era.

Donald Trump, as a leader, has twenty six thousand folks working in all fields.
Or more. What worth, these talents ?

We would like to point out the fact that the Barack Hussein Obama Birth Certificate
issue is long settled. For goodness sakes, did the Governor of Hawaii want to sell
prints of it for $100 or so to prove it so.

Mr. Trump can easily access the Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama.
Pray tell this is not the first lie of the presidential race, in the name of
more fame and fortune.

To contact the Trump Organization, business wise, directly.
No longer active :

References to the day 20110329 : link link link

We performed a google search for "donald joseph trump" on 20110224. There is one answer.
In a few days after this posting, there will be two. (On 20110329, we corrected the Birth Name.)
Soon, the search for "donald trump" will be telling the tale of how he made the jump into the top,
or not. It is his choice to make the run for president, and .. the opinions will be flying.
Also, for the record of the same date, the search for
"donald j trump" yielded about 3,170,000 google answers.
"donald trump" yielded about 9,960,000 google answers.
On : "donald joseph trump" : We didn't find any results for "donald joseph trump"
   but gave 1,960,000 results anyway, for Donald Trump.
On : "donald j trump" : yielded 11,600,000 answers
On : "donald trump" : yielded 11,300,000 answers, which seems odd, to be less.

Blessings Be and Thank You

~ Kathy Onu ~
The Letters Settler

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Does Donald John Trump jump to top?

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and we made changes to this very page in doing so,
and we missed the ending on a link, which we fixed on 20110330.
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