In response to one of our most visited pages ..
  we share with you an example of a letter we prefer not to receive.

Having mysElf met Lucifer on the mountain top, he sat on
  the bench by the pool at the top, and he shared his story.
At the end, I said .. Can I have your job ?
Lucifer roared with laughter.
You know laughter, it is infectious, so I joined him and waited for his explanation.
I know now why he is the last light through the so called christian image makers pearly gates.
Christian image makers ?
Anyone who believes evil lives eternal is sorely misinformed by his own heart and knowings.
That being said, we ask all Christ crucifix worshipers ..
Please, cease and desist your pointless and ill-informed insults to our crew.
With that said, we now share why ..
One more example of the effect of one religion's lies upon a human mind.

Good Works On Earth received this message on 20100715.

Question : If aliens and spaceships were real how come they only fly to most countries like america in places like mexico and new york, and ontaria and never in my country like new zealand?

No, all they are is Satan and his demons playing tricks on people, they are devils from hell...

Aliens themselves dont exist or they would make themselves known to earthlings, they dont, cause they can't, they dont exist.

they certainly never come to new zealand...never seen any fly around in my city.

Our First Response, explaining why our response to their Live Help Questions and Comments are arriving somewhat late, and why :


Your letter was answered in full yesterday, very shortly after it was received ...
Took a while to write the response ...
I meant to send you a short note to let you know the response was in progress.
My bad, I forgot to do so.
My good is the response itsElf ...
A lot of time was spent typing every letter of every word in every sentence.
I ask you to suspend all judgements as you read my response to you. [See Below]
I ask you to go slow, and not stop when you see what might appear to be an
..... hmmm ... difficult to read line or two or three.

I pray you are laughing with Love at the brilliance of the response ...

I personally call it an instant classic.

As a long time writer, I know one when I see one.

Fact is, it is my intention to copy your question, and my response,
and make it into a new web page at

It is that good.

So, I thank you in advance for the impetus to write such a sweetly healing letter,
specially so since it is in regards to one religion's terms.

If it turns out the letter is not such to you, personally .. either initially nor over time ...

Consider that the posting of the letter on our site is the result God wanted, and you were the impetus.

Others can and will read this question you pose, and my response, and will heal.

A little or a lot ...

How do I know ?

Well, I got to heal things while writing it, that's one.

and a small candle can light a thousand and not diminish itsElf.

smile ...

Sorry it took so long to let you know I was responding.

Also, my re read this morning did cause a typo to be fixed, thank goodness.

and another adjustment here or there.

I think the letter is typo free, and easily understood, if you go slow and connect the dots.

As to your local area name in New Zealand .. i will remove that in our web version.
If you want me to keep your local area name in the web version, tell me so and i will make it so.

I will also be removing any identifying information regarding you.
If you want your name showing, you have to tell me so.

I will also be sending you the link to the new page when it is ready, for your approval.

By that I mean, any changes you see to make to make the public version of this communication in any way better said.

Due to our workload, it will take time in that creation.

If you do not want your question posted, for any reason, let me know.

Your letter should go out soon ...

I ask you again, go slow, and do not take anything personal.

That, is possibly the toughest saintly task on this Dear Ol Mother Earth as a Human.

You can tell by the tone of this letter, I am responding with Love.

Hold that Love while you read the letter soon coming, and you will know you have read a classic.

Birthed, because of You, and your question, thank you again.

Blessings Bee Yee

Will I Am
Keeper of the Words Sword
Home of THE GIFT

PS: regarding why sights are not seen over your area ?
My answer off the top, i haven't a clue, and would have to research that fact. It might have to do with the magnetics of mother earth, she is the creator of her own magnetics, with her sun, and it might be .. in many places on earth, the magnetics prevent ships that operate on and in the magnetics to be in certain areas. the flux ain't right. you could see this same effect in the iron filings on paper, with a magnet underneath .. the filings will take the form of the magnetic field. from that, you can imagine ... some places would not be conducive to hovering a ship that depends on or operates in any way on magnetics.

Our Second Response :

From: Will I Am at
Subject: Re: First Contact ~ Second Response
Date: July 18, 2010 9:51:46 AM PDT
To: The New Zealander's private email address.

Greetings New Zealander,

I respond below yours.

On Jul 16, 2010, at 10:06 PM, Private New Zealander Slings Hot in New Zealand, wrote:


if aliens and spaceships were real how come they only fly to most countries like
america in places like mexico and new york, and ontaria and never in my country like new zealand?

No, all they are is Satan and his demons playing tricks on people, they are devils from hell.

Aliens themselves dont exist or they would make themselves known to earthlings,
they dont, cause they can't, they dont exist...
they certainly never come to new zealand...
never seen any fly around in my city.

Well then .. from the facts presented as facts by you, and based on the denials of existence stated as facts by you, I can tell one thing for certain.

You have laid your own eyes upon Satan, and the Devil himsElf has introduced you to the Devil's Agents, in form and name, so you know them well enough to stand as guardian of their honor of existence, or non-existence.

First you say they are satan, then his demons, then devils from hell, AND THEN ... they don't exist. which is it ? for you, true ?

As you so state yoursElf to be a one who stands and voices the reality of Satan with a capital S, and his powers, I invite you to ...

Be Thee Where He Be

In Peace Be Ye

As to the aliens, are we all not oursElves, aliens ?

You are not a whale in the waters, whistling song that holds mother earth in sounds.

You are not a bird flittering hither as the wisps of Love's airs.

You are a hu man.

Judgemental one, at that, seems to me by your own words alone.

I ask you, when a child is learning to ride a bike, when they seem to get going, do you demand they see you behind them ?

Or, do you allow all in free will so they too can evolve to their own highest or purest or most vile ideal ? telling them to keep their eyes forward, and for good reason.

Do you let them go, and hope for the best, after they seem to have a knack for it ?

Does your opposite of Satan, namely, God ... does She judge like you do, and if so, why is He so impotent to cease these things ?

Ah, yes, you said it above, you believe the power of Satan to be equal to Love.


Who created your Satan ? Dear One ?

Who now stands guard at the door of powers revealed as held by Satan ?

You do.

Ponder well your heart's treasures.

Replace your fears with the knowing you are ..

A walking miracle, breathing.

So are others.

What say you now, Dear Image of Love ?

Are you that ?

Do you speak and do with Love,

or fear ?

Be not scared ..

Dear One Be SACRED.

Then you will know peace in the heart.

From that ... miracles flow.

So go slow, and read slow, so you can know so.

Love is the gig.

Beauty, music, human intercourse, artful uses, these are of Love.

One more thing ... it has been written by others elsewhere ...

We are already the Spaceship Earth and we are announcing oursElves to the aliens, as you call them.

I prefer to name the awarenesses of "space" with ships of metal or ships of light, or ships of sound as brother and sister.

Waiting patiently they are for us to play out our own personal and collective drama's as we evolve with Love, earth's hearts wise.

Top that.

Tag, you are it.

and to think, I just wrote a letter to Satan's Public Relations Expert.

Whooda thunk it.

Blessings Bee Yee

Author of The GIFT

125 or so pages of Star Arts, and I do believe we address the idea of the devil lived.
note the past tense.
end of second response

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