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We can create your child's Name Art in Lexigram form from the letters of the name itsElf. 

We can create the Name Art of your child now present upon Mother Earth,
and we can help you to know how to name a child, how to intuit the name the being you are soon to birthe wishes to use.

If this service interests you, contact us before the birth if possible ... we will immediately send you the materials to begin the process of hearing the name. We can give guidance with the name choices you want us to look at with the lens of the Lexigram. Our Lexigram'er(s) will share with you, to speak the names you feel might be right, and listen with your heart open with Love and quietly hear the echoes beyond your speaking of the name(s) you are pondering on choosing.  Human conversation carries enormous powers and these are used while we speak our words.  The heart's hear.  Listen in silent well and hear the vibrations of the universes as you speak the names.

It is this simple.  Ask your BeLoved to do the same .. as though you are introducing a new adult entering your home in spirit aware in baby form.

Our focus of attention is first to share with you how to intuit the name your child is whispering in your inner ear, if you are unsure.  Then, we will use the vibrational sciences to verify the name or names you present to us.  We will share with you the exact vibrations each name choice is creating.  As you are giving an anchoring in nameing a child, we can help you know the name you give your child will serve them well in their life and livings. We work with you until you know you have the right name for your child.  This is a sacred trust and we treat it as such.

Our sliding scale donation is $150 to $500, according to your ability to contribute for the service.

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Once we are informed of your donation, our service begins.

If you use our service, please bookmark this page or
print out a copy for your records if you like.  We will
be in touch with you through the emails.  We also do
phone consultations upon request.

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Please know that there is no computer program that can create Lexigrams in Star Arts form,
for this work is many long years of research and sharing and intuition is part and parcel of the rendering.
You can learn how to render Lexigrams in short order, if you begin at the beginning and proceed
with reverence in awe of what you are about to see ... follow the links to the axioms and guide
lines beginning here :


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The 'Kneeling Angel' Art was created by a friend.
He and his friends took pictures of the angel on a marble carving in a field.

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Your Child's Name Art and how to best know a name for your child to be known in sound.

Page Description :
Not only can we as humans easily intuit the name our soon to be born child
wishes to have in his or her new life soon to begin being, we can also verify the
vibrations and powers of the name with the art and science of the Lexigram.

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how to name a child

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Key Words :
baby names, anagrams, lexigrams, name arts, babies, star arts, naming a child, creating, babys,
christenings, naming, ceremony, nameing, nameings, names, my baby name, childs soundings, mothers intuitions

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