From Steve:
This month's message is about holograms and Love.
The group said that the Earth itself began as a hologram
and we will be learning more about them in the near future.
When 3 or more beams of light intersect they can form a
3 dimensional object called a hologram. In this message
the group says that this same principle can be used with
other forms of light .. Here they show us that by finding
and using multiple angles of love, one can create a
very magical hologram of love.

If a 3 dimensional object can be created by 3 beams of light
what can be created by 3 beams of Love?

Big Hugs and gentle nudges . .

Greetings from Home

Hang on to Your Crystals . . . Here We Go!

Dear ones, this is a special day.
This is the activation of a process you began some time ago.
It is now integrating into the human experience on a daily basis.
This activation is helping to awaken a new level of humanity.
This is the crystal awakening on Planet Earth.
[As a note of explanation, the group has often used the word "crystal"
to describe the new energy and higher vibrations that we are moving
rapidly toward on this wild ride. They say that humans and crystals
have a natural resonance. Crystal is the highest level of the mineral
(Earth) kingdom and humanity is the highest level of the animal kingdom;
therefore, they have a natural understanding and harmony.]

The rapid evolution of humanity has recently reached a vibrational resonance.
This is similar to an energy ceiling, where evolution meets a natural resistance.
It is about to break loose. Here new things will show up in your every day world
almost as if they were there all along. These are seeds that were planted are now
sprouting in the collective of humanity. Ideas and concepts once thought to be on
the edge are now becoming part of your reality every day. They are leading you
into the age of the empowered human. We offer you ideas and concepts to help you
stretch some of your belief systems, so that you can more easily adapt and use this
energy. By doing so, you will find how this can fit into your life in some way and
where it can be used on a daily basis. Our intent is to offer you opportunities
to see things from a different perspective.

This day we wish to speak about a form of energy that exists in your reality known as light.
The light we have spoken of is completely misunderstood among humanity - especially in your
scientific world. What you have termed the electromagnetic spectrum is actually only a small
portion of the entire spectrum of light. More importantly, let us speak to you about what it
looks like and how it has been used in the past so you can see what is going to take place
in the future.

Ready, Set, Create!

Things are moving very quickly now and many of the divisions in the timelines and some
of the dates you have set for yourself, such as 2012, have all been pushed forward.
You are experiencing things that were never meant to be experienced by humans in this game.
This is why all eyes are upon you now as you make your choices.
You were not supposed to continue the game for this long,
yet here you are making adjustments to carry more of the light from Home.

Mastery of Thought - Directing Light

You have decided to step into a new reality and create this as you move forward,
to create the path beneath your feet before your foot hits the ground. Of course,
you do this in a very magical way. You do not see the magic that happens as your
foot hits the ground. You have no clue that you created that path yourself.
Your expectation is what creates it; this is what science is beginning to understand.
The intent of the experiment predetermines the outcome of the experiment.
Humanity's creation abilities are growing much faster than ever before.
Before, there was always a time lag in place that kept you safe from your
inability to master your thoughts. Without the safeguard of the time lag,
your every thought created instantly and it was easy to get stuck in an
endless loop going nowhere. So, in the beginning of the game you put in a
time lag where you would have a thought and it would be a while b efore it
would actually manifest. This broke the loop and seemed to work for a while,
but with the continual rise in the vibration of humanity even this is no longer
serving you the way it once did. That time lag is going away very quickly.
Every thought that you now have and hold for more than seven seconds starts
the manifestation process. Much of your energy in the transitional period
ahead is going to be spent trying to wipe out creations that you really did
not want, but just happened to be thinking of in that moment.


We ask you to take a look at your own mental process, because mastery of thought
is not about only holding perfect thoughts in your mind. It is not possible for
you to only have perfect or energetically positive thoughts all the time.
You have placed yourself in a game where you have to experience negative energy
in order to even understand what positive energy is. As a result, there must be
continual contrast throughout your experience. There must be a rhythm to life.
There will always be negative thoughts that enter your mind. If you claim
them or attach yourself to them, they instantly become your reality. However,
if you let them simply flow through your mind and say, "That is a really
negative thought. I do not want to hang onto this one" and let it flow through,
another thought will be very close behind it. Re-member that you are part of a
Universal Energy and a Universal Subconscious mind an d all thoughts go through
your brain. All emotions travel through your emotional body; all thoughts travel
through your brain. You have choice over which thoughts and emotions you are
going to call your own. You have choice over which ones feed you, which ones
drain your energy, and which ones you wish to keep in your field and incorporate.
Learning how to flow the energy through your field to allows you to become an
active participant in making choices. This is what humans do best and what you
came here to work with. The key here is to follow your heart, for it knows
the real difference between things that feed you and things that drain you.
Listen to that voice within.

Let us give you a practical illustration.
We are going to go back to the beginning of Earth.
We are going to tell you something that happened before the big bang,
because it is still unclear what the big bang was in the first place.
Exactly what exploded in order for everything to happen?
(Here the group is making a direct reference to our collective human creative abilities.
They say we still have not written our past as far back as the big bang.)
Now science is starting to question and to understand there is a time connection that is not real.
They are starting to understand they can go back to the beginning and change things
like the big bang, which in turn changes all of your experience up to this point.
It is possible to go back into what you call your history and change or alter it.
That is going to be a big part of the future you are creating. Earth, as in all things,
began as a thought of god. If we take that concept a little further, it is easy for
humans to understand because you believe god to be the almighty, the all powerful.
Every thought that god has manifests instantly. Is that not just what we told
you was happening to humans? Do you see the similarities here? We hope you
are beginning to see a mirror, because that is what is taking place.
The mirror is starting to clear; you are starting to see behind the veil.
You will see your own manifestations begin through your thought process.
So let us give you some ideas about how to work with that, and ideas of
things you can do to work with this energy for a positive state for yourself.

In the Beginning

In the beginning, a thought of god sent out a ray of what we call light.
The ray of light in your physical being is felt as love. You feel it as
the emotion of love, so therefore it is possible for us to say that love
is the base energy of light. We will use that term for a moment.
Now how does that work? It is very simple because the moment any person
or any being of godlike nature holds a thought, a beam of energy comes
from them and enters their own energy field and interacts with the world
and the Universal Energy around them. The field is magnetized to attract
the creation. What if you then had another thought of god that was another
way of looking at that same creation? Now imagine this creation from many
points of perception. Then you have multiple rays of light coming from
different angles to meet as one. This gives the illusion of a physical
three dimensional object. You know it in your reality as a hologram.
Multiple beams of light intersecting at one point create the illusion of
real three dimensional objects. That is all that is necessary, for all of
life is nothing more than an illusion.

Earth began as a hologram of light, as did the universe.
This was the beginning and from that point a universe was
created around it including a big bang to set it into motion.
Earth was created intentionally with two sisters, Venus and Mars.
The three sisters shared the balance of what you call carbon dioxide
and created life on all three planets. There came a point where only
one planet was able to balance enough carbon dioxide to maintain, so
the two sisters put their energy into the one sister in the middle and
breathed life into a planet that began as a hologram of light.
In some ways it is as if the three lights created an additional
hologram that reprinted Earth.

Forming a Hologram of Love

Now, let us talk of love. Love confuses many Lightworkers, dear ones.
Let us talk about the energy of love. We see love as the base energy of all life.
Compare that to the human definition of love and you will see how they vary.
We tell you that love is a form of energy within the spectrum that we call light.
Therefore, a hologram that can be created with light can also be created with love.
We wish to share with you how to make a hologram of love.

The way we see the expression of human love is in the act of balancing.
Each one of you is slightly out of balance with some part of your energy.
Find a person who can help you balance that energy and you have great potential
for a deep, lasting, relationshift. Basically, relationshifts are a mirror.
You see yourself through their eyes and you reflect them. When two people
come together and form a connection and one person looks into another's eyes
and sees themselves through those eyes, that is the true reflection of the heart.
If you like the person you see through their eyes, you become a friend.
If you love the person you see through their eyes, you form a love relationship.
The word love has meant so much and yet so little. It has been so restricted
to small areas, including the small area of sexuality and relationships.
Humans have developed habits of working with conditional love. Conditional
love has worked very well in the lower vibrations of your existence.
As you move forward, it is no secret that you will be moving out of
conditional love and into unconditional love. You will find that
conditional love is a rather unique human invention.
Therefore, it is not possible to make a hologram of conditional love. [Editor emboldened]

Unconditional Light

Let us give you a specific example.
Let us say that you have one relationship that means a lot to you.
You really care about this person and the relationship between you.
We actually see three vibrations here: the two of you and the third vibration,
which is the harmonic of the two of you. When the two vibrations meet and
support each other they create a third vibration, which we call the relationship.
Many of you are attached to the relationship, not to the love you see reflected.
This has to do with your attachment to the idea or concept of love.
As you continue to evolve you will begin releasing your attachment to love.
This is the first movement into unconditional love.
It is not easy to do this, for your history of successes is largely based on conditional love.

What happens is that you look at yourself through this person's eyes
and you love the reflection you see, so you start to build something with them.
Over a period of time you build a relationship. At some point, one or both of
you begin to grow very quickly, and the relationship begins to grow apart.
If you can start the hologram of love, it can move into a multidimensional
level which will make all of these transitions easier.
Let us give you some practical examples as to how you can do this.
Let us start with a love relationship.
Let's say that you fall in love with the way someone makes you feel.
Focus on that, then find another point to fall in love with.
Yes, find something else about them that you can fall in love with.
Imagine this as a beam of light hitting the target from a different angle.
Make it something new and build it as strong as you can.
Then find at least one more point that you can fall in love with,
and do your best to focus and build all of them. You have just created
a Hologram of Love. That is now an energy imprint that stays in the ethers.
If the imprint is left unhampered, it will be the form around which energy
will naturally gather. The hologram of love can be used to enhance many
other things including business, projects and many levels of relationships.
All of it is based on unconditional love. It will not create a relationship,
because relationships are built rather than created. But it will make a space
for the best reflection possible within a relationship and greatly communication.

Understand that this is your reflection in each of the ways you fall in love with them.
In a way you are creating the hologram by falling in love with your own reflection.

Multifaceted Love

Each person is multifaceted. There are different parts of you inside each dimensional reality.
If you are able to fall in love with the artist and the healer in someone - different dimensions
of that person - then you are able to recognize different aspects of the same person.
This too can be used to create a hologram of love which is very magical. It allows you
to see yourself in a very unique way - a way that will only get stronger as you move from
one level to the other. But it means looking for those possibilities. It means searching
for those different parts of this person that you can fall in love with.
It also means releasing the restriction. It means letting go of the fear of
falling in love and the fear of being hurt. Are you going to be hurt again?
Yes, we pretty much guarantee it. Yes, at least once and maybe more if you are lucky.

The more unconditional love from different angles that you can bring into each relationship,
the deeper and easier the communications will be and the tendency to grow apart will not be a problem.
This will allow you to see a very unique and special view of yourself, and ultimately you fall in
love with yourself. When that happens, you will start to release the need for love outside of yourself.
That is actually the best point from which to build a relationship where two very strong individuals
who can walk side by side and support each other unconditionally. The more unconditional love you can
bring into any relationship - whether it be in a love relationship, with your children at home,
or boss at work, find those pieces that reflect you well and amplify those pieces.
You may ask, "How can I fall in love with this person more fully?
How can I appreciate every aspect of this person? How can I find new things that
I am not attached to, but I can love because I see my reflection in them?"
You are now at a level of vibration where you can create this energy and walk
forward with a new form of love, which will easily move from one level the next.
We have no conditions. That is our expectation of you: none.
We love you for being who you are.


You have had the courage to leave Home, to leave your heritage,
to come down and play this game, to put a veil on and not even
re-member that you are magical. You have the courage to come down
here and bump into one another and create pain and difficulties so
that you could have a human experience of the soul, and that takes courage.
You are some of the greatest healers that have ever lived, even though
some of you do not consider yourselves healers. You are making a
difference not only in your reality and not only in your world,
but throughout All That Is. Never before has there been a race
of beings that went past the end to take the game into overtime.
That is what has happened with humanity and you are creating the
game as you go forward. There is no grand plan in place and you
are doing it exceedingly well.

You are starting to uncover the secrets that have kept the veil in
front of your face. The more you can play with love, the more that
you can see how to look through someone else's eyes and love yourself
unconditionally, without expectations. You have the opportunity to be
happy on this planet. It is not easy. If it were easy, everyone would
be a human. As it is, only the highest have become humans and we thank
you for sharing your light with us. You have no idea what this looks
like, really. All dimensional realities come together and there is one
beam of light that comes out of everything and it is planet Earth—and
it is the humans taking this to an entirely new level. You will walk
with your wings on and we hope you have fun creating many holograms
of light to see your reflection in different ways.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you and hold you in our arms.
We hope to reflect who you really are and help you re-member what you already
know deep inside. We leave you with three simple reminders: to treat each
other with the greatest respect for you are not alone on this path.
Open the door whenever possible and nurture one another at every opportunity.
Re-member that it is a game and play well together.


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