Rendered in Lexigram Star Arts Form
by :
the Well Aged Lexigram Researchers
at :
Good Works On Earth

Your name will be rendered in the art form of the Lexigram by
one or more of our Lexigram'ers.  The Name Art you receive will
have been rendered with the intuitions and knowings of one or more
who have researched and worked with this art and science of
the Lexigram since 1987.

The minimum donation requested is $75 US funds for the Spirit Rendition of Your Name in Art, Lexigram wise.
Our sliding scale donations provide for increased service and sharings with you and others in the name of healings.

Good Works On Earth is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt,
charitable and educational non-profit organization

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The on-line standard for nonprofit accountability.

For your credit card use, we ask you to donate to Good Works On Earth
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the history of Your Donations to help you itemize donations at tax time.
You may also donate for our Creations and Services using
Once we are informed of your donation, our service begins.

Yes, we do accept gold coins of all realms on Earth of all nation's mints.
Yes, we do accept your personal or corporate check or money order.

Would you like to see your Birth Name Art rendered by our Lexigram'er(s)?

We want you to know we are a non-profit group bringing this work to those of Love living upon Mother Earth.
This service is provided in the name of awakenings and healings of any who request this service with their donation
to Good Works On Earth.

We will communicate with you through email as needed to start and finish the rendering.
We will post your Name Art on our web site, unlinked, the address known only to you .. or ...
If you prefer, we can render the Name Art in a Word.document and send the file to you for your printing as you wish it to be.


We offer our service of rendering your Birth Name Art.

We also offer other services regarding Name Arts , such as creating names and changing a name .

If, after you receive your Name Art, you realize it is more valuable to you than money,
and you would like to increase your donation you may do so in the following way ...  
Send half of your gift to a group supporting something you want to see occur on Mother Earth. 
Send the other half to Good Works On Earth, or, invest it in yOur awakenings or the awakenings of our kin. 
Do good works on earth with it, and we will have achieved our purpose. 
Drop us a note, share with us what you did. Go on, brighten our day. 
Pass the miracles along as you can see to do.

You are invited to ask any question you may have about this service. 
When requesting your Name Art, please include any additional information
you would like us to know regarding what you would like to know from the form of your name itsElf.
We can highlight various aspects of the name's vibrations to reflect your intentions in life and living, and ...
If there are difficulties, we can search out the healings in the name vibrations, words wise, almost one for one.
Name Arts are truly remarkable.

Please mail your donation for this service to us, and please include any questions with your request, and ...
Yes, if you have email, let us know you want to engage our service before you send your donations.
Regarding gold donatins, we will ask you to send your package insured, requiring our signature for delivery.

All donations for this service go to :

Good Works On Earth w

Our Web Site Home Page

Our email address :

We will e-mail contact you upon our receipt of your information. We immediately begin the rendering of the name on the day your donation is received.   The name itsElf then dictates the time it takes to be rendered and delivered.  Currently we are mailing out Name Arts on average within 10 to 30 days of our receipt of your information and donation, also depending on which renderings level you request. The Stellar Art can take well beyond a month.

We currently have very few Lexigram'ers in the world.  If we feel we cannot finish names we are receiving within a reasonable time, we will remove this offering for a time from Good Works On Earth's web site, and you would then not be reading these words offering this service to you.   If you would like to learn to work with us in the renderings using the art and science of the Lexigram, drop us a line, letting us know your interests.  We are interested in sharing this knowledge with Loving souls interested in being able to help in the awakenings and healings of humans all about. 

The Star Arts bring real sanity to situations, the Name Arts bring peace to caring kind souls.

E-mail is best for us if you have a question or communication while we are rendering the art(s).

We promise you unique emails from Good Works On Earth

"Our words carry creative power, as do our names.
Speaking our words emits our intentions with the word's vibrations.
Vibrations are the cause of form in all universes.
The vibrations of our words echoes universes.
The vibrations of our words echoes universes of light beyond the ‘normal’ ken of ‘normal’ humans in 2006.
Our spoken words return upon us as certainly as our hopes arose."

This above is a snippet from, The StarLightning Express

Jesters do often prove prophets.
- - Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Shared with you this day
By a Blue Monkey

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Description : Good Works On Earth
Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

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This perfect anagram of yOUR NAME IN ART was handcrafted by Kathy Uno 20061219

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